Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Planning Our Wedding: The Vision & Inspiration

Did you get engaged over the holidays? If so…CONGRATS! Enjoy your engagement {read this post} and truly cherish the memories you make over the next few weeks. When you are ready to start planning the details, do not get overwhelmed and take a step back and think through the timeline. I know since my post a few months back about the details, I started to get really stressed out. Work got busy, life got busy and I started to feel overwhelmed and busy and like our wedding was not coming together. During the holidays I was able to take a step back and truly put our ideas together for the entire vision of our wedding. Since then, I have been checking things off the list and feeling a lot more clear about our wedding day. 

At first I had SO many idea spilling out of our Pinterest board, it was beginning to feel overwhelming. Even though I work in the wedding industry and plan events, being that it is my own wedding has felt much different. I started to think that my ideas were a mix of polka dot, gold, Kate Spade, glitter, craziness! I sat down and thought through each element; the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, bridesmaids, etc. and made some thoughts {that I then ran over with Beau} before meeting with my florist . There are SO many inspirational ideas out there and you could plan 101 parties, but only one wedding is yours, so it is good to narrow down your vision before picking out all of the details. Some ideas on how to create your vision: 

The Wedding Style - We are going for a fun formal atmosphere. I want guests to dress up and men to wear bow ties, so if I showed up in a short pink blush dress, that may not go with our style. I picture the groomsmen in white dinner jackets and me in a romantic, stylish, princess like dress. I want the bridesmaids to wear sparkly nudes and pink dresses that are long with a more dressed up style! 

Personal - Luckily I have my amazing sister to create all of our paper products for the big day. One thing is that I do want to spend the next 6 months making some personal items for our big day. She created a crest for us that we are going to incorporate throughout the wedding celebrations. 

Blush, Gold, Peach, Pink, Rose & Black - Ok, I know I have many shades of pink going on, but yes, that's what we want, we….OK more me;) From the beginning I knew I wanted pink in our wedding, hello, I LOVE pink. I was going for more fun, hip at first, but as our venue is so pretty, I changed it to more pretty, elegant and romantic. 

Little Touches - Adding little touches to the table; mixed sequins in gold & blush. Gold flatware from a new vendor in London Helene Millot. Black and White accents added to the reception for a bit modern feel. 

Narrow down your style of the wedding, details that you love but can't live without, colors that you want to include {a focus color, an accent color}, personal touches that you want to make and a list of who may be able to help you! 

In the past two weeks I keep going back to these two boards of inspiration when making decisions. It is good to create an inspiration so you can share it with your vendors; florist, cake, caterer, etc. This way the vendor understands the look you are going for and creates something to perfectly match! 

In the meantime if you are not ready to plan your big day yet….. enjoy another glass of champagne and celebrate with your fianc√©:) 

xoxo - Becca 


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  2. I never knew there could be so much loveliness in one article. Highly appreciate your participation..


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