Thursday, May 7, 2015

Featured On: b.loved blog

A couple of months ago I hosted one of friends here in London bridal shower at my flat. I was excited to celebrate with her and to also plan a little extra sparkly affair for the bride to be! With a little glitter from Glimmer & Threads, a couple of DIY projects {homemade doughnuts, flower arranging, bride to be crown making} and a few fabulous professionals Kylee Yee Photography, Judy Broad Calligraphy and Cakey Coo, the afternoon was full of sparkle and fun! I am so excited to have it featured on the lovely blog of b.loved! Check it out HERE
{thank you Kylee Yee Photography for the beautiful photos!} 

Doing what I love! Arranging flowers, planning and styling events! I am available for wedding planning and any type of celebration planning! Contact me HERE. 
xoxo - Rebecca

Feeling Good: ClassPass comes to London

A few months ago I was talking to my girlfriend in the States and she was telling me about all of these workouts she had tried out; pilates, yoga, circuit training. I was a bit jealous not going to lie. I love my workout that I do, it is tough, it works and it is so convenient, however, I have been wanting to try out some new classes. Some workouts however can be so expensive to try, fall in love with and then want to attend, it adds up. When she told me about ClassPass  I was pretty jealous that it didn't exist in London. The concept is that you can attend unlimited classes all over the city for a monthly membership, at any studios that are members {and there are TONS}, but a max of three times at each studio. OK, love the idea. Well, ladies….. I am psyched to share that ClassPass has now landed here in London and well, lets just say, I am hooked! 

I was lucky enough to give ClassPass a month trial this past month and well, like I said, I love it and its got me hooked. Mr. Beau and I are trying for a marathon this upcoming Fall and I have been wanting to change up my workouts a bit more, add in some yoga, some pilates and challenge myself to stretch, tone, relax a bit. I decided to try and dive in to as many classes as I could in a month with being realistic of my schedule and time. The outcome was amazing, I fell in love with two studios and would truly recommend it to anyone. 
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