Thursday, September 23, 2010's my BIRTHDAY

I woke up this morning and went on a quick run to start my birthday. I had a nice breakfast with beau and his parents, wearing my lovely balloon crown from my beau (oh yes, pics to come!). I got some very nice gifts (a bike! tickets to a musical I LOVE, a great pink necklace from my sister). On my way to work I decided to stop and get a coffee. The pink mini donut at Starbucks was calling my name (as it does every time I see it) but this time I thought "oh who cares, its my birthday!". I mean truly, how cute is this little pink donut!
So here I am, 29, one more year to the big 3-0! Instead of New Year's resolutions, I am going to make some birthday resolutions. There is a list of things I want to do before I turn 30.
So here is to my day full of cupcakes, mini pink donuts, bubbly and everything wonderful! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Next year....let's all celebrate together.
xoxo~the birthday girl Becca

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How TO: Oreo Cookie Cake

Here is the link for the directions to make this simple but amazing Oreo Cookie Cake featured at Kevin Sharkey's party last month in Martha Stewart Living.

The cake takes 20 packs of Oreos to create the cake.

and a lot of patience...
I love the DO NOT EAT sign they placed on the cake during the photoshoot!

Happy Baking...or stacking:)

What a FANCY housewarming party!

I can not believe it has taken me this long to post about Kevin Sharkey's fabulous housewarming party in last month's Martha Stewart Living magazine. For all of you Martha fans out there, you are probably aware that her creative director Kevin Sharkey has been renovating his Manhattan apartment for quite some time. Their have been frequent mentions on her blog, tweeting, on tv and finally in last month's magazine about his amazing renovation.
To celebrate his new place Kevin invited a few friends over for a quite a simple but CHIC housewarming party. I am in deeply in love with the decor and the fun details he added!
TONS of balloons are always so great for a birthday party. Balloon arches, no thank you, but bundles and bundles of balloons are nothing but lovely!

This Oreo Cookie cake is nothing else but amazing! With sparklers on top it is so fun! I will post the easy recipe later today. OOOooo, how fun would it be to have your friends walk out with this cake at a birthday soiree!

Kevin set up a little game of ping pong in his dining room. Check out Alexis' personalized paddle (yep, that is Martha Stewart's daughter) that Kevin monogrammed, sigh, love.

Ok this is the detail I LOVE. NOW REALLLLY..... he used Chanel Red lipstick to keep score of the game on his dining room mirror. Now that's a great way to warm you house with your friends. HOW CHIC IS THAT! And I love how they drew frames on the mirrors for additional decor!

Small apartment and not enough room to keep the bubbly cold? No worries, use your bathtub! While you are at it decorate your shower with stacks of your Hermes boxes (to bad I do not have one, maybe some day!). I mean really, that is just about wonderful!

I love the party decor! I love the party all together. I want to put on fancy shoes like the guest above and invite all my friends down to Florida and maybe fill up up the pool with bubbly and write all over the house with Chanel lipstick! Now that sounds like a nice party to me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Month

September seems to be a month FULL of close friends birthdays for me! My birthday and beau's birthday are during September as well, it is a great month! May your birthdays be filled with sparkles, cupcakes and everything sweet and fancy. I have a little celebrating to get ready for on Thursday, not sure what it will include but I am excited anyway! Happy Birthday to all of my September friends!
xoxo~ birthday girl Becca

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shop the Outlet in your pj's

I have always loved a good outlet mall shopping trip. Jcrew always seems to have great finds: swimsuits, the long ribbed tanks, last seasons cute dresses 75% off! In college Jcrew use to set up an outlet for a week at Syracuse, we would scrounge up our pennies and run over to get the discounted finds. Well Jcrew has caught on that it is not always the best way to spend your Saturday, walking around a crowded outlet mall. Welcome Jcrew outlet online!
The outlet is ONLY available on the weekends! Turn your alarm on for midnight because these deals will go fast. Below are a few finds I would like in my shopping cart!
Happy Friday! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Friday

I have been eager to find a cute local wine bar that reminded me of my old places in DC. Beau and I have been driving by 7th Street Wine bar for months now. It is right up the street from us and I keep saying we need to try it! It doesn't look so great from the street, dark windows, not great signage, neon signs, however entering from the back you find a cute wine shop and bar.

The wine shop/bar has multiple deals throughout the week. We went on Thursday night for "Ladies Night" and I will for sure be going back! Thursday night, ladies get buy one get one free glasses of wine, I love a good deal.

The decor is not too chic, lots of wine bottle candle holders but hey, I can't complain. There is a wine shop then the bar portion with a few high top tables and a private wine tasting room. They have a small menu of bites you can enjoy with your vino. Perfect!

I love the wine selection, next time I must try out the Bitch wine I keep reading about. The part I loved about the wine bar is their automated wine dispensers. You buy a wine card that allows you to pour your own wines and taste expensive bottles of wine at your own. On Thursdays you get double the money! I got $50 worth of wine for $25, just what I needed was more wine. Perfect.

Ass Kisser Wine. Funny.

The Wine Dispensers are so fun. Now with my wine card I met get in trouble just "tasting" alllll night long. Oh well, it may not be my old Bardeo in Cleveland Park but I'm glad I found a little neighborhood bar for us.

Next time you are in Fort Lauderdale check it out.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

wear your passion

I saw this quote on the wonderful La Dolce Vita blog on Monday and, I love this! I should print it and frame it! Last night as I was still icing cookies for a work event today and still had numbers of things to cross off my list I begin thinking, "Why do I do this to myself?". Beau said it before me, "Next time just buy them. You love it but do people appreciate it?". Well this quote got me to think, maybe that's why I do it, because I think people do appreciate and I love it! I love creating the event that people leave and talk about and get excited about. I guess it is my passion. Life is short, wear your passion. Today I am...I have pink icing still in my nails:) hee hee.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rebecca, Kate & Marc

My birthday is in a few weeks...I'm dreaming of a new bag....a girl can dream OK! I've been dreaming of Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and a little Marc Jacobs. Kate, Rebecca and Marc I would like to wrap you up in a big pink bow for my birthday. Pretty Please?Purses 9-10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm having one of those mornings where I'm having a hard time accepting that I have to go back to work. Can't 3 day weekends exist every weekend, I would be way more productive! So to get me excited for the day I wanted to share...RUE, the new online magazine!
I know that we are all in love with LONNY magazine, so here is a new one to get excited about as well....RUE. Rue mag is only available online but the sneak peeks look so wonderful to browse through and get inspired by! The bloggers behind Plush Pallette and the City Sage have come together to create this wonderful Emagazine full of inspiration!

Inspiration for home decor, fashion, entertaining, parties, oooo I can't wait! The ladies had a photo shoot at the AMAZING offices (check out this post if you haven't! I die!). The magazine looks like I am going to be in LOVE with it! How fun is the party above???
I'm a HUGE magazine subscriber. I get wayyyy to many subscriptions and I think beau may think that between Vogue, Martha, US Weekly, Self, Glamour and oh the many others... our house is being taken over by magazines! That being said, I love the concept of the online magazines. They really get my creative mind moving. Right now with all of the decorating to be done at our house and the new life, job, etc. in Florida, I feel I need a little extra kick of creativity to get me going. Enjoy Rue, it comes out soon! ...(maybe the birthday fairy would bring me a fabulous Ipad gadget to read it on. hee hee. A girl can dream)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

art comes to life....on a dessert table

I have forever LOVED this painting by Thiebaud. When I saw this amazing dessert table posted on the adorable Green Wedding Shoes Blog I had to share. I mean really, how amazing! It is beautiful, adorable, sweet and identical to the picture. What a great idea!!!!
oooo, I love, maybe I can make a table for a birthday party...mine is September 23rd.

Petit wedding cakes. Cute. Sweet.


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