Monday, March 29, 2010

the vegan way

So last week I was reading an article about Food Inc. I had already watched the movie and it had really made me start thinking about what we eat and what we put into our bodies. I thought to myself, "hhhmmmm, could I really be a vegetarian, could I really be vegan?". Working in the catering business I am faced with dietary requests daily. I have an event for 1,000 guests and I will receive a request for one gluten free, one no seeds, one vegan no sugar. There are so may requests recently it is a daily task for me. Now a days there is about every thing you can think of! I have always considered myself a fairly healthy person. I try to eat locally and organic when I can. I have tried over the past year to really cut out a lot of processed foods and health "junk" (Pirates Booty is not good for me, just because it is Organic!). So as Easter is creeping up on me I thought, well why don't I try out a vegan diet for a week to see how it feels. So here I am...Day #4.

Ok, I am not writing and saying that I am going to practice a vegan d
iet moving forward, no. I enjoy a nice cheese with a glass of wine, I love a nice filet and some great grilled fish, however I do understand the principle behind it. I can understand why people do not want to eat all of the food that is produced in industrialized food manufacturers now a days. Did you know that there are now 10 billion animals raised and killed in America and nearly all of them are inhumanely treated. Hearing this does not quite make me want to go out and have a chicken barbecue.

I believe that supporting Local Farmer Joe and his practice to humanely and fairly kept produce and animals while keeping up his organic farm is the right way to go. It makes me feel better knowing where the food on my plate comes from. I am pretty sure that I can not eat this way every day, but I believe if we make a conscious decision as much as we can, maybe it would change the ordering in the fast food industry, the Walmarts, the delis, everywhere. The past few days I have had to stop, read the nutrition labels and say, "nope", this contains or MAY contain animal products. I have actually become to like my vegan diet and can see how it can give you a kick of energy. Here is sampling of what I have been eating....

- Hummus and Carrots
- English Muffins and Peanut Butter
- Irish Oatmeal and Blueberries
- Mixed Nuts
- Brown Rice
- Whole Fruit
- Kashi Crackers
- Whole Fruit Sorbet
- Wine (always!)
-Sweet Potatoes (roasted and baked)
- Roasted Beets with Roasted Garlic and Pine nuts
- Salads with Roasted Veggies
- Alternative Baking Cookies - Pumpkin Spice, yum
See, the list sounds yummy doesn't it! Alicia Silverstone (yep, fabulous CLUELESS star) just wrote a NY Times bestseller about her Kind Life book. The book is full of tips regarding the Kind Life, be it health, fitness, fashion, decor. The book is really informative on the Vegan way of life.

I think I will crave a burger and a bowl of real ice cream, but I am looking forward to seeing how I feel after this week. I see my requests at work through a different eye now. I can agree after reading up on the Vegan way why people may not want to eat animal products. hhhmmm what are your thoughts? I could write for days.

Off to enjoy a cup of tea. xoxo~ Becca

Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring cleaning, packing, moving

I have so much stuff to get done in the next 45 days my mind is just spinning thinking of it. A few weeks ago I cleaned out one of the many closets, bins and boxes of stuff I have to pack up. Wish me luck over the next few weeks as I clean out and get rid of items I have been carrying around since freshman year of college. I think it is time to get rid of theme party outfits. I guess I should accept that 80's night is not going to happen every Tuesday night:)
{Who needs this many winter coats and reusable shopping bags?}
{I do not think this stuff will be moving with me. Oh yes, the Jim Beam, that's for my Dad when he visits, Manhattans, not for me.}

{Ooooo, this is my goal on Sunday night, organized or packed boxes!}


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Target's Liberty Collection

Oh I OH SO LOVEEEEE Target! A few times of year they have great collaborations with designers for a fashion/home line at a Target price, not a designer store price. It is a FABULOUS idea that the wonderful company created. I still consider my Silver Holiday Behnaz Sarafpour skirt from Target one of my favorite things I own. So fun and if I would have bought it at Bloomingdale's it probably would have cost $300, the Target line was $30.

This month the wonderful British fashion house of Liberty of London has partnered with Target. The company known for floral prints is so perfect for Spring time. I am loving the whimsical ads So many items are already selling out. I must run to Target soon!

{Liberty of London is known for floral prints. I remember while studying abroad in London the brand was making a big comeback and the little floral scarves were spotted everywhere.}

{This floral lamp looks amazing in this white living room.}

{Where can I get this pink flowered dress...asap!
I want to have a tea party while wearing it.}

{I would LOVE a bike to drive around by the beach in Florida.
How cute would this be!}

{Mini pink cupcakes and french macaroons would be a
nice addition on this tray for my tea party.}

{New York had an amazing Target pop up store for a week. Wow. I wish I could make more day trips to the Big Apple!}

{Pretty floral beach dress belongs in my closet this spring. Pretty Florida
beach attire. A must.}

{Liberty of London prints were pasted onto these plates for a pretty wall arrangement. You think Beau would allow me to hang up pink plates in the kitchen?}
{Adorable for a baby girl!}

{oh yes, another floral dress that I must have!}
{This chair would be perfect outside by my new lemon tree in Ft. Lauderdale. A little outside office space?}

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! Enjoy the fabulous weather!
{There is something about this picture I just LOVE!}

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamrock Shake

St. Patricks Day when I was really little was always a fun day. At school we had an Irish Jig contest and my mom would make us skirts with shamrocks for the contest. I was a bit to little, but my sister I believe may have won a few times. After school we would get to go to McDonald's and get Shamrock Shakes. I woke up this morning craving one! I think I need to indulge this afternoon in this minty flavored milkshake. Green Beer, forget it. Minty McDonald's milkshake, absolutely!


I heart Blogs

Pink Lemonade. Cute Name. Cute Blog. Pink Lemonade is a cute blog written about fashion, decor and books. I love a blog that makes me smile as I browse through it.
{Favorite Books are always posted. Audrey, Sigh....}
{I love beautiful bookshelves. I have a thing for them with color coordinate books. I long for a large wall of built in bookshelves.}
{The blog writer has her first book coming out this Fall. J'adore New York. I do J'adore chick lit.}
{Pretty flowered shirt with pretty flowered necklaces.}
{The author is always writing about books she loves. Books to read. I can not wait for the Sex and the City prequel to come out by Candice Bushnell. I think it will be a fun look into what Carrie's life was Pre Mr. Big, Pre Vogue, Pre fabulousness. The Carrie Diaries.}

Keep blogging! xoxo~Becca

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Appy Tuesday!

OK, I have a little iphone addiction. Yes, I can't seem to remember what my life was like without this little amazing phone, ipod, camera, computer, etc. etc. I truly love it! Recently I have realized how many amazing Apps there are are to get! Day after day I seem to discover a new app for my phone. For fun, for business, for pictures, for music. I hope you enjoy them like I do!

Mphotobooth - I heart black and white photo booths. There is something so fun about getting your picture taken candidly in front of the red drape in a photo booth. fun fun fun.Aroundme - A great thing to have when you are travelling and think, "Where is the nearest coffee shop?"....just click on Around me and it will show you the nearest coffee shop, restaurant, hospital, movie theatre and so much more.

Shakeitphoto - So you love a Polaroid picture, me too! I may not carry around a Polaroid camera in my purse, but I wish I did! Shakeitphoto allows you to use your existing photos or take a new picture and it turns into a Polaroid! I love the fact that you even have to shake it and it fades slowly like the real thing.

Shazm - Yes, it is one of the original apps, but I will ALWAYS love it. I love when I am out in a store or watching a show and I think, "hhhhm, what is this song?". In an instance Shazm looks up the song and stores them for me to buy later on. This is the app we all need! It is an essential.

Loseit - So I will start by saying, I need to use this more, however, its great! This app allows you to track every single thing you eat, and every time you work out. It is amazing to see how quickly calories add up during the day. The app is great because it connects to the Internet and can look up thousands of food brands for you.

Business Card Reader - I get so many business cards and find them in every purse, desk, drawer, home, office, everywhere. This app is awesome because you just take a picture of the card and of the information is stored into your contacts.

Words Free - Scrabble. Beau and I both downloaded the app and we play hours away from each other during the day. It's fun!

Apps, making life more fun and more easy! ....sorry if your not an IPhone junkie like should really think of joining the club:)


Strappy Spring Steps

The time has finally changed! The days will get longer, the flowers will be blooming and Spring will be coming! I am ready to put my snow boots and winter coats in the back of my closet and break out my Spring attire. What better way to ring in the pretty season full of newness shoes.
Tall, strappy, chunky, there are so many shoes I am just dying to add to my closet. Add a little spring to your step and add a new pair to your Spring wardrobe.

Pink Suede - Jcrew $265
Tan Suede - Forever 21 $24.80
Black T Straps - Ann Taylor $178
Tan Buckle Straps - Nine West $99


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I had to share....crepe cake

I was craving something a little sweet this evening....and then I stumbled upon this website. Charleston Crepe Company Oh my! Now I'm really craving something!

The crepe cake looks like heaven. Crepes layered with pastry creme and can be topped with chocolate......yum! yum! yum! $50 per cake, serves 10 guests. I might need to order a fabulous amazing Crepe Cake for my next together. I had to share!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscars 2010!

The Academy Awards! One of my favorite nights of the year! I absolutely LOVE watching the red carpet arrivals and the actors accept their awards. There is always a little high school theatre girl in me imagining being on that stage at the Kodak Theatre. I know, funny huh! Hey, a girl can still dream.

How cute was Audrey Hepburn with her Oscar in 1953!

Sunday night was full of interesting and pretty fashion choices. Here are a few of my favorites.

{The Twilight Cast! Some of them... Edward where were you??? Kristen looked grown up and very pretty, minus her awkward uncomfortable presentation. Anna Kendrick looked beautiful as a nominee. And well Taylor, I added him, no Edward, Jacob looked good for the night}
{Demi Moore looks amazing. I mean really! She is 46 and she looks like she is 26! The nude peachy colored Versace was hot.}
{Whatever. say what you want! Hot pink and full of ruffles, I loved it. It is kind of like her character in Up in the Air. You want to hate her but she did such a good job! The same as the dress, you want to hate it but secretly you love it. Way to go Vera Farmiga for wearing the bold Marchesa dress. Can I borrow it?}
{This dress fit Maggie Gyllenhaal's artsy funky independent spirit personality perfect. I thought she looked beautiful, pretty, like she was having a great time. The bold Dries van Noten dress was a wonderful choice for her.}
{Mrs. Best Actress 2010! Sandra Bullock I thought you looked like true Hollywood glamour. Say what you will, dull, boring, not Oscar enough. I loved it. I thought she looked dressed for the occasion in a very Hollywood glam gold dress with the punch of gold on her lips. Marchesa did it again!}
{Oh Rachel McAdams! Total girl crush. She is so cute I just love her. I thought this Elie Saab dress was just stunning on her. She liked so feminine and pretty without looking like she was trying to dress up in a wedding dress or try to be older then she is. The dress looked even better as Jake Gyllenhaal escorted her on stage. oooo, cute couple could be!}
{I truly thought my mom was crazy yesterday when she kept talking about the cool dress that Carey Mulligan was wearing with little miniature scissors and forks and spoons on it. I kept think, what? She was right! This Prada dress was absolutely awesome! So fun!}
{Zoe Saldana, Avatar's leading lady. I had mixed feelings on this dress but I truly think I love it. The sparkly Givenchy is like no other. The beading towards the top was so beautiful. The bottom, was ruffle heaven and a but overwhelming. HOWEVER, as the night went on I learned to love it, it was like a work of art! Go over the top! It's the Oscars!}
{I thought Nicole and Joel were a FABULOUS couple!}
{I had to add young Hollywood. How cute were Vanessa and Zac! I though they were alll loooking so amazing. And the Jonas brothers, cute.}

Cameron Diaz, pretty dress, the hair I thought made her look like she was going to a Texas Deb Ball. SJP, you are amazing, cool dress but TOO tan! Miley Cyrus, you annoy me but I did like your dress, just stand up straight!!!!

I may have not been able to walk the red carpet Sunday, but I did get to attend a really fun event at the St. Regis. A Vista Events provided all of the decor and the place looked AMAZING! There were five themed rooms all styled after a Best Picture nominee. I didn't get great pictures but I wanted to share something.
The UP room had a replicate of the house with the balloons, so cute. The room was complete with a Cherries Jubilee station. yum! The Avatar room had a Tree of Souls in the center bar. Really fun room! The Up in the Air room was my favorite. A Vista created tables in the shapes of clouds suspended them from the ceiling with all ghost chairs around. The bar in the room had mini bottles like you would be served on a plane. The truffle and champagne bar had mini bags of peanuts. The room was great! There was a room themed towards An Education with all English beers and liquors, chalkboard covered tables. The Inglorious Bastard room was draped in red velvet and gold. It was great evening! I wore, Juicy Couture, maybe not Chanel Couture, but couture all the same. haha.

Till next year! xoxo~Becca
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