Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Next Generation Wedding Bloggers Shoot

A few months ago I was delighted and surprised to receive the sweetest email from Nicola at Propose PR  asking if I would be interested to be a part of a wedding blogger photo shoot for Wedding Magazine. Me? Little me from Urban Flip Flops blog? I read the list of other bigger bloggers included in the shoot and thought again, me? The American wedding blogger living in London, planning our wedding, working in the weddings industry, in a magazine photo shoot? OK! On an early morning on Thanksgiving day, off we went to the beautiful countryside in East Sussex {picturesque! stunning!}, for a photo shoot at the newly opened Churchgate Porter bridal boutique. I am so excited to be sharing with you the finished product of the WEDDING magazine issue on newsstands now,  flip to page 118 to read the entire story. 
I will mention it again, yes, I was really excited to be part of this shoot with some other wonderfully talented ladies in the wedding blogging world! Moving from the States where the wedding blogging world has exploded, it has been an amazing experience this past year to find lovely established UK wedding blogs sharing new ideas and styles as well. To be considered as part of the new up and coming wedding bloggers in the UK, was just a thrill! The other lovely ladies included in the shoot were: the talented Sara of the gorgeous fine art and film wedding photography site Wedding Sparrow, the sweetest Laura from Festival Brides, the super stylish Marina from Style & the Bride and the lovely Nova from her blog focusing on black brides to be Nu Bride
After arriving at Churchgate Porter we were each able to pick out our own designer gown and then headed into hair and makeup. It was so fun to dress up in a  wedding dress that is so NOT similar to my wedding dress for June! I picked out a London based designer, Charlotte Casadejus, dress called the Margot, which was a ton of fun to wear. The feathers of the dress were my style to add that bit of sparkle and fun to the outfit! I love a big puffy tutu, so why wouldn't I love some layers of feathers. 
I do believe that a lot of brides gain ideas from blogs and that there are a number of different sites out there that are each fit for the certain bride to be. All five us bloggers had a different style but we are all doing the same thing, sharing advice, inspiration and ideas with brides to be for their big day. 
Was it intimidating being all dolled up in front of the camera and knowing it was going to be featured in a magazine for thousands of people to read, yes. However, after thinking I didn't lose enough weight, I didn't have the right smile, my blog wasn't big enough to be featured, I got over it and had a blast. These past few months I have been blogging about more party ideas, more inspiration from my big day and more UK wedding vendors that I find and want to share. I have been worrying less about what others will say and just doing it. So I guess that is how I felt a bit on the day of the shoot, just have fun and do it! 
Sitting here in my "office" {aka: my blue parsons desk by the window in my flat} dressed stylishly in my leggings, slippers and no makeup, makes me want to get all dolled up again! The shoot made me excited for my big day and made me giddy and happy to be a bride to be. I relate to my readers in the case that I am always looking for new inspiration by reading magazines and blogs, seeing the bloggers ideas, style notes and real weddings they feature. I hope by reading my blog you enjoy seeing me as the bride to be and also the blogger. I write a lot about the pretty ideas, but I guess that is because, I believe your wedding day should be a beautiful and personalized day to start off your marriage! Everything about it should be pretty and lovely from the moment you wake up until you exit the reception with your husband! 

 I hope you have enjoyed reading Urban Flip Flops over this past year and half we have been in London! I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on your big day and inspiration for making your wedding that much more sparkly. It has been a roller coaster of adventures for Beau and I this past 18 months, and when I was asked to be featured in a UK wedding magazine, well this was one of the exciting moments to add to our list! Thank you for having me be part of the next generation of UK wedding bloggers, I hope to see you back here soon! 

Thank you to all of the talented wedding professionals who made this day possible: 
Wedding Boutique: Churchgate Porter 
Shoot Location: Churchgate Porter 
Photography: Babb Photo 
Hair: Michael Sampson for Electric Hairdressing London 
PR: Nicola at Propose PR
Nova's Dress: Delphine Manivet
Sara's Dress: Sarah Janks
Laura's Dress: Patrick Casey
Marina's Dress: Anne Bowen 

xoxo- Becca

*I will be back at the end of the week to share a little video of the behind the scenes! 


  1. These pictures are so stunning!! You make a beautiful bride. Can't wait to see pics from the real big day! Congrats on such a great feature!

  2. This was such a gorgeous shoot and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Gaaahhhh how amazing was your dress choice...? Very... x

    1. awww thank you Emma! I LOVED the dress! Amazing. Truly a fun time!

  3. Well, looking amazing... Lovely to look at really.

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