Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday De-Stress at Home

The holidays are such a fun time of the year, my favorite time, however with parties, nights full of glasses of wine, baking and consuming lots of sweets, traveling, little rest and exercise, you can start to feel a little run down. Why not give yourself a post Christmas present to start off the new year relaxed and ready to go for 2014! I was introduced by the company MILK Beauty by a friend of mine and at first was a bit skeptical about someone coming to my flat to give me a massage but after, nope, what a treat it was! My opinion is, this is a great present to treat yourself for the first month of the new year ahead. 

MILK Beauty is a London based beauty service. The company offers nail treatments, facials, massage, waxing and will customize pampering parties for you and your friends. The concept of MILK Beauty is brilliant! My masseuse arrived on a Sunday evening right on time with all of her equipment {massage table, candles and even music}, she set up in my living room by the Christmas tree and all I had to do was….relax! It was so nice to relax for an hour in my flat and when I was finished, I took a long bath, put my pj's on and relaxed on the couch! My therapist was completely professional and did a great job focusing on parts of my body I wanted special attention to {hello sore back from the gym!}. 
 If you are looking to get yourself a little present to kick off the new year in a relaxing way, I would highly recommend contacting MILK Beauty. I am considering getting a facial at home, to start getting my skin sparkly wedding ready! I also think it would be a really fun evening with girlfriends at home. Most of your girlfriends want to get their nails done anyways, so why not all get together at your flat, drink some wine, get pampered and relax together!  

You can find all of the information about MILK's services by clicking here. 

Treat yourself a little bit! Massage. More Yoga. Juicing. All of these things are on my 2014 goals to do more of…….why not start with a massage in your own home! 

xoxo - Becca

*This post has been sponsored by MILK Mobile Beauty but all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own!

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