Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Heart Blogs

This is Glamorous. Such a pretty blog! I am adding this pretty blog to my daily Google Reader. Oh my, soon I will have enough blogs in my reader to spend all weekend
catching up. Oh well. I love them!

I have always dreamt of having a big walk in closet. This "dressing room" is anything but just a closet, it is a beautiful room.

The cabinet full of perfumes is so pretty. Doesn't every girl need a cabinet
full of Chanel perfumes.

Such a pretty blog! I am totally in love with the pink couch zbove.
Watch out beau, I may need to get one for your new place!

How cute is the J'taime stationary she posted about. Get it at Etsy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yes, I have a little obsession with cupcakes. The little cakes are so pretty and comforting. Who doesn't want a pretty little cake as a treat. Well, yesterday when I saw Style Me Pretty's post on Enjoy! Cupcakes in California, my heart stopped for a second and started to beat really fast. I'm in love!
Enjoy Cupcakes is a great story of a woman who quit her day job to create her dream....a bakery! I have had this dream for many years as well. Seeing these pictures made me think...hmmmmm...event planning or cupcake baking;) Above is the Cupcake Trailer you can rent for events. How cute is it!
The bakery is connected to a wine tasting room with cupcake flavors like: Chocolate Blackberry Syrah, Pomegranate Meyer Lemon Chardonnay and Cherry Vanilla Merlot. Ooo la la, I would love a cupcake and a glass of vino!

Pink Champagne Cupcakes! Need I say more!

This is the inside of the adorable airstream trailer you can rent for parties. Absolutely in my event file now! Now I need to get to California for a party and use this soon.

Check out the beautiful video that they have created with the owner. It is beautiful. Oh my, I'm craving a cupcake now! The beautiful California sun, wine and cupcakes. I need to visit Enjoy soon!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Working Out for Spring

I went to my first boot camp class yesterday in almost two weeks. Oh my! After hip hop yoga class last night and that workout, my arms are on FIRE today! I am so ready for the 4 ft of snow to melt away so I can get back outside
for early morning runs. For now I am dreaming of some cute new work
out gear and new workouts for Spring.
Cute workout gear always makes you feel better!
Spring Run

With all of the snow days last week, bundling up to go to the gym was not in my plan. I have been doing at home work out DVD's a lot. I feel a little like my mom doing the Jane Fonda work out tapes when I was little, but hey, they work! Right now the Biggest Loser DVD sets are keeping me moving but I'm looking for something new. I think I am going to get Tracey Anderson Method set, starting with level 1. She looks ridiculous! Amazing! Gwyneth and Madonna have always loved her and now Jennifer Aniston is hooked.....I'm in!

How cute and stylish is this patent leather gym bag from Lululemon. I love it!

I have always wanted to get some of Stella McCartney's items from Adidas. They are always sold out so quickly!
How cute are the exercise shorts with a bow!!!!
Adorable! Maybe this year.

Ok sun...come out. Spring I am SO ready for you! Time to get ready for sunny days and lots of runs!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Heart Blogs

With all the snow we have received in DC these past few weeks,
I have spent a lot of time inside browsing the Internet.
I love the new blogs I have been discovering.
I thought that I woulds start sharing my favorites with you each week.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I fell in love with the blogs color palettes of Paris. The blogs photos around Paris are so beautiful arranged by color or groupings of certain items (chairs, hearts, flowers,etc). The posts are so simple but the way she groups them together are so pretty. Her recent post about Red Velvet Whoopie Pies made me happy. Enjoy!


Monday, February 8, 2010

a little romance

Valentine's Day. This time of year everything in the stores seems to be red, pink or chocolate. Even if you don't have a romantic sweetheart I still love celebrating this holiday! I think one of my best memories of Valentine's Day was in college when I decorated our apartment with pink & red EVERYWHERE and made only girls come over for cosmos. All the girls were required to wear the holiday colors. When I was little my mom use to make a big Valentine's breakfast and decorate the table with hearts and give us little gifts.

Yes, some people think it is a Hallmark holiday, but I kind of love it! Why not buy yourself a little something to celebrate you or treat your bestie to a little surprise. I don't believe that Valentine's Day is only a American holiday meant for red roses and teddy bears. I think the holiday is about celebrating love everywhere and everyone!
{I love this print from the Love Shop on Etsy}

{Adorable retro Valentine's cookies from Elenis would make me smile!}

{Paulette macarons in L.A. deliver! And they have pink ones!}

{This gum "We met on Facebook" is so funny!}

{Flowers in any women's life are much appreciated!

Martha Stewart & FTD even has pretty Tulips!}

{The apple of my eye ring. Marc Jacobs}

{I heart monograms! A personalized bracelet or ring from Sarah Chloe}

{Maybe I like these because of a particular Dutch Guy I know;) They are too cute from Peapod Treasures on Etsy. Windmill earrings= a must}

{My sister got one of these Nixon watches recently and they are so fun!}

{Super inexpensive and fun if I was gonig out on the town. From Lulus.}

{Pretty, Ruffles, Pink, Feminine. A perfect pink dress for the day from Banana Republic}

{This skirt is on my WISH list for Spring! It would be perfect for Happy Hearts Day!}

Eat a cupcake, drink some bubbly, paint your nails shiny pink, eat a box of candy hearts, watch a sappy romantic comedy, dance, yell, sing, whatever it is, celebrate the day.

xoxo~hopeless romantic~ Rebecca

Sunday, February 7, 2010

wings?....I would rather have Pizza!

Super Bowl Sunday. Now I am not usually one to sit in front of the TV and watch sports on my couch. If Syracuse is on, I'll watch it, otherwise, nah. However, there is something about Super Bowl Sunday that makes me excited to make game food and sit on the couch (with some magazines) and take party in the festivities. Most people love wings and a cold beer during the game, I prefer pizza and a glass of wine.

This weekend Washington received a crazy snowstorm. We have had over 24 inches of snow cover the Capital. I have spent the last day and a half inside my apartment cleaning, sorting through piles of magazines and catching up on much needed TV series on my DVR. I have had plenty of time to hibernate and relax. Yesterday I took out some frozen pizza dough to get ready for tonight and placed it in the fridge to thaw out. Making the dough homemade is awesome, but luckily I have a great Italian market down the street that makes amazing dough and is much easier for me! Vace, in Cleveland Park is fantastic and so inexpensive.

Place the frozen dough in a well oiled bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Let the dough thaw out in your fridge all day, when you arrive home it should be doubled in size. Remove the dough from the bowl and place it on a floured surface, gently press the air bubbles out of the dough and reshape it into a ball. Place the ball back in the bowl covered in a warm area for about 20 minutes. After about 20 minutes roll out the dough, voila! Pizza dough is ready!

There are so many toppings to place on pizzas. I feel like Pizza has come along way in America since the Pizza Hut Pepperoni and Cheese pizza I had as a kid. Thai Chicken Pizza, Goat Cheese, Smoked Salmon. Get creative! Open your cabinets and see what items you have lying around and make your new creation. I think I am going to try out this Potato Pizza tonight, it looks really yummy! I'll make sure to share pictures when it is complete.

A healthy easy pizza alternative is to use whole wheat pita bread as the crust. Whole Living magazine has a great suggestion for these pita pizzas.

I am a huge fan of veggie pizzas. Goat cheese, caramelized onions and arugula could be amazing! Maybe I will split my pizza in half with two toppings.

I hope everybody has a fun evening of pizza, wings, beer, wine, whatever it may be!

xoxo ~ Rebecca

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last weekend I joined Beau on a quick trip to his homeland...the Netherlands. While it may have been a quick trip, it was a busy, packed weekend that felt more like a full week and not a few days. I feel like we did so much and if I described everything to you minute by minute this post would get a little too long. I thought I would outline a few little favorites of the trip! It was a wonderful trip, a cute fun country! I'm excited for my next trip there!!!!

1. Business Class - I got bumped up to Business Class on my way over. Champagne, cheese plates, port, a chair that massaged my back. Business Class abroad is amazing!!!!

2. Tulips - OK, it sounds so cliche, but it is true! There really truly are tulips all over this country. Even during a snowy, rainy weekend, we were able to buy gorgeous fresh tulips for 1/2 the price as in the states.

3. Meeting Beau's friends - It was so nice to finally meet the college guy friends. Dinner with 4 Dutch guys. OK, I really do not know if they are talking about me in front of my face, but I am starting to understand at least the subject of the conversation. Hey, it is a start.

4. Red Light District - Not a really a favorite, more of a strange experience that I will remember. I found it very absurd that these girls dance in windows all day long, weird absurd, strange.

5. French Fries - yum. French Fries on the street with curry ketchup. Love!

6. Hotel School in the Hague - We stopped by Beau's college in the Hague and got a little tour. I loved seeing where Beau spent many years learning about restaurants, bars, the hospitality field. It is always interesting to see where people spent their college lives. A step into their past.

7. A day in Amsterdam - Beau's best friend John was our tour guide for the day. It was a relaxing day of wandering the streets, taking a canal tour, coffees, snacks and just a nice day out!

8. Boat Houses - It is so cool the amount of neat boat houses there were in Amsterdam. I would love to plan a party on one!

9. Bikes - I was amazed that even in the middle of a snowy rainy day everybody was still biking along. On our way into the city we drove by many school kids that were biking from home in the middle of the pouring rain. There are parking lot size ramps for bikes instead of cars.

10. The trip - everything was fun and wonderful. It was so nice to see Beau's life in Holland. It was fun to hang out with his parents and friends in the country he grew up in!

11. Stroopwafles - Yum! Theses little waffle cookies filled with caramel are just amazing coming right off of the grill!

12. My little coffee set I bought! Such a cute find!

...oh yes, and little Melina. Beau's cousin's little girl Melina. She was adorable even though I didn't quite understand what she was saying. Her dutch is way better then mine! I think I may be learning from her level:)

xoxo~ Becca

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