Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Girlfriend Friday!

Wow, how is it already Friday again! The week has flown by! I started off my Friday with a nice quick catch up with my bestey Brandi. Recently we have been playing phone tag nonstop and I thought, I will give her a try with the few minutes I have. It was so nice to say hi and start off my Friday on the right foot! There is nothing better I believe then a little time to catch up with a girlfriend. I am heading to DC this weekend to help a good friend with a wedding and also to see a lot of my bestey's in the Nation's Capital. I can't wait to see everybody even in the short time I will be there.
There truly is nothing like a great group of girlfriends. I knew this before moving to Florida and I realize it even more so now! I have met a few potential good girlfriends and it makes me TRES excited.

Whether in Florida, DC, NYC, Vermont, Philly, California or around the world, stay in touch! Write, call, email, text, just say hi. Happy Girlfriend FRIDAY to all of the wonderful ladies in my life! xoxo~Becca

Thursday, August 26, 2010

behind the scenes at Emersonmade

I saw this post on the fabulous Brooklyn Bride blog. OH I just want to run to Emerson's studio and play with all of her flowers! I love her thoughts on being creative and looking at the things around you to create new ideas. Emerson has certainly made a line of flowers and now clothes that we all love and her love for what she does shows through. Check out the interview!

A rainbow of little dandy flowers. hhmm, maybe I need one for my birthday coming up! ;)

xoxo~ Becca

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new notes

You know my love for personalized stationary.
Well, I saw this line featured on the Creature Comforts blog and I love it!!!! I would love some new stationary to write letters from my new Florida home. I think my name on the little black dress card would be perfect. Explore the GADABOUT site and see what you would pick out. Drop me a line! xoxo~ Becca

Monday, August 9, 2010

Florida Party

This weekend I feel like we finally started getting the house get together and I am dreaming of having a housewarming party. A little late since we have been here for months, but we do not know many people and there are still boxes laying around, so what is the rush?

I have been browsing the Lilly site (more to come on Lilly Pulitzer later this week) and have realized that wow, they have come along away from the very Palm Beach printed skirts. How cute would this yellow dress, bright heels, bright clutch and a glass of rose in hand be to wear in the back yard by the pool? Ooo, dreaming. I hope you can all come visit!
FloridaFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

CECI New York

I have always loved the Ceci New York invitation line. The invites are beautiful pieces, fun and stylish. I loved seeing that the designer was coming up with an online magazine on her site, Ceci Style! A little bit of inspiration, ideas, fashion, decor, events, entertaining, weddings and more. The cover below is the first issue. The photo is from her recent wedding in Puerto Rico. How GORGEOUS is the mural as a back drop!

I thought the hotel she got married in was so glamorous. I love the black and white checkered floor. I guess it also helps that Ceci herself looks like a supermodel.
My sweet friend Mariana had a destination wedding line from Ceci for her wedding in Mexico this past February. The invites came out beautiful! Below was her save the date!
Sign up for Ceci's email updates at xoxo~Becca

Friday, August 6, 2010

Salutation Nation - tomorrow

Tomorrow the amazing people at lululemon are inviting yogis around the world to get together and practice yoga together. The goal is to bring 10,000 people all over the world together to practice yoga at the same time. All of my DC friends run on down to the Ellipse and do a few sun salutations in front of the Obamas big White House. I will be in downward dog in Boca Raton Florida. Click on this link to see where your location is!
namaste ~ Becca

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's BACK!

Tonight Season 3 of the Rachel Zoe Project airs on Bravo....bananas! I just love this show. It is totally a dream watching the show and imagining jumping into her closet and having an amazing makeover complete by Miss Zoe herself. Sadly there will be no Taylor around for entertainment of the season but Mr. Brad will be back!

I found this article about what Rachel is carrying in her handbag. Honestly I LOVE these articles. If somebody were to dump my purse on a table they would probably find 10 tubes of lip gloss, gum, sunglasses, pens, lotion, a magazine, notes along with 100 of other things. Maybe a fun thing to blog about???
So I am always reading about her line on the Home Shopping Networking and I decide to finally browse around. I have to say I found a few cute things from Rachel's collection. The purse, the ring, the necklace, love.

Tune in tonight! xoxo~ Becca

Monday, August 2, 2010

I HEART EmersonMade

So I feel in love with the company, EmersonMade last year when I found their beautiful flowers on one of the 100's of wedding blogs I browse around. It has been love ever since! When I moved from DC to Florida my fabulous girlfriends through an amazing party and gave me this gorgeous huge big EmersonMade poppy pin! Some people may think it is too big, oh no, I find it just right!

The little flowers can get a bit pricey but I still dream of hosting a dinner party with a table runner complete with tons of sizes of the pretty linen flowers. (They also sell the EAT napkins! Cute!)

So I found out that they are now making clothes! OH MY! Yep, EmersonMade is sewing and you can pre order it now. This cute adorable striped shirt is so great with the flower.
Um yay, I forgot to mention...the model, that is Emerson. Yep, she is gorgeous. Her and her husband moved from NYC to a farm outside the city and run their business. They are both absolutely gorg and the photos on their site look like they have such a fun, creative business! Oh yes, the shift she is wearing....for purchase!
I'm loving these flower clutches. The prints are great! Perfect for Summer.
The way she took five flowers and made it look a necklace, adore. The adorable chicks on her lap, her pets. {sigh} adorable.
I just saw these items for the first time today! They have named them the Love Letter collection. Can you imagine being proposed to with this beautiful flower pin! So cute!
I think this picture is one of my favorites in the collection. Glam! Love it and it has made me now want a martini.
And here she is again, Emerson looking all adorable with the Beautiful Big Blue Rose. Just sitting outside dressed up all adorable with a cup of tea.
I'm in love! Go over to the site. I mean, they look they jumped into a Jcrew catalog and are living their life in it! I HEART.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

sweet gifts

I have been doing A LOT of browsing online for event photos and inspiration during work recently. We have been busy at my office creating proposals for upcoming events this Fall/Winter.

The other day I was looking at the amazing Celebrity Planner Mindy Weiss blog and fell upon these adorable gifts. They are glass dishes with quotes painted on them. I am so in love. They would fit perfectly on my dresser to place my jewelry in. They do not have to be for a wedding gift! You could buy for a birthday, an anniversary or hey, just because. Check them out on her site...

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