Friday, January 10, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 20

Happy Friday! Well, this has been the first official full week of 2014, how has it been for you? I have to be honest, its been interesting for me, great but also, interesting. The new year has brought for me, our wedding in June which is SO exciting, it has also brought for me a new fresh year of figuring out what I am going to be doing professionally. I have spent the week searching online, reading books, quotes, interviewing, networking, and I'm still not sure, I think it may take me awhile…more then a week for sure;) In the middle of the roller coaster mind set I have had this week, I have found a few items I fancied and wanted to share. I would love to hear what you fancy and any tips on figuring it all out;)

1. My new favorite bargain find - Sequin skirt from Primark £3 !!! I'm on a budget for the wedding but hello…how could I pass it up!  

2. She Designed a Life She Loved - I saw this picture on Style Me Pretty and it keeps coming back to me. That's what I want. I want to design a life that I love. I'm looking for that job path to help me. 

3. Flamingo Mug - I stumbled upon this adorable mug on Etsy and it is made in England, how perfect!

4. Velvet Ruby & Ed Slippers - Don't you love my new Christmas gift I received? I have to admit, I am not taking them off! Hot Pink, velvet and with a bow! 

5. Coconut Carrot Soup - I have been on a 3 day juice cleanse {more on that later!} but can't wait to make a bowl of this yummy soup Camille made. 

6. Wedding Magazine - Pick up a copy of the newest Wedding Magazine, turn to page 118 and you may see someone familiar! 

7. Little Animals in Teeny Cups - I know, random, but click on it, it is sure to make you smile! 

Happy Friday! xoxo - Becca

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  1. I think if I put those slippers on, I'd never take them off!! And what a cute mug. Congrats on the magazine!!


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