Friday, January 24, 2014

Honeymoon Fund? Wedding Shoe Fund?

Recently I have started a pile of items that I want to get rid of. Dresses that I LOVE, but haven't worn in over two years, books I've already read, etc. Things I love but have realized, I just do not use! If I was living in the States right now, I would suggest to Beau that we have a big yard sale, however, I live in London, in a cute flat, however, no yard. I have seen a few other bloggers start this and I thought why not, I am going to start selling them on Instagram. Sorry US readers, the sale is only open to UK residents. I will be posting items weekly, usually on Fridays. Hey, if I can put a little  more money towards our honeymoon fund, OK? How about those pretty wedding shoes I have my eye on? Follow me on Instagram rldamato #beccaswardrobesale 

One man's trash is another mans treasure! xoxo- Becca 

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