Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend in Washington

How adorable is this classic picture! John Jr. and Caroline Kennedy having a summer picnic on the lawn of the White House, I mean really, adorable! Well, I am off to DC for the weekend to see my girlfriends and to celebrate one of my bestest friends {since 2nd grade!} who is having a baby boy! I can not wait to celebrate and catch up with everybody. I have been travelling a lot and have two more weekends of travel to go. I'm looking forward to a little browsing time on my iPad at the airport and catching up on some blogs in between flights. Here is what I will be browsing....

Did you see the new blog all about South Florida Weddings! It is going to be a great resource for Florida brides (and I'm psyched to be a part of it).

How adorable is Joy! I'm loving her cute outfits all pregnant, so cute!

I am heading to Vermont in 2 weeks and these pictures on Cannelle et Vanille got me so excited.

Do you think I can make these beautiful tissue balls and ship them to baby shower #2? I'm in love.

We went to one of my favorite must go to stores when I visit DC this morning, Paper Source. I'm still thinking, "Why didn't I purchase this?".

This retro wedding is awesome! I love the invites and the car.....heart!

Loving this blouse, must add to my closet?

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo~ Becca

Floridian Weddings: South Florida Modern Wedding Blog

After months of work my co-editor and I are so excited to have launched Floridian Weddings LIVE! A blog for the modern South Florida bride to use to be inspired and as a resource.
We hope that you follow us along {Blog, Facebook, Twitter} and pass it along! We will be blogging from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys and look forward to seeing you there.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whoopie it's Wednesday!

So it is no secret that over the past few weeks I have been trying to lose a few pounds. My 30th birthday is around the corner and I have been feeling a little down on myself these past few months with the extra "love pounds" I have put on since I moved to Florida {look up the definition, move in together, wine, cheese, sigh...}. That being said, I still have a sweet tooth and need a treat here and there. I was so excited to see this delicious recipe enter my inbox the other day from no other then the wonderful Hungry Girl {if you do not subscribe, do it! Great ideas!}.

Using the little delicious Chocolate Vita Tops you can make a healthy WHOOPIE pie in a few minutes and for way less calories then the original {but oh so delicious} New England recipe . Here is the easy, quick recipe:

1/4 cup - Fat Free Whipped Topping
1 - sliced strawberry

How To:
1. Slice Vitamuffin in half.
2. Spread whipped topping on 1/2 and top with sliced strawberry.
3. Place the other half on top.
4. Freeze for 10 minutes.
5. ENJOY! Whoooopieee!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Creamy One Ingredient Banana "Ice Cream"

So my sister had been telling me about this yummy recipe where you freeze a banana, blend it up and it tastes like ice cream? I've been wanting to try it out and yesterday I froze my banana and stuck it in my mini Cuisinart and ....voila! It was delicious and way easy! Read below for the easy instructions....

The major tips can be summed up as:

• Peel your banana first.
• Cut them into small pieces.
• Freeze for just 1-2 hours on a plate.
• Blend, blend, blend - scraping down the bowl when they stick.
• Enjoy the magic moment when they turn into ice cream!

It's pretty easy! That is it. It becomes this creamy delicious cup of yumminess. I think next time I may add a little Peanut Butter to mix it up a bit, maybe even a frozen strawberry.

It's National Ice Cream month and even though I'm the biggest ice cream fan, I think that this is an amazing healthy alternative. Try it out!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fort Lauderdale French Film Festival

Next Thursday, July 28th is the start of the LaCroix French Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale. I was unable to make it last year but am really hoping to get to the opening night event this year! Tickets for the opening night party are only $25 for non members and with a fun menu that includes: Beef Bourguignon, Ratatouille, Profiteroles, Eclairs, that is a steal!

Some shows have already started and you can find the schedule here. The opening nights party is showing Romantics Anonymous which sounds like an adorable French film! Synopsis: The boss of a chocolate factory and Angelique, a talented chocolate maker, they are two highly emotional people. Their shared passion for chocolate brings them together and they both fall in love with each other, without daring to let on. Unfortunately, their pathological timidity tends to keep them apart. But they will overcome their self confidence at the risk of revealing their feelings.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday on Lincoln Road

Saturday was an unusual day for plans! Yes, Beau and I were not travelling and we actually had no plans so we decided to head down to Miami for a few hours and do a little shopping. Some people think that Lincoln Road can be a little touristy, but I think it is a great place for shopping in Miami and an amazing place for people watching! One street, no cars allowed with great stores and coffee shops, not bad.

I popped into Anthropologie and couldn't help but squeal with delight when I saw the inside cover of the SugarBaby cookbook! How cute is this! And it is pink!

A coffee stop at the Nespresso cafe. Very European and AMAZING yummy coffee! I had an iced latte, so much prettier then my usual Starbucks in a paper cup. And I love the coffee bar wall with the hundreds of Nespresso boxes.

I have never eaten at the Van Dyke Cafe but every time I walk by it I always think how cute the building is. I snapped a pic this time of the windows covered with the greenery. By the photo you might think I'm in London, not South Beach.

I could not help but share this picture you with. This help sums up the mix of people you see on South Beach. A nice relaxing morning of coffee drinking, shopping and a man in a camo speedo? Such an interesting area to live in!

How was your weekend?


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Weekend! ~ Harry Potter Love!

Last night after a relaxing day out and about with Beau we decided to buy our tickets early and go and see the last Harry Potter. I have to say, once the music came on, I got a little sad that it was ...the last! Like the photo below of Emma Watson {aka Hermione} getting teary eyed at the London Premiere, when the movie ended I was a bit teary I felt, really, all done? Since 2011 we have been watching these amazing movies, looking forward to each and everyone. I remember when studying abroad in London in 2002, we left from King's Cross Station one evening and I was hoping to see, platform 9 3/4! We have seen Harry, Hermione and Ron all grow up on the screen. Oprah ended, now Harry Potter has ended, what now! I loved the movie, I thought it was fabulous, it was a great Saturday night!

How amazing is Emma Watson's gorgeous Oscar de La Renta dress! They are so cute all together again! Wow, remember they were just little ones when part one premiered.
Between watching Harry Potter, checking off my to do list for my upcoming weekend trips and maybe getting a little sunshine, I will browsing these links below.... Happy Weekend!

Need a little review of part 2, read here.

I love Joy's new invites!

With a busy week ahead and not much time at home, I think I will save this recipe for an easy, fresh, fast dinner! Thanks Stiletto Chef.

Jordan's year in Paris keeps getting better and better. It makes me really think, could we take a year off in Paris! Check out her Bastille Day, le sigh!

Thank you for sharing Johnny's link Camille. His photos are well, amazing.

I am on a hunt for a new pair of bright shoes. These wild berry pair or how about the Karolina?

As I'm writing this I am still trying to perfect the perfect french press cup of coffee. Maybe this will help.

I am going to be away for four weekends in a row starting this weekend. I'm taking some of Emily's packing tips by making a list this week.

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo~Becca

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kiss Me Kate

REALLY? As if I needed a reason to love Kate Spade anymore! Launching this Fall they are introducing a lipstick line called, Supercalifragilipsticks {yes, say it a few times}. I mean really, Kate Spade you get better and better every season that goes by! Creative Director Deborah Lloyd worked with Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King to create four different shades of lip art: Pop Art Pink (a light pink), Bashful Blush (a sheer nude), Fuchsia Fete (a sheer fuchsia) and Adventurous Red (a sheer red). OOOoo la la, I might not a bashful blush to add to my always growing lipstick collection! Can't wait.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

MZ Wallace

I'm so in love with the M Z Wallace brand of bags. I remember a few years ago I saw a lady dressed in her put together "weekend attire" out and about running errands. She was carrying this structured nice nylon handbag that caught my eye. Even though it was a nylon bag it was so put together and chic. The bag reminded me of my grown up nylon Kate Spade bag from college. It had pockets and zippers and looked like something I had to have. I tracked down the bags and then fell in love with M Z Wallace bags! I do not yet have an M Z Wallace bag in my closet but Bea or Bianca or Jane, you are welcome to find a spot...there is still room!

The ever popular Bea bag.
The Bianca bag is a nice new style!

Baby Jane is the little sister of Jane and Kate. The Kate version is a wonderful option for a sophisticated baby bag!

The bright neon summer collection is perfect year round for Florida! I would love to sport the neon blue wallet as an evening clutch.

Hello Hot Pink Bag!

I love that you see such a mix of women wearing the M Z Wallace line. Corporate dressed ladies on their way to the office, hip city girls, moms, grandmothers, they are great! The pink bag and the camo bag, I die, love!

{all images from M Z Wallace site}

I hope a bag finds a way into your closet as well!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ Make it French

Today is officially National French Fry Day! When working in catering for years I always loved when couples wanted to add a little fun to their reception and offer french fries to their guests. What guest doesn't love seeing fries being passed around on the dance floor at the end of the night!
These adorable fries by Peter Callahan Catering were featured on Martha Stewart Weddings during Dylan Lauren's bridal shower, which is a entire other story of loveliness!
How pretty are these fries, burgers and shakes
Customize your bags that you pass guests fries in. These are from Martha Stewart Weddings.

A french fry station with different dips, sauces and spices! Loving this idea.
I have always loved this image from Peter Callahan catering of an event did he with Martha. Hamburgers and fries, oh my! And the lucite tray, sigh.

Sweet potato fries passed in paper cones by Ritzy Bee Events!
How cute is this card to give to your groom!

Grab some fries today or add some to the special day. xoxo~Becca

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wardrobe

Most weekends if you were to stop by my house, grab a cup of coffee with me or run into me at the grocery store, this is what I would be wearing: oversized boyfriend white shirt, black leggings, my hot pink Reva flats and an oversized bag. Yep, it is my weekend uniform almost. Comfy, casual and I like to think, better then sweats. Isn't there an outfit you find yourself wearing every weekend?Weekend Attire

Weekend Attire: by rldamato featuring a black tote bag

Olivia Palermo, stylish girl she is, still manages to dress down on the weekends but still manages to look chic.
This girl, I mean really, how cute is she! I'm loving the peach shorts, but the heels, in Miami even if I run to the mall on a Saturday afternoon girls are rocking 4" heels. Nope, I can't do it. My flats, my love.

I'm loving this weekend look! The cute bright skirts with a casual top. So sweet!

This girl, casual and hip! Her torn jeans and shrunk blazer are a great Saturday afternoon wardrobe!

JCrew really knows how to market the lounge look! I think the outfit below is awesome for a weekend day out and about running errands. Her messy pony even looks great.

Jenna Lyons, creative director and president of Jcrew agrees that the weekends are meant for comfy and cute. Striped tees, jeans and a cup of coffee are the perfect ensemble.

Maybe I'll switch it up and change my leggings for a pair of these cute J.Crew sweats!

What is your weekend style?


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Weekend! ~ Rainy Days

Happy Saturday morning! We have been having a lot of rain this past weekend in Florida. Today I woke up early and got in a nice run by the beach before the rain started coming down. Now I'm home, watching a little DVR, cup of coffee, listening to the rain and browsing the Internet. I have to say, this is one of the first weekends in quite awhile that I have not had plans. I'm looking forward to catching up on emails, blogging, cooking and just a little relaxing. I hope you have a nice weekend! Here are a few things I have been browsing through... enjoy!


I am thinking of making two of these prints for Beau's and my living room. Jordan's has the best ideas!

Kate and William are here! Isn't her DVF dress that she wore last nice amazing! Tempting to indulge in one her classic pieces Ms. Furstenberg!

We just got some new patio furniture and I am dreaming of these beautiful votives all over the backyard.

I just painted my nails mint candy apple from Essie and am thinking of adding this cute sparkly tip from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere, Mermaid Nails!

This is such a stylish baby nursery, can I move in?

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Will Kate Wear? - WWKW

Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in the states today after a busy and fashionably dressed week in Canada! After a week filled of gorgeous photos of Kate Middleton having appeared in amazing outfits, one after the other, it starts to make me wonder, what will she be wearing in the States? She is quite the stylish girl and has a huge list of American designers to wear when she is here. I am sure she will not disappoint!

Paper Crown by Kate Middleton's blonde American look alike {I completely think so!} Lauren Conrad. Wouldn't it be cute if Kate sported a casual youthful, up and coming American designer dress as she got off the plane, or went around L.A.?

How about a a little All American preppy Lilly Pulitzer for a day in Malibu. I thought this little blue number with her patent nude heels could be cute for the polo match!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Kate Middleton sporting some JCrew outfits! I feel like it would be quite a Michelle Obama moment. Let's be honest, JCrew is oh so stylish and also what the all American girl is sporting right now. How about this amazing Prabal Gurun bow shirt with a pencil skirt?

Or this striped blouson dress {which I oh so want} paired with a white blazer for lunch in California. Are they heading to Oprah's mansion?

For her evening affairs Kate has a number of amazing American designer dresses to select from. Michael Kors, I know the dress is a little bright and possibly sexy, but I thought with the slit brought down a bit it could be quite hip, California and youthful.

This Michael Kors number could be so cute {minus the hat!} for an casual evening out, not the star filled evening affair in L.A.!

This Marc by Marc Jacobs number {minus the bun and the glasses} could be an exit the plane option!
Michelle Obama has her Inauguration dress designed by him, this dress would be a perfect selection for Kate by Jason Wu. Maybe she could add a cute USA brooch to the ensemble.
Of course we all know I'm a huge Kate Spade fan! I had to add in a suggested Kate Spade piece for Miss Kate!
Donna Karan, the all American women's designer, I'm loving this bright red dress! Maybe not as full of a skirt but it could be awesome!
Mr. Ralph Lauren, Mr. All American Designer. I think this dress below in a light pink would be BEAUTIFUL for Kate's evening event in Los Angeles.

How about this beautiful green choice with her bouncy brunette curls?

I wonder how many garment bags that plane has hanging in it? I can't wait to see her selections! She could very much be the All American girl!

cheers! xoxo~Becca

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