Friday, January 24, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 21

Friday. Friday. Friday. I think everyone likes waking up and realizing…it's FRIDAY!:) I may be working from home right now, however, I still feel an excitement knowing the weekend is ahead and time with Beau and Sir Oliver is filling the weekend. Less time in front of my computer, more time out and about. This week has been full of getting organized for the months ahead and meeting up with friends, industry friends and old friends. This weekend we plan on taking some time out for wedding planning {we need to find a band!} and some R&R {maybe a movie? What have you seen?}. During the week I have found a few things I fancy and as usual wanted to share….

1. SHOP: Shoes with Hearts! These are adorable! Cake Pop Art Flats are on my wish list. I know it is not Summer and I have NO holiday plans right now, but maybe for my honeymoon?!?!? Who doesn't need cute flamingo shorts with Pom Poms on them! 

2. BEAUTY: How cute is this cosmetic bag from Forever 21 Is It Friday Yet Cosmetic Case  ! I've been using these NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix for a few weeks now, twice a day and it is making my skin feel great! Ballerina Pink Shimmer by Bobbi Brown is just such a pretty lipstick, isn't it perfect {pink & shimmery!}. 

3. DO: The Isabella Blow exhibit at Somerset House is supposedly amazing! 
Who wants to go with me?

4. EAT: Israeli Cous Cous with Roasted Butternut Squash and Preserved Lemons - I made a big bowl of this yummy salad and we have had it for nights! …no, it is not Paleo. ooops….whatever.

Happy Friday! xoxo - Becca

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