Thursday, January 30, 2014

Afternoon Blog Break

 It has been a very wet week here in London, rain rain rain. I've been a bit busy around here with lots of work going on, I cranked up the wedding planning to do's and have been meeting up with some wonderful friends and industry friends as well. Taking a break from your desk to catch up in person is always SUCH a nice treat and well, I think its a must! I thought it would be nice to take a little break this afternoon from serious stuff and indulge in some blog reading. Cheers to a little afternoon blog break! 

Last weekend Beau and I ventured to Broadway market and I picked up some delicious Meringue Girls meringues, if you have not had some, run out and get them now….delicious! You can see my pics here on Instagram

Reading Erin's post about hair, I need to invest in some new hair products, I'm bored. 

Expats, I find this kitchen cheat sheet SO helpful when baking, measuring, etc!!!!

Valentine's lingerie? This one screams Ooo La La

Wow, I'd love to move into this loft please.

Seeing Sarah in some of these Lilly Pulitzer pieces is making me long for our sunny honeymoon. 

Do you sometimes feel this way about Instagram? 

Carrie Bradshaw designs a line of shoes. Thats fabulous!

I thought I would leave you with a little sweet afternoon treat. Yep, another instagram pic of mine. I've been going through a lot of questioning recently, constant uncertainty and unable to make decisions. Whether I am making the right decisions career/work/business wise. If I am spending so much time blogging and nobody is reading or enjoying reading. Whether our wedding will be as pretty as I envision. Whether I can lose all the weight I want by the wedding or need to. Will we have enough money to create the most beautiful day ever. Will we have enough money to travel after the wedding. Blah Blah Blah Blah. These questions are so silly to type out loud, but its true. When I take a step back, I realize, wow, my life is pretty sweet, stop stressing out! I often feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I don't, stop freaking out and enjoy this time, this day! Whether its a meringue with an afternoon cup of tea or a night out with girlfriends, there are so many little things to enjoy. So if you find yourself crazy stressed, take a step back and think, is it that bad?….nope, it is probably actually pretty sweet! 

Happy Thursday! xoxo - Becca 


  1. The Instagram link is hilarious. I don't see tons of that but I can definitely see where he is coming from. And I'm with you on the freaking out (although mine are a little different) - and you are right today is a great day, but don't blame yourself for worrying. It is your reality so it's great you recognize all this is right but don't feel bad for still stressing out a bit.

  2. These meringues are GORGEOUS! What beautiful photos and (hopefully) tasty treats!

  3. Hey girl! I know wedding planning is hard. Try to take some time to breathe and find your zen because it goes by so quickly. And TRUST me, the stress of it all will help with any of that last wedding weight you're looking to lose-- not that you need to :) xo


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