Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dressing Up The Bump

There were a few times over the last nine months where I had events to attend and just felt like nothing fit....maybe because nothing did! Seven months pregnant and limited options in your closet but you want to look pretty, it isn't easy. I felt like I got to a point in my pregnancy where I was spending so much money on baby stuff that the thought of me spending over £100 for a dress I'd wear once made me angry. Luckily, I do feel that the maternity dress options have come along way since years ago and it was a bit easier to find something that was cute and stylish and I didn't break the bank a crazy amount. I did invest in a nice black tank dress early on during my pregnancy and wished I had bought a few more things from Isabella Oliver because they wore so well. I will write a post at a later time with some of my maternity wardrobe essentials, but today I wanted to share some pretty dresses to wear during your pregnancy if you are attending a wedding, your baby shower, a date night or just want to dress up and feel fabulous. From ASOS, Seraphine, Rachel Pally, searches on Ebay, Pink Blush Maternity and Nordstrom, luckily there are some pretty cute options out there to still make you look and feel fab while you have a growing bump you need to dress.   
1. ASOS Maternity Dress with Floral | 2. Kim & Kai Nell Colorblock Dress | 3. Bodycon Twist ASOS dress | 4. Seraphine Polka Dot Dress | 5. Isabella Oliver Brunswick Maternity  | 6. 

We decided to take some maternity photos after going back and forth a few times and I am so glad that we did. It was such a nice afternoon together and it was fun to get dressed up and celebrate the soon to be arrival of our baby girl. I had found a dress on ASOS that I knew would be perfect for the shoot, but unfortunately the color and size sold out. I didn't want to wear anything short and being eight months pregnant made me want to feel comfortable and not have to wear anything tight. After searching on Ebay for awhile I ended up finding and winning the same sequin dress I loved. I highly recommend looking at Ebay! There are a lot of women out there that buy a pretty dress during their pregnancy, wear it once and want to sell it. Take a search for that special occasion. 

{image by Kylee Yee Photography. More to come soon!} 
{photo from my baby shower via Instagram

My flower dress above I bought on ASOS for less then £20 and wore it to a wedding as well! The dress was stretchy so it was super comfortable to wear for hours over my bump. 

It is isn't easy to be dressing this new body of yours that doesn't fit into the majority of your closet, however after a few months I got use to it and looking for maternity clothes was quite fun. There are not as many options out there as your regular closet but there ARE pretty options out there for ladies with a bump. I hope you like some of my suggestions! 


Happy Shopping!

xoxo Becca

Friday, August 26, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 56

Friday Friday! Wow, I can't believe this Friday has come so quickly. Yep, my due date is this Sunday, so to me it is a questionable Friday, will I have a baby by next Friday or not? The waiting game has begun and every day I think, OK, she could be here soon! I've been keeping pretty busy, taking #siroliveruk on plenty of sunny walks, fixing up the nursery, getting our flat in shape and meeting up with friends. I am excited for the three day weekend in London to have Mr. Beau at home and to relax and watch a lot of Netflix and stay cool inside. Throughout the week I have found a lot of goodies that I have fancied and wanted to share with you. Any exciting plans for you this weekend? Do share! Happy Friday! I hope you have a fancy and fabulous weekend. xoxo Becca

1. Gorgeous Pink Bouquet on Wedding Sparrow oh how I LOVE an overflowing gorgeous bouquet. Isn't this pink one so so pretty. Getting itchy to plan my next flower filled event! 

2. Not much longer until I can make myself a cocktail. These Summer Cocktails look delicious and I may try out one as a virgin recipe this weekend. The cucumber one sounds pretty amazing. 

3. Have you tried this gel at home polish? I was skeptical but am now LOVING it! I chose Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor and have had it on my nails for over a week with no chipping. It is really quick easy and only £12! 

4. I am excited to head to Clipstone Restaurant tomorrow for Saturday brunch. Such a great new London spot. I've been for dinner and its really delicious. A small neighborhood corner spot close to Warren Street. Highly recommended! I'm craving their Watermelon Iced Tea and their flatbreads. 

5. I love finding new recipes! I made this amazing Apple & Almond Bircher Muesli and had it three times for breakfast this week. It is truly delicious! Also this Coconut Soda looks amazingly simple and beautiful, need to try. 

6. Guilty pleasure of mine...James Corden Carpool Karaoke! This new episode of James Cordon & Britney Spears is fantastic, I was laughing out loud during this scene of hit me baby one more time! Lunch break worthy pick me up! 

7. So I tried this pretty lip out yesterday and kind of loved it. Gold Metallic Lip  is easy and shimmery and makes you feel a little fairy like;) 

8. I have started putting together a little Fall Wardrobe Wish List since I've been wearing maternity clothes for 9 months, I'm excited for a few NEW pieces. My eye keeps going to this cute Zara Pink Leather Jacket to layer over leggings and long shirts. What do you think? 

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

I truly feel that I have been pretty good and healthy during my pregnancy. I am still heading to yoga, working out at home and eating big salads. OK, I have indulged in some of London's yummiest treats {check out my Instagram account for trips to Sketch for tea, DumDum Doughnuts and Blu Top Ice Cream to name a few!} but all in all I think on a day to day basis I have been pretty good. The one treat that me and Mr. Beau have done weekly during my pregnancy is to make a Sunday night visit to our local ice cream shop, Udderlicious. I have always been a HUGE ice cream fan and there is something about it that just makes you happy, right? So recently during a trip to IKEA when I spotted these cute heart shaped waffles I couldn't stop thinking about what to do with them. Then it dawned on me to mix the cuteness with the deliciousness of ice cream. Easy and perfect for a party or just a night in. Homemade waffle ice cream sandwiches are AMAZING and my new favorite love. See below for my tips on creating a perfect waffle icewich ;) 
I used the heart shaped frozen IKEA waffles because they were super cute, but you can use any flavor or shape you want from the grocery freezer section. Next is to select an amazing delicious and special selection of ice creams. I didn't want to go with regular vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, oh no, I wanted fun flavors. If I were having guests over for dinner I would put all the tubs on a table and let guests make them on their own. I think most guests would be pretty pleased with Espresso Biscotti instead of
 I chose my favorites: Udderlicious Espresso Biscotti, Jude's Salted Caramel and my newest discovery of Ice Cream Union Cornflake, ummm Yum! 
 Once you select the ice creams you need some toppings right! I went with a mix of interesting and basic. Fresh strawberries, chocolate chips, potato chips, sprinkles and Lucky Charms marshmallows. You could add some sauces if you wanted to get really crazy. 
This ice cream is amazing. It tastes like the milk in your cereal bowl after eating delicious cornflakes, sweet and tasty. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Events in London: John Lewis Rooftop Etsy Takeover

Plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? I may be due with the little lady on Sunday, but if she hasn't arrived on Thursday, I'm planning on heading out to John Lewis for a little Etsy shopping party! Yep, that is right, 9 months pregnant and I'm getting out of the flat for a little fun on the rooftop of John Lewis at the Gardening Society with the fabulous Etsy. 
I would love to see you there! Details are below: 
Where: The Rooftop of John Lewis at the Gardening Society 
Thursday, 25th of August OPENING PARTY, 6pm to 8pm
26th-29th August 2016
Friday/Saturday: 12pm - 8pm
Sunday/Monday: 12pm - 6pm

How to RSVP: Head over to Facebook to RSVP and get yourself a complimentary cocktail.

Who Will Be Selling: 

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Personalized Gift

I have a thing with personalized gifts. Monogrammed presents for newly married friends, birthday presents with friends initials on them, anniversary and engagement gifts with names on them and especially recently, gifts with a little ones name on it. Isn't there something so sweet and special about receiving a gift that is custom to you! It is such a lovely little surprise. Recently I discovered some of these goodies over on the fabulous site Uncommon Goods where they have a huge range of personalized items created by artists all over the world. From personalized books, jewelry, maps, prints and so many other options, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from Uncommon Goods.  

Baby Gifts 

1. How amazing is this Coat of Arms that you can personalize the zodiac sign, weight, date of birth, parents. It is truly a sweet keepsake and I would love to hang this up in the nursery. 

2. My Alphabet Book is beautiful. Your child's name gets incorporated into the alphabet and it is illustrated beautifully. 

3. This personalized Baby Pillow is adorable, right? The name of the baby and the birth date is sewn on and would make a perfect gift for new parents. 

4. I think this Astrology Locket would be such a beautiful gift for a new mom. Her baby's astrology sign outside with a photo of her little one inside would be a timeless keepsake.

5. Since American football is starting up again, what a better time then to give the sports fans parents a personalized football jersey onesie! Too cute! 

6. Even though I have hundreds of photos on my phone and we Instagram and Facebook daily, with a new baby's arrival I think there is something nice about printing out actual photos. How about printing out photos of the baby for new parents and tucking them all in a personalized baby photo album. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Little Lady K's Nursery

Lots of people have asked me recently about the theme of the nursery. Is it going to be gold pineapple decor? Will the nursery be covered in gold glitter and sparkles? Is it going to have unicorns all over? So most of those are no, no, no. I have been gathering ideas over on Pinterest for months now, but since we moved in mid June, I really didn't start planning the nursery in detail until more recently. I knew I always wanted a pink palette, a mix of blush gold and grey {funny how it is so similar to our wedding colors!} and nothing to crazy theme over the top like. We live in a two bedroom flat in London that we rent so I couldn't go crazy and redecorate everything but I have been able to add little bits of girliness with pretty splashes of an all over pretty and stylish pink theme. I can't wait for it to all come together and to share it with everyone in a couple of months once she arrives and it is all fixed up! 

1. A place to nurse and read and cuddle - I've been really torn on getting a glider or a rocking chair. It is still one item I haven't 100% decided on. The nursery isn't a huge room and I worry it will take up quite a lot of space. Not only is it the space but it is also the cost. Most of the gliders are £900 and up and it is such an investment. However, so many of my girlfriends rave about having a glider in their room and even when their kids are three and up they are still using it. Their are a lot of US brands I love, but that really isn't an option. I was excited to find this amazing brand Olli Ella  that is local and makes some stylish gliders that can transition into a pretty piece of furniture. Either the glider or a small rocking chair???? Either one paired with the adorable pink table from West Elm that will be stacked with these amazing books I've received as gifts may be an option. Now I just need to decide very very soon. Olli Ella Mo Ma Glider |  West Elm Martini Two Sided Blush Table  | Frida Book  | Coco Book | Just Being Audrey

2. Prints for the room - The nursery has an adorable little mantle in the space and I am putting together a gallery wall above. I've spent time picking out a mix of local ladies artwork that I totally admire and can't wait to see it all come together. I have a mix from BerinMade Ever After Press Print and Emma Block Illustration Prints . I want to display them all in a mix of these pretty West Elm Polished Brass Frames mixed in with this cute H&M Mirror

3. The Changing Table - There are so many changing tables out there that are huge expensive pieces of furniture that after a couple of years I do not think we will ever use again. I decided to get a small piece from IKEA and add a changing pad on top. With a sweet little swan lamp and a quick change of the knobs from basic to bows, the table will be simple, sweet and practical. Land Of Nod Bow Knobs | Laura Ashley Swan Lamp | IKEA Tyssedal Dresser 

4. Small Additions for the Room and Storage - Even though the room may be small, babies still come with a lot of STUFF and I need a place to store them. I found these baskets with just enough bit of sparkle that will be perfect for under the crib and these adorable pink shelves to display a few decorations and books. I can not wait to play with the little lady on the sheepskin rug because it is so soft and for sure will be sharing photos with you! Metallic Woven Console Basket  | Land Of Nod Shelf | Oyster Grey Sheepskin Rug

5. The Crib -We went back and forth quite a lot about a crib. We looked at very expensive ones, little ones, big ones, colored ones, white ones and at the end of the day settled on a very simple, inexpensive crib from IKEA. We splurged when it came to the mattress and bought an organic mattress from Little Green Sheep. Along with the crib and the mattress this should be able to fit her for a few years. When she comes back from the hospital she will be sleeping in her Uppababy Cot in our room. So for days when she is not in the crib, I will be decorating with these gorgeous pillows and then adding them to the sofa/pull out bed we have in the room for guests. I decided on a simple bedding from Pottery Barn Kids which I am totally in love with and this gorgeous blanket that I think will be perfect for a little tummy time as she grows. West Elm Mongolian Lamb Pillow   |  West Elm Velvet Lustre Pillow | The Emily & Meritt Organic Pink Heart Crib Fitted Sheet   | Cam Cam Baby Quilt   |  IKEA Crib Sundvik

So that's it. That is the plan for little lady K's nursery. What do you think? Glider vs. less expensive rocker? Any stores you love for more prints? I can't wait to put it all together! And I can't wait for her to see it! 

xoxo Becca

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 55

Ok, so, WOW! I can not believe I am writing this post and I am now over 8 months pregnant, time flies! I feel like I wrote this 6 month post yesterday, whoa! I have officially started my maternity leave and am now in a bit of "nesting" phase. I spent the week exploring some new London spots with my bestie from second grade and now I'm back at home ready to relax. I do believe the nesting thing is real, all I want to do is fix up our flat and get it sorted, its top on my list. So this weekend, Mr. Beau and I will be spending some time visiting friends and fixing up the flat while sprinkling in some relaxing. I am trying to cherish every single quiet minute before #babygirlkobus arrives. Even just writing this post on a sunny Friday is so enjoyable and relaxing as I know a whole change is around the corner, an exciting change, but one that may not leave me with as much quiet me time. I hope you have a great a weekend and enjoy the Friday things I fancy! 

1. ASOS Flowered Maxi Dress - Oh if I only had a place to wear this FAB dress! I mean, it is on sale and is so pretty for an event! Maybe purchase it for next year? How about for bridesmaids, that would be really great. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Babymoon in Greece

The word babymoon is a newer thing and some people hate it, some people love it. Mr. Beau and I have discussed a lot that just because we are having a baby, our life is not ending and it will not be the last time we ever get to take a holiday alone. However, we both do know that our life is ready to change in a big way and it won't be as easy to take a holiday alone. So back in December when I found out I was pregnant, it was the middle of dark and chilly days here in London and I had him promise to me that before baby arrived, we would go on a holiday, just the two of us, somewhere with a beach, hot, sunny and relaxing.....OK, this is exactly what you describe as, a babymoon. Throughout my pregnancy we both had a crazy busy work schedule and we moved flat, so mid June we found a cute place in Greece and packed our bags for a few days by the water, and it was perfect. Our baby moon in Greece....
{yep, thats me and my very big seven month bump with my bikini and cover up from Accessorize. Finding cute maternity swimwear that doesn't cost a fortune, not easy. Hmmmm enough about that, how great is that wall!} 

Criteria for our get away were a few things. We didn't want to spend a fortune. We wanted to go somewhere the flight would be less then four hours. It had to be sunny and a beach close by. The last thing was, there had to be little to do. Funny right? But it was true. We so often are busy busy when we are here in London and we wanted to just read and eat and relax and that was it. After having my heart set on Santorini, I decided that the millions of steps throughout the island were probably not so great for a seven month pregnant lady. Not only that but the amazing cave homes did not have a beach within a short walking distance. So after a lot of searching I stumbled upon this wonderful spot, Ekies All Senses Resort, and absolutely loved it. It was rated one of Conde Nast Traveller's Best European Beach Resorts. I thought for sure it would be out of our price range, but shockingly it was affordable and less then a four hour flight from London. You fly into Thessaloniki direct and we then rented a car with a very easy hour and a half drive to Vourvourou Bay in the North East area of Greece. Being seven months pregnant I was worried about a big journey and this was super easy. 

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