Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling Good: Wedding Workouts Around London

Earlier today I shared some ideas on how to workout at home, for cheap, for free and start feeling the best you have ever felt before your wedding day! I also wanted to share a few London favorites with you. I am on a super budget now that we are in full wedding planning mode. The deposits are getting bigger for vendors and more money is going towards our big day, however, I still want to work out and be fit! I love working out at home and going for a run, but there is something nice about going to a class or having someone coach you one on one. I decided to invest a little in myself and have signed up for classes and you know what, I LOVE IT! London is full amazing places to get fit and workout, here are a few of my favorite suggestions.
OK I know I have talked about this place before and I tend to tweet about it a lot as well, but hey, I love this workout! Orange Theory is a one hour group circuit training class that makes me feel like I have personal training results, but is half the price. I love that every class is different and from the treadmill, rowing machine, bike, weights….. I never what class is going to be like. The studio is located on Upper Street in Islington, I love it! Go! 
I really want to try out this fitness studio, who wants to join me? The FRAME studio is loaded with cool classes such as 80's Aerobics, Beginners Music Video Dance Class and also regular yoga, pilates, weights and cardio classes. The studio looks awesome and I am loving the entire brand that FRAME has a cool place to sweat! 
Two personal trainers, specializing on making the bride to be, the groom or the couple, look their best ever on their wedding day. I LOVE this concept that they have created! Personal training and nutrition tips, these two guys are focused on making you feel wonderful on your big day.  
Looking into kicking it into HIGH GEAR, the celebrities are doing it, why can't we? High intense cardio and strength training, I've heard this class will get your arms ready for that strapless dress, no doubt! 

Looking for one on one training? Personal sessions may be a little more expensive then group classes, however, I've trained at Zay Fitness and there is something to be said about a trainer checking your form and personalizing every workout just for you. Hey, your wedding day only comes once right, so why not invest in it, in yourself and feel the best you have ever felt! 

Do you have a favorite trainer, workout, class you take? 
I love hearing about new places to workout in London, do let me know! 

xoxo - Becca 


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