Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Summer Weekend

Happy Weekend! I know Florida is usually hot, but this weekend is looking even hotter, and as I hear,  many places all over the North East are going to be above 90 as well! I want to layout in the backyard a bit, go for ice cream with Beau and well, I wish, have my besties over for a dinner party like below! {wishing} Happy Weekend! Below are the links I will be catching up on throughout the weekend . Cheers! xoxo~Becca

I have always LOVED this Summer party that Mindy Weiss styled and Elizabeth Messina shot for RUE magazine. Doesn't it make you want to have a summer party! 

BIG NEWS over on Floridian Weddings...we are expanding. Please see the details here and share it with all of your friends who are tying the knot in the sunny state of Florida. 

I'm kind of dying to make this and have a party to use them.... see what I mean here.

This easy pasta dish looks delicious for dinner.  

What a stunning Miami wedding by KT, I am a little obsessed with these invites and flowers! 

Have you been following me on Pinterest, I've been going crazy, I like to say, I've been having a Pinning Party:) 

Maybe some day sooner then later I could plan an engagement party and use these awesome ideas...! 

Happy weekend! xoxo

Friday, June 29, 2012

Stepped Away

Wednesday Beau and I drove to the West Coast of Florida for a little get away in Naples, FL. We had such a great time stepping away! It was nice to shut my computer off and step away for a few days.  Glasses of champagne on our balcony, watching the sunset from the terrace, lots of sun on the beach, a run on the beach, seashell hunting, mojitos in the sun. It was a lovely two days of stepping away from reality! 


p.s. The Ritz Carlton in Naples, um, it is amazing, I didn't want to leave! 

xoxo ~ Becca 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Diary: A trip to the Keukenhof

I have been lucky to travel to Holland a few times now with Beau to visit his family. Last month when we went to Europe for 12 days my two requests were: a day in Amsterdam alone and..... can we see the tulip fields? So Beau's friend John dropped us off one early chilly morning to the Keukenhof. The Keukenhof is a tourist attraction in Holland that is open for only a couple of months during the year. I didn't care about the bus loads of tourists entering, I wanted to run through the tulips and they wouldn't stop me. 

 Unfortunately we visited Keukenhof at the end of the season. The fields of flowers outside of the park were not in bloom. I could imagine what the rainbow like fields would have looked like {see the postcard below, yes that is real}, however, inside the park, the amount of gorgeous blooms was beautiful! 
 Colorful tulips everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! I couldn't help snapping photos on my iPhone and my camera, who knows when I will be back! 
 Not only are there tulips, there was an entire house of orchids, sigh, love these! 
 There are 79 acres with over 100 varieties of tulips at the Keukenhof. For a flower lover like me, this was a beautiful fabulous trip! 

Holland really is the land of TULIPS! We may have been in the park, but I didn't let my dream of frolicking through the tulip fields stop me. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

It rained a good part of this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. This morning the rain let off a little bit and I mentioned that it would be nice to take a walk on the beach with Oliver before a busy day ahead.  I put this on my Summer List of things I wanted to do, and after living in Florida for two years, try to take advantage of mornings like these when we can. 

The windy quiet beach in Fort Lauderdale is three miles from our house and quite relaxing on a day like today. 

Sir Oliver loves running around the beach, but the waves, not so much. 

My boys, Beau and Oliver. Really, mornings like these are so sweet. 

 Oh Sir Oliver, his cute little paw prints in the sand. How would it be to move him away to a city and away from the sand? hhhmmm. 


{All photos taken on my super fancy camera... my iPhone! Follow me on Instagram

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Glittery Friday!

Friday! yay! Even though I have 101 things on my to do list this weekend, it is still nice to know it is Friday and you do not have to feel so bad for putting some stuff over the weekend, relaxing a bit, glass of wine outside by the pool, you know, weekend laziness! Well I hope I get a little of it but with everything on my to do list to get complete before Beau and get away for a couple of days next week I will see. Anyways, here is to making your Friday a little bit glittery. I have a sparkly manicure and couldn't help but share some glittery loveliness I found through out the weekend. Happy Friday! 

{Card found here

{Glitter Chevron Art by Penny Pincher}

 {Sparkly Shoes on Floridian Weddings by Diana Lupu

{J.Crew sequin Nautical Lovelinesss!} 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oliver turns ONE

I am a little late on posting about this but Oliver turned ONE in March and we threw him a little bash, a puppy party! I now, I'm crazy, but whatever, I love my dog {as seen multiple times here here here and here on the blog}. 

We invited a few friends over for a little backyard BBQ and invited them to bring along their furry friends as well. I am loving our little family portrait from above, Oliver is quite the poser. 

 For the human guests I made sugar cookie shaped as dog bones with my go to Martha Stewart recipe. I bought these Message Cookie Cutters last year and have found them so great to use for parties and holidays! They came in handy as an easy way to personalize the cookies and I can't wait to use them again.

Oliver insisted that he bought his friends gifts, so I caved in and bought a selection of dog toys for the other puppies to bring home. 

His buddy Hudson was so good at posing, or was he just waiting for one of my homemade biscuits? 

I used this recipe to make these homemade all natural treats for the puppies, they were a complete hit! Making "cookies" and basting with chicken broth was comical instead of sugar for the cookies. 

Awww, Oliver and Beau, they are totally in love. Hudson and Oliver are pretty in love also, pool buddies! They were both waiting so calmly for me to give them a carrot cake doggy birthday cupcake! 

Happy birthday little buddy! This post may sound crazy, like I am the crazy dog women, whatever, I don't care, Oliver rocks! 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working Women: Elizabeth Duncan Events

Earlier today I posted about my wonderful weekend in Stone Harbor, NJ while working for my friend Elizabeth. I am back for Wedding Wednesday to feature a little bit more about that fabulous friend and her business, Elizabeth Duncan Events

I have been working with Elizabeth for over six years as a day of staff assistant on site at weddings, and have been able to see first hand what a wonderful planner she truly is! Elizabeth has been working in the event planning business for twelve years. About two years ago she went out on her own with Elizabeth Duncan Events and is planning some gorgeous events month after month. Elizabeth never forgets a detail to the wedding weekend! From a love of entertaining, traveling and hospitality, Elizabeth finds a way to create beautiful events for her clients. 

I remember when Elizabeth described the French Vintage themed engagement party she was planning, she was beyond excited! Hiring a planner that is beyond delighted and a little giddy to share the ideas with her friends, means she is truly pouring her heart into the event. 

{The event was featured here on Style Me Pretty, photos by Rachel Spiegel with The Observatory.}

I was lucky to be a part of the staff at this very DC Capitol wedding that took place on a rooftop downtown. From the ceremony at the National Cathedral to the timing and coordination of the reception, it was an affair to remember! 

This old world elegant wedding had a Sylvia Weinstock cake to top off the night and the orchestration of delivering the cake from NYC 
was done by Elizabeth and the team calmly and beautifully. 

{Photo from the post on Style Me Pretty by Lynne Brubaker.}

Lovely details like an escort card table set up on a vintage ladder is perfect example of the creative touches that a planner like Elizabeth can add to your day. Elizabeth grew up near Annapolis and travels to the shore often to coordinate weddings. 
DC, NJ, Florida, NYC, Europe and beyond, she is available for travel. 

{Photo from Holland Photo Arts featured here.}

Hop on over here to Elizabeth Duncan Events
If you are a DC bride looking for a beautiful planner to work with, she's a delight. 


Summer Time & Stone Harbor

Happy Summer, officially! Last weekend I was lucky to assist my fabulous wedding planner, Elizabeth at a wedding in Stone Harbor, NJ.  I kept thinking to myself, "hhmm, Jersey Shore wedding, interesting.". Well I was surprised at what an adorably cute little place Stone Harbor was and really didn't want to leave. Snooki and the rest of that Jersey Shore crowd really does give this state a bad rep, because I loved it. I understand now why the brides family spends Summers there. The town was quaint, the beaches were long and pretty to run on, the main street was filled with sweet boutiques, it was great! A perfect way to start the summer. 

 My view from my walk on the beach. 

Stone Harbor, I kind of love you. 

These were the flowers welcoming guests into the reception. The hydrangeas were growing everywhere on the island and I found them so Summery and pretty in the North East. I miss these growing everywhere, we do not have this going on in Fort Lauderdale  {flip flops of feelings, there they are}. 

Hello pretty peonies! Now, hot pink peonies mixed into the reception screamed Summer time to me!

 I was really loving this arrangement in the entrance area; peonies, black and white stripes,                  neat vases, perfect.  

To top off the cuteness of Stone Harbor NJ and the beautiful almost Summer weekend that it was.... this is how the wedding party arrived to the reception, by boat! It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding, nice job Elizabeth!!! 

{more to come about Miss Elizabeth, for Wedding Wednesday}


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Lady Ring

Today I stopped by the fabulous Ring Finger Studio in Midtown Miami for a quick visit for Floridian Weddings.  Just like my last visit there, I fell in love with this pretty lady named, "The Lady". Isn't she a beauty! Gentleman looking to propose? Looking for wedding bands? How about an anniversary gift or just an I Love You sparkler? Stop by Ring Finger Studio, they are fab! xoxo~Becca

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day at the Fair with Michelle March

You may have seen a few of these photos floating around on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, I am so excited to share more with you. A couple of months ago the talented Michelle March mentioned to me, "Hey, if you ever want to get your pictures taken with your Beau let me know. I would love to play around with film". Well, OK! I love a reason for a photo shoot afternoon. Convincing Beau was much easier then I thought! A little strange, because we are not engaged, however we have been dating for many many years {this Summer, 7!} so why not have some photos taken of us together. 


An afternoon at the Miami Dade County Fair with Michelle  and her boyfriend Michael was such a blast! We indulged in cotton candy, corn dogs and sweets and even rode a few rides and played a few games I felt like I was back in high school at my small towns Fall Festival. 

I had worked with Michelle in the past on two shoots for Floridian Weddings {here and here} so it was no doubt that I wouldn't enjoy the day....and that we did! What a treat, thank you Michelle! 

Exciting news is that Michelle just relaunched her website HERE and her blog HERE. Make sure to check our her Facebook Page & Twitter Page and enter to WIN a little giveaway over on her blog


{Skirt by Tara Jarmon, Heels from Madden Girl, Shirt by Banana Republic, Purse by Melie Bianco, Barette from}

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