Thursday, November 26, 2009


Merci! Thank you!

Today I give thanks to everything I have in my life! I have a lot of change going on in my life, lots of decisions to make in the near horizon. I love Thanksgiving Day because it really is a day to be with your family and the people you love and gather and catch up and cook together, eat together, laugh together. This past year I have had a lot of roller coaster moments, exciting and stressful and I thank each and everyone of you for being a fabulous friend. Thank you for listening to my cry, laugh and well... talk your ear off. I am grateful and thankful for having the most amazing people in my life to encourage me to follow my heart and find what I truly love. I know that there are some days this past year where I have gotten upset and angry over not being passionate and happy in my current position but truly when I step back I couldn't be more thankful for the life I have.

Ok, yes, that is it. Thank you. Merci Beaucoup! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! xoxoxo go drink some bubbly and celebrate!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

road trip

This morning I am on the road, off to Connecticut. Thanksgiving 2009 will be spent at my Grandparents in Torrington CT with my parents and my sisters. I haven't seen my grandparents in a couple of years and I am really looking forward to it. I will be on the road bright and early to meet my parents in Virginia. It has also been a few years since I've been on a road trip with my parents. Five hours to Connecticut, lots of traffic and I can already hear my Dad telling me to get off of my iPhone (one of the best Christmas gifts HE ever got me)! I feel like I will be back in high school already....and I kind of love it. As we get on the road, in a plane, on a train, here are a few of my travel essentials that I think are...well...essential.

*Magazines - magazines galore! I have packed my latest issue of Vogue, In Style, Vanity Fair. Lots of Hours to indulge in fashion magazines.

*Comfy clothes - OK, not sweatpants, but come on, stilettos and skinny tight jeans do not sound comfy in the back seat. Cute converse and jeans, yes, comfy and cute.

*Treats - Chocolate almonds, licorice, something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth during the long trip.

* H20 - TOTALLY!

* New Tunes - I downloaded some new music this week, some holiday tunes, some mixes from Friends. Whether I'm belting out tunes on my own in the car or I am falling asleep with some relaxing songs, podcasts, audio books, a must.

*A Cuddle - a big pashmina, a blanket, maybe a scarf. Something to cuddle up with and get some zzzzz is essential. phone. OK, I know, I am obsessed. I need to go to Iphone Addiction support group, ha. Hey, I have turned off my work phone and work email for the next 5 days and CAN NOT wait! At least I can catch up with some personal emails on my phone. Nothing like 5 hours to reconnect with besties.

Have a safe trip! xoxo

fashion obsession

For months I have been OBSESSED with Mrs. O's clear belt! Where can I get one? She seems to be able to put it on with any outfit and it looks so chic and stylish. I love that it is clear plastic, kind of funky, but still as the First Lady, she manages it to looks amazing!

Sonia Rykiel makes her version. I can't seem to find the belt anywhere except EBay for $200. I think $200- for a plastic belt is out of my budget. Help, I'm obsessssed! Why must I always become obsessed with a fashion item I must have! Oh well, just another girl with a love for flair! (yes flair. sequin berets, owl earrings, nothing simple....well a plastic belt).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh so pretty

I do not know the people in this video. Ok, yes, both the bride and the groom are actors, but to watch their wedding, so personal, I don't know them. However, me and my colleagues found ourselves watching the video mesmerized by the beautiful piece. I think I had tears in my eyes. It was a beautiful wedding and they seem so in Love! Oh love, it is a pretty thing. Hope you enjoy like I did! I had to share. Puerto Rico Wedding by Elysium


Monday, November 23, 2009

I want to get away

Maybe it could be because it is Monday or maybe I just want a get away. Either way, I am finding myself dreaming of a get away. I don't think these fall in any type of budget, well I can dream. dream with me....

Napa - I would taste wine all day, eat nice beautiful meals, read a book cuddled by the fireplace. I have always longed to go to Wine Country in California. These hotels look beautiful! Auberge du Soleil and Les Mars Hotel

South Africa - RIGHT! I know. If my private jet could come and pick me to go to the Molori Safari Lodge! Oh my. This place looks so amazing!

Miami - I have always wanted to stay at the Raleigh Hotel. The old school glamour makes me delighted! Check out the gorgeous pool! Don't you imagine hollywood stars laying out with a cocktail in the 50's.

Jamaica - Um, the private houses along the cliffs, sign me for a stay! The view of the water from your bed! I love. The Island Outpost at the Caves.

Ok....who wants to join me?


Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sweater Turtleneck

I finally had a couple of hours to put all of my winter clothes away. I had taken them out of storage weeks ago! I was delaying the process and I just had not had any time. I usually get really excited seeing all of my clothes that have been stored away for months, this time I didn't quite feel that way. I'm for sure in a fashion rut. I don't feel like I like much in my closets, still need to work off quite a few lbs, and need a new little inspiration. I'm ready for some new shoes, jeans, sweaters, etc. That being said, I was still excited to see my good friend.....the sweater turtleneck!

I think I wear a fitted sweater turtleneck 3 days a week, black is my go to. Jackie O and Audrey sported the style and it is truly a classic! I wouldn't mind a new one, maybe the Tory Burch, Jcrew or Ann Taylor look from above. The turtleneck will always be a wonderful piece! Hey, if you never know what to wear, throw one on with a pair of jeans and heels and you will feel good as new.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Thoughts on Hump Day

I'm having an interesting Wednesday. I had a quick visit in NYC on Monday and took the train back yesterday morning into work. In a way I feel like it is Monday, honestly, not sure. In the midst of the chaotic office I have taken a few moments to browse some sites that have made me happy. Hope they add a little fun to your Wednesday!
Heart Headbands at MUST HAVE! How fun are they! Screaming from the site for me to buy one.
Smitten Kitchen posted an amazing recipe for Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats. I might have to try these out and bring them on my Thanksgiving Day road trip next week.
I am absolutely obsessed with wedding and engagement photography as you have probably figured out by now. I simply LOVE this picture posted on Green Wedding Shoes. The LOVE sign is so wonderful. I mean that is what all of the photos are about, Love, yes! I know, I am a hopeless romantic.
Kimberly Wilson is in Paris for 2 weeks and I am loving reading her blog about her adventures. She found vintage Chanel at the Paris Flea Market yesterday. Oh, it is a fun Wednesday daydream!
....wishing as usual I was in Paris! xoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Soirees - NEW MOON!

5 more days until.... Edward is back!

Yes, New Moon opens on Friday! wooo hoooo! I got terribly sucked into the series of books this summer and couldn't put them down. I am absolutely obsessed and can't wait to see the 2nd movie! The teenage romance is awesome and it has become an obsession with adults, teens and kids of all ages. I'm a little sad to watch this scene

"I promise that this will be the last time you’ll see me. I won’t come back. I won’t put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I’d never existed."~Edward Cullen, New Moon.

but let's be honest,we have all scene the trailers for months now, read the books and can't wait to see Bella and Edward back on the big screen....OK and well Rob, yep, can't wait!

Hostess with the Mostess featured an awesome party for Twilight fans. Hhhhmmm, maybe I will have people over! Vampire Red Velvet cupcakes, Wild Mushroom Ravioli's (Bella ordered them on their first date!), sparkly blood red cocktails. OOooooooo, fun fun!

I hope you are heading out this weekend to catch in on the Twilight series fun, my tickets are already purchased!


I Love DC - #6

After a long 11 days at work, late nights, lots of stress, big events, it all ended well. I have been really glad to have the weekend at home with no plans. Today I spent the whole day in my apartment cleaning, cooking and organizing. I ran a few errands in my neighborhood, pedi mani at my local nail place, coffee at the local Firehook and groceries up the street. It was a dreary day, but the leaves were colorful and bright and I enjoyed walking around my neighborhood with nothing planned for the day, little stress and enjoying "my home".

I love the area I live in! DC has a lot of different neighborhoods: Georgetown, Dupont, Adams Morgan, Woodley Park...I live in Cleveland Park. I have lived here for about 5 years. I moved into my old apartment building with a roommate on the 3rd floor and two years ago I moved out into my own place right downstairs to the 2nd Floor. Since I sold my car a couple of years ago I find myself hanging out in my area even more. There are great restaurants and bars right down the street from me. In the middle of the city Cleveland Park is a little place of its own that I have really come to love. Here are a few of my favorite places in the Connecticut Avenue area.

1. Indique - I have become to love this Indian restaurant! For take out or for dinner at the restaurant, it is not too expensive, the food is always great and the place is always busy. Yummy warm naan bread with al of the sauces, I want some now!

2. Yogiberry - New York has Pinkberry & Taste D-Lite. DC has caught on to the craze of frozen yogurt shops also. This past year Yogiberry opened up and as a treat I love the original or green tea with berries and fruity pebbles on top. yum!

3. Cleveland Park Day Spa - nothing fancy, but they can always fit me. $40- for a pedicure manicure and I can walk home after, perfect. You can't beat it.

4. Bardeo - Oh I truly love this place! It is a great place to meet friends out and taste the wine flights or wines by the glass. Monthly they have awesome wine tastings that are such a steal, $25. I think I frequent here about once a week. I will miss this place!

5. Uptown Movie Theatre - The one screen theatre can seat over 800 guests. I love sitting in the balcony, it makes me feel like I'm watching a big production. A lot of movie premieres take place here, the other night when I was on my way home I saw the new Michael Moore movie opening there. I already have my ticket to see New Moon there next weekend. I CAN'T WAIT!

6. Sorriso - Want a yummy thin crust Neapolitan Pizza? Sorriso is a great family run Italian restaurant right off the metro. It is cozy and always full. The owners are always there, sometimes it makes you feel like you are eating in their home.

I really love this place.


Friday, November 13, 2009

a success!

Successful! A LONG day! I woke up to emails and phone calls from my clients to increase the guest count, increase, increase! I thought my chef was going to kill me. At the end, it was FINE! The party went smoothly. My guests were happy and full and danced the night away, my client was so excited. I may feel like I got hit by a car and run over, haha, I'm so exhausted and my body is run down mentally and physically, but my LONG week is done. WOOOO HOOO!

Me and my colleagues were dancing with excitement that it was a success. They were so sweet to help me out all day, ordered me lunch and everything. I had to share a picture of them dancing in the "partyvators". Yes, we serve drinks in the elevators.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

a crazy week

Oh I've had a crazy week at work. I have been working around the clock to prepare for 3 big events this week, all ending with a reception for 1,800 guests this evening. 1,800 with 3 planners, a band, newspaper boys, an Indian caterer, 130 waiters, 7 floors, 2 VIP receptions, it is a lot of work. I'm looking forward to the weekend to relax and lay low, but right now I cant see past tonight. I love my work, the event business, but living at the office and waking up thinking if I ordered enough platters and spoons at midnight, is not my dream. I know this will open up many more doors to me, so Im keeping my chin up . Monday I have a fun opportunity for a job and I hope it works out. We will see. Just let me get through the day! Think of me at 5pm as we start setting up and start passing 1,800 mini burgers to guests. Breathe, inhale, exhale!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

snail mail

There is nothing like getting home after a long day, opening my mail box and finding a little snail mail in my box. I truly love receiving a letter in the mail. Now a days with emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, letter writing often gets lost. The idea that the writer has taken a little time out of their day to sit down and write to you, is thoughtful and sweet. Thank you letters, Birthday Cards, notes just to say hi!, I love them all.

I come from a family of letter writers. After Christmas Day, Birthdays, Holidays, our mom always reminded us to send out our thank you cards. I do the same thing now with big clients at work. It is a nicer gesture then the worldwide web.

Maybe because of my obsession and almost therapeutic find in writing letters, I have become obsessed with stationary! My sister Charity sent me a beautiful card recently from Designs by Amelia Marie (a Syracuse grad) with a Marie Antoinette silhouette on it. I loved it almost to the point as I want to frame it.

The website iomoi is an obsession of mine. I stalk it and dream of getting some beautiful chic personalized stationary. Kate Spade's thank you card that are "tickled pink" are also on my wish list.

Take five minutes out of your day, write a letter, tell somebody you love them, your thinking of them, thank them. It truly is a great old tradition that will always stick around in my life!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kitty!

35 years. Yes, the crazy little Hello Kitty brand is 35 years old. I may be moving closer to the 30 year old mark myself but yes, I am still a little girl at heart. I've always loved the little white kitty with her little red bow. When I was little I actually had a Hello Kitty play kitchen, it was only the beginning.

I've always thought it was so interesting for a character that never had a long running tv show, movie, etc. to become such a well known character! Hello Kitty is now an international known icon. Hello Kitty started out as a cute little painting on a change purse and now you can purchase Hello Kitty diamond rings and actually visit a Hello Kitty theme park in Japan (omg, my dream!). Hello Kitty is a crazy obsession in Japan but it has become pretty big here recently....well maybe not as big...see below some of the fun Kitty facts I found.

-Hello Kitty's name is really Kitty White.

-Kitty lives in London with her twin sister Mimmy and her parents.

-In Taiwan there is a maternity ward that is decorated with Hello Kitty. Kind of crazy! Wow, strange.

- Sanrio Puroland is like Disneyworld but with pink everywhere! Instead of the mad hatters tea cup ride, they have big pink tea cups with bows on them!

- Hello Kitty Sweets is a dessert shop in Taiwan. All the desserts have Hello Kitty on it and the entire place is pink pink pink. oh wow, I think I need to visit!

- Target sells a mini desk water cooler. How cute is that, an individual pink water cooler.

I had a Hello Kitty camera for over year and just developed the pictures last week. It was a fu surprise to see the pics, above is a cute one from Brandi's wedding. Just more Hello Kitty fun!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

SMILE the middle of this chaos

I had to take a 5 minute break. I'm in the middle of a chaotic week! Crazy, insane, stressful week. I have back to back events next week. Thursday I end with an event for 1,800 guests. Yes, I LOVE to plan events and truly have a passion for it. HOWEVER, this being said, my recent set up at work is insane. I am selling parties, meeting clients and doing all of the details. Right now there are simply not enough hours in the day.

I came upon some of these prints and they made me smile. Hope they add a little smile to your day!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NYC weekend - cute finds, sore feet

My trip to New York City this weekend was wonderful! It was a short trip but packed with fun. Marathon Weekend in the Big Apple is always tiring but thrilling. There are so many stores I want to explore, places I want to dine, friends I want to see. Unfortunately the ultimate reason I am there is to run 26.2 miles and that does not call for a jammed packed visit, that calls for relaxing my feet. Oh well, I managed to do both! I had a blast and finished the race in 4 hrs 57 min 13 sec.

The weekend started with dinner at db bistro. YUM! Daniel Boulud is so wonderful! (I'm looking into a catering job in Palm Beach at one of his places, wish me luck!). The service was great, my butternut squash gnocchi were melt in your mouth and I loved that everybody around us was speaking French! So great! As we walked back to our hotel I found delight in a new Magnolia Bakery location and had to stop in for my favorite Vanilla Vanilla cupcake!!!!

Saturday I headed to the expo where I was as usual, overwhelmed and excited. Thousands of runners the day before marathon day in one place is exciting and nervous. I discovered the booth for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon and left with a complimentary tiara as well as my race bag! I am marking my calendar for March 6, 2010. An all women's 1/2 marathon in Disney World, fun!

The rest of Saturday Elizabeth and I spent in Soho browsing all of the fabulous stores. I felt like a little girl in a candy shop at Kate Spade. Everything in her new line is fun, pretty and playful. I was obsessssssed with the jewelry and the shoes! A few truffles at Vosges in flavors like balsamico, red chili and bacon tied me over till lunch! (only on marathon weekend would I buy truffles for myself). Lunch at Mercer Kitchen was great people watching during Halloween day. All the stores in Soho opened themselves up to Trick or Treaters. So cute to see dressed up children in fancy boutiques. I treated myself to a fun Barbie Malibu Beach scented candle at Jonathon Adler, even though I was dying for the pillows!

Saturday's shopping trip ended with a trip to Topshop. OK, I hadn't been since I lived abroad in London and was completely excited! After searching through the amazing collection of sequins shirts, platform shoes and lots of flirty short dresses, I checked out with my fun new Owl Earrings and a gold quilted purse (oh so Chanel, but not yet! Still dreaming). After shopping I had a great pasta dinner with Emily (almost a tradition!) and ended the night with a fabulous bubble bath and some sleep.

Sunday I was up bright and early to catch the ferry to Staten Island. This year was interesting. I was nervous but reallllllly so excited. I had been really stressed out about running and once I decided to I was ready, I was. All by myself I found my spot on the grass and did some stretching and reading and lots of texting (love updating during the run!). I crossed the start line at about 10:30am to the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing "NY NY". I had tears in my eyes and felt ready to go! Crossing the Verrazano Bridge was amazing!!!! About mile 8 I was in Brooklyn and heard Black Eyed Peas "Tonight's the Night" streaming from a brownstones windows. All the runners and spectators were dancing, jumping and singing, really cool. I was all smiles from then until I ran across the bridge to one of the greatest cities in the world...Manhattan! Mile 17! It is an experience like no other . You can hear the supporters even before you cross the bridge, the music, the cheers! I saw Emily and did a little stretching (And posing!) and then I saw Elizabeth at mile 18. SO NICE to see familiar faces. At about mile 20 I started to ache, my knee started to hurt but I wouldn't stop. I stopped and stretched at mile 24 and didn't think I could even walk but I slowly got going and ran my way to the finish line with a big smile and tears on my face. I was done!

THANK YOU ALL for your support! It was my 4th marathon, I say it's my last for awhile...but who am I kidding. I'm proud I did it. It was a great weekend in NYC and a great race across the line in Central Park!

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