Thursday, January 9, 2014

Honeymoon On My Mind

Weeks like this, with rain and windy filled days in London, makes you long for a sunny holiday. Well in less then six months, Beau and I will be packing for our honeymoon! Over the holidays we decided we wanted to stay a little closer {I like how this is closer now, then 1 1/2 years ago!} and to go to Europe for our honeymoon! We had originally wanted to head to a tropical island like Bali, Fiji, the Maldives, but after thinking about it more and speaking with some friends who travelled through Europe on their honeymoon, well, it sounded every bit amazing and romantic. We are hoping to go to the Amalfi Coast and to a couple or just one Greek island. Have you been there? Any suggestions on where to stay, what to do, where to eat? I can not wait to go there with my then…husband! 

{Image by Leah Kua}

I'm imagining the days filled sitting in the sun, drinking wine, eating amazing fresh Italian food, heading out on a boat? hhmmm, I'm so excited! 
{Image by Jessica Lorren, Positano}

{Image by Nikole Ramsay, Santorini}

Are you day dreaming with me?

xoxo- Becca


  1. Have you thought about going to Malta? I loved it there! Very relaxed and great food!

  2. Sounds perfect and looks stunning! We went to Florence on our honeymoon and it was very romantic!


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