Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Walk to Work

A few months ago I discovered that walking to work was only about 25 minutes from our flat. On days when I have a few extra minutes to spare, instead of squeezing myself on the tube for one stop to Kings Cross, I have started walking. 1.9 miles from my door to the office. The walk is such a nice way to start and end the day. From Highbury, down Liverpool Road, through Barnsbury and over to Kings Cross,  I have managed to fall in love with many little places along the way. 
Hello beautiful door! I love this house near Caledonian Road! Isn't the ivy growing around the black door so chic. 

One day I turned the corner and saw this pink office building with the sun shining on it and gasped! If I own an office....can mine be pink like this?:)
I LOVE this pub with a garden growing outside of it, well kind of, on it. 

Every time I walk by this house off Liverpool Road I think, "I could live there!".
The amazing flowers in England are out of control. People have peony bushes and rose bushes climbing all around their yards. I have to stop myself from snapping a photo of every single beautiful yard I see. I mean really, if I had these beautiful yellow roses in front of my flat, they would constantly be filling vases in my house:)
I love walking by one of our favorite pubs on a quite day, isn't the Albion such a pretty place. 
Brightly colored doors in London never get old to me! You can see my other pics here
I was pretty excited to walk by the new Lululemon show room off of Liverpool Road last week! 
It has been nice walking to work and sometimes stopping for coffee on the way with Beau. We just discovered this new adorable spot right around from our flat, the Little Gem coffee shop
So feeling like I needed to kick up my workout routine with a year towards the big day, I have started running home from work when I can. Yep, I'm that city girl you see running home with a huge back pack on, and I love it! Its a good challenge after a long day at the office! 

Take a break, get out of your car, get off the metro, take your two feet and try walking to work. I do love it! You can see my adventures here

xoxo~ Becca

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Links

Good morning! As usual, how is it MONDAY morning! Two day weekends are not working for me recently, I need three days please. I have been waking up Monday mornings tired, grumpy and already looking forward to the weekend ahead. We had such a nice quiet relaxing weekend that I am longing its back soon enough! Grabbing a cup of coffee and reading through some fun links will hopefully start my week of right. Happy Monday everyone! 

After seeing Camille's pictures from the Aspen Food & Wine festival I have decided, I MUST go there as a girlfriend trip some day. A weekend of wine, food, beautiful environment, yes please!

Recently I feel like my list of 101 things to do has grown to 201 and with a year ahead of wedding planning will be 301, eeekkk, just so much to do! This article was interesting in getting me to think how to manage my stress. 

How gorgeous is this DC wedding shot by Abby Jiu and planned by the Ritzy Bee ladies. I am LOVING the image of the bride in the car here. 

Big Sales in London right now and I am DYING for this little spotted jacket. You may recognize the coat version Kate wore;) 

We are thinking of inviting some friends over for Mexican night soon and I think these will be cooked in our kitchen!

I just discovered this UK food photographer and am obsessed with making this chocolate beetroot cake! 

I would like these gold tables with black and white table runners at our wedding please. Thank you. 

I made this salad this weekend, it is delicious. Easy. Yummy. What more can I say! 

I miss my girlfriends in the States. I want to duplicate this party and invite them all over. I can dream right. Bridal shower? Bachelorette weekend???

xoxo ~ Becca

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Playing Tourist

Good morning! Well as you can tell around here, I've been busy, MIA, not blogging, gone. My parents were visiting this past week and between having fun playing tourist with them and squeezing in busy work, I have not sat down in front of my computer for days. We had SUCH a great time with our parents and now I can't face reality of having to get back to the normal day to day, ugh.
 I'm dreaming of running away to an island with Beau and spending the day at the spa, but for now I will be at my desk all week. I am still in the process of visa land, unable to leave the country. It was so great for them to come and visit as I have been missing my friends and family from the States a little more recently. I joke all the time I want to hop on a plane and escape, but hey, I'm stuck on this island. The big island, England. 
 Days spent walking around parks, eating at pubs, going to a show {War Horse was AMAZING!}, shopping for wedding dresses, looking at our wedding venue, exploring the markets, having dinners with Beau and my parents, it was just a really nice trip! Having my parents here in our flat for a week was such a nice reminder of just how great they are. I believe it is true, in a family relationship, a friendship or a romantic relationship, absence does make the heart grow fonder. 
 Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. Big Ben. Portrait Gallery. The David Bowie exhibit at the V&A, gosh we did a lot! 
awww, such a nice visit with mom and dad!
 Beau and I took our parents to Fulham Palace, wedding venue and were so lucky to have a gorgeous day to show them the venue! Now if only in one year it will be like this. Yes, that is correct. ONE YEAR from this past weekend....we are getting married!!!!
Cheers to a fabulous week of exploring and playing tourist in our city. Now its back to work. I'm tired already. Boo. I need a vacation from the tourist vacation.

xoxo ~ Becca

Friday, June 7, 2013

British English & American English

I thought this post would be fitting since my parents are visiting tomorrow and might like a little American English vs. British English basics. Correct, I live in England, they speak the same language I was born and raised speaking. English. Well kind of. 

It is always funny at work when someone says something and I think, hmmmm? What are they are talking about it? There are the smallest words that are different in the States vs. England. I love when someone will say, "Oh the American way to say it." and I think, no, the normal way to say it. So I have started to call it the British English way and the American English way. We may both speak the same written language, but there are many words that are quite different. I put together a little list of differences of my favorites! 

The English Way           The American Way 

Braces                             Suspenders
Pop Socks                        Knee Highs 
Lift                                 Elevator
 Cheers!                           Thank You / Hi
Trainers                        Sneakers
Aubergine                  Eggplant
Courgettes                Zucchini
Rubbish                      Trash
              Queue                            Waiting in the Line
Bill                             Check
Biscuit                       Cookie/Cracker
Flat                                Apartment
Chips                         French Fries
Crisps                        Potato Chips
                            Corn Flour                  Corn Starch {not suitable to make tortillas}
Diary                        Day Planner / Calendar
First Floor                   2nd Floor
Jumper                        Sweater
Football                     Soccer
Hen Party                 Bachelorette Party
Stag Party                 Bachelor Party
Holiday                        Vacation
Ice Lolly                      Popsicle
Mobile                          Cell Phone
        Pram                          Baby Carriage/Stroller
Takaway                    To Go
Wardrobe                   Closet
Fancy                         I like It!
Knackered                   Tired

I feel like when the pilgrims moved to America they rebelled and said "NO MORE AUBERGINE! We will call it eggplant!" haha. Us Americans think what we say is correct and the Brits think what they say is correct, and it is, each to their own {like my gramie says!}. I have adapted a few words in the British Way, but hey, I will always love my sneaks, a good cookie and may never comfortable saying Cheers! to someone instead of Thank You when they open the door:) 

Any fun differences you have seen, please share in the comments below! 

xoxo~ Becca

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oliver on Instagram

It is official, I have turned into one of those crazy dog people, whatever, oh well. I mean honestly, look at the little guys face below, how can you not! We say it on a daily basis but gosh, having Oliver in London is so much fun, it for sure brightens up my day when I get home to this furry ball of energy! Oliver has been pretty busy lately; lots of runs, visits to Oxford, Hampstead Heath, Farmers Market, Flower Markets, this dog is one busy bee! Follow along on our little adventures on Instagram {1/2 of of picture feed is of Oliver!, oops!}
See more of Oliver's adventures HERE and HERE !

xoxo ~ Becca

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Links

Good morning! Happy Monday morning! haha, I'm  not a good Monday morning person I will be honest, I get angry the weekend is over! Well, after a nice relaxing weekend in London it is back to my desk and a busy week ahead. I actually didn't get to catch up as much as I wanted to do on blog reading and the fun links around the web, so why not grab a coffee this morning and do a little reading to make your Monday morning a bit better! Enjoy the Sweet Links for this Monday morning!
Image from Style Me Pretty
Wow, could I please have a pink Pantone birthday party like this one featured on Amy Atlas. 
Obsessed with this party. 

This new collection makes me want to book a holiday!

I love this easy website to help with managing wedding addresses, Postable.

I am DYING to get my passport back in my hands {please UKBA, send it back SOON!} this 
girl is dreaming of heading to PARIS!

I'm loving this idea of a simple nautical soiree

I've been a bit naughty recently with my eating habits, must get back on track and am reading this healthy snack list and stocking up ASAP.

OH WOW! I think Beau may be getting a donut hole cake for his birthday...hhmm, do they make donut holes in England?

I never thought of hiring a personal shopper, too expensive, unnecessary, but after reading London Brides idea of honeymoon shopping, I just might be signing up!

Everything about this bright tablescape makes me happy!

Cheers to a happy week ahead! xoxo ~ Becca
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