Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thirty = New Shoes!

My 30th birthday is coming up in less then 30 days, wow! I can not believe it, I feel like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday in Syracuse with my girlfriends....and now I'm turning 30! Well I have decided to splurge and buy myself a big well deserved present. A present that I think every woman needs in her closet....a FABULOUS pair of new shoes. Yep, they are pricey, and yep, if my mom is reading this post she probably thinks, "Oh Rebecca, I can't believe you would spend that on shoes!", sorry mom, I am and can't wait! So which ones do you think I should be sporting on my big 30th birthday??? Help me decide! Can I have all three? xoxo~BeccaHappy Birthday to ME Shoes!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work OUT!

I've never been a big gym fan, the bright lights, the lines at treadmills, people hanging out and not working out. I loved my old gym in Washington but since I've been here in Florida I haven't been a huge fan of the gym. SOOOO not. Luckily, I've found some great alternative other then checking in at the big old gym recently. Here are a few Fort Lauderdale favs....

Orange Theory, I didn't think I would love but...I'm hooked! A one hour full crazy workout! Time goes quick and you leave exhausted. Running, rowing, weights, it is great! If you haven't been...try it out!
Pro Pilates Cardio Ballet much fun! Ok, I am not quite a ballerina, but for an hour you kind of feel like it. Who would think your butt could hurt so much and you could sweat so much working out on a ballet bar! Plie after plie, you will love it.

Every Monday and Wednesday for $5 you can get an awesome workout in Esplanade Park downtown Fort Lauderdale. Total Wellness Professionals do an awesome job giving you an inexpensive workout!

W.O.W Women's Outdoor Workout! I love this workout! Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday off of Las Olas there is a wonderful morning workout run by Lee Torrain who is an amazing training. Every week the workouts vary. You can't beat getting a great workout in, outside, by the water, really!
Hope to see you sweating away soon! xoxo~Becca

Monday, August 29, 2011

Coming to my Bookshelf Soon

There are so many new books coming out soon that I can not WAIT to get on my bookshelves. I can only imagine the amazing ideas for parties, decorating and design that are filling these pages!!!!

The queen of entertaining is coming out with a new entertaining book! Woo Hoo Martha Stewart! You can pre order the book here. I know that this will be a new staple in my house.

The wonderful Grace Bonney of the blog, Design Sponge, is coming out with a book in just a few weeks, Design Sponge at Home, order it here. Make sure how to watch the adorable book trailer video she created.

And then there is the new must have catering and event planners soon to be go to book. Peter Callahan of Callahan Catering has written a book and I'm psyched! I have so many photos of his party items torn out from magazines and absolutely love his catering! I can not wait until Bite by Bite comes out soon. Order it here!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little Shimmer to my Sunday

Happy Sunday Everybody! So sorry I have been quite and not around much this week. With our new little puppy, blogging on the new adventure and plain out well...busy this week. I am making time today to sit inside and blog away. There is so much wonderful stuff that I am excited to share. Irene didn't do much to Florida, thank goodness! I hope anybody reading in the North East is same and sound! Here are some sparkly links to add to your Sunday...

How can you not LOVE this store! You know how obsessed I am with kate spade as it is. Well, the wall at kate spade in soho, I LOVE!

I love grey palette with a pop of color palette for a weding. hhhmm, pink grey and orange for a future wedding for this blogging girl would be nice! HOWEVER, right now I think this Style Me Pretty featured wedding is amazing. And the hula hooping bride!

These tiny pies Camille featured look delish. Now how can I make them myself!

I am not really sure what is in store for my 30th birthday but I want to wear something glitzy!

Love this berry look! The heels, so fun!

Who wants to go with me to this fun Miami Girls Night Event on Thursday?

My company had 1/2 day Friday's this summer, amazing. I LOVE how kate spade inspired their employees to take creative 1/2 day Fridays. See their adventures here.

I'm off to lay in the pool for some sunshine. See you later! Maybe I'll be drinking one of these.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SUMMER SALE ~ Lilly Pulitzer

I had to share....the Lilly Pulitzer Summer Sale is OUT OF CONTROL! OK, yes, I know I live in Florida and yes, I have always been a fan of big bright prints and patterns, but honestly, there is so much cute stuff and at crazy prices! The last few years I think that the company has done an amazing job in their rebranding and have such great lines out every season.

Click here for the SALE!

I'm in LOVE with this two dresses below. To buy or not to buy?

Oh Lily, thank you for the fun loving patterns and prints! How can you be in a bad mood with these on!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Florida Girls! ~ Food Trucks Saturday

Looking for something to do tomorrow? The Miami Food Trucks are TAKING OVER Fort Lauderdale! Head on over to Esplanade Park between 3PM and 7PM for a celebration of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and a preview of Miami Food Truck new items!

Tickets for the 8PM show at the center are available here !
Find more details about the event here !

Featuring some YUMMY DELICIOUS Trucks!

Hope to see you there! xoxo~ Becca

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Glitter Guide

Have you checked out the Glitter Guide? OK, if not...go {but come back!} So....yes, a new blog/site obsession. The Glitter Guide is TOTALLY up my alley. A newsletter that features "glitz and glamour, fun, chic, and colorful lifestyle tidbits from fashion to fitness; each injected with a healthy dose of glitter." {quoted from the Glitter Girls themselves, I couldn't say it better!

My first time browsing around the site I was immediately inspired. BY just looking at the photos you can see these girls really do sparkle from the inside out and LOVE what they have created. Well thank you, because I love it too!

Grab a glass of bubbly and jump on over to the site and browse around. Here are a few of my favorite posts so far!

An under $50 gift guide with all amazing items! Who wouldn't want to receive one of these gifts.

The Glitter Girl section of girls who bring a little sparkle to their day is wonderful!

5 Things to Do This Weekend has me dying to create a sequins disco like vase!

The Glitter Guides for style, first up, Miss Olivia Palermo, Stylish, oh yes.

Hoping you add a little sparkle to your day! xoxo~ Becca

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday ~ Puppy Love!

This weekend I am home! After three weekends of travelling, I am enjoying being home, no plans, relaxing and finally time to breathe. Also, I have somebody to keep my company....our new puppy! Yes, Beau and I got a 5 month old Australian Shepard puppy on Wednesday.

Introducing..... Sir Oliver of Leon ! Isn't he cute. He is super sweet and we love him!

In between walking Oliver, cleaning the house, laundry, sitting by the pool and raking through cookbooks for some items to make, I will be browsing around on these links! Enjoy your Sunday!

What a cute welcome bag for a wedding in the Keys.

Martha dog toys! Oh my, this is so cute!

Tempted to purchase this for my upcoming birthday dress.

How lucky were the ladies at Simply Chic Events, look who they ran into at dinner!!!!

Oooo, adorable bags for a party!

Joy is simply the cutest pregnant woman. So cute.

A few September birthdays coming up {hhmm. hhmm. hmmm} Pretty birthday cards!

XOXO~ Becca & Oliver!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey Florida Girls ~ Summer Parties in Fort Lauderdale!

Happy Friday Florida Girls! Next week there are a couple of events in Fort Lauderdale going on that I wanted to share. Hopefully I will see you there!
The women's based coupon group site, Couptessa, is throwing a bash at the new B Ocean hotel. Complimentary bellinis, I'm in!
The posh RARE Steakhouse on Las Olas is throwing a Martini Dinner with Van Gogh vodkas. It sounds like a delicious menu and fabulous evening out!

See you there! xoxo~Becca

Thursday, August 11, 2011

happy BIRTHDAY Sam!

This weekend me and my girlfriends were suppose to be heading to Vermont to celebrate one of our besties soon to be baby boy! Well sometimes surprises happen:) One week ago we received a text message from Brandi, "Surprise! baby boy arrived 6 1/2 weeks early this morning!". Yes, baby boy arrived early! So, this post is dedicated to Samuel Eli Thomas, one week old. If I were closer I would bake you a pretty blue cake and bring it the hospital, celebrate wearing a party hat and sing Happy One Week Birthday!

My friend Brandi, well she is a to do list planner type of girl {yep, kind of like me!} and with the crib not even put together, the nursery not decorated, the many baby gifts not put away, the hospital bag not packed, she delivered a baby boy and we couldn't be more happy for her. As she said, "we've learned that having a baby is really incredible in its simplicity. The little guy was sure excited to get here and meet us and we are soaking up every moment with him."

To the sweetest family I know, congratulations, happy one week birthday Sam! We are sending you love our way!

xoxo~ Auntie Becca

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ The Bachelorette Bash

This weekend I was in Newport, RI celebrating on of my bestest friends at her bachelorette party. It was a fun weekend full of not so much cheesy stuff! Yes, we made her wear a tiara and a sash but other then that we didn't make her do anything ridiculous. I always wonder why girlfriends make their friends do ridiculous things just because they are getting married, your life isn't ending. I dream of having a fun, sweet, relaxing time when my bachelorette party rolls around! A trip to a winery, a day at the spa, OK maybe a lot of bubbly and one night of dancing but not something ridiculous. I am glad to see a lot of other people in the world agree. I love these ideas to celebrate the bride to be!

I am in LOVE with this pink dessert table! Yes, this picture is from a wedding, however, wouldn't it be amazing transformed into a sweets and drinks table for a bachelorette party! The boas in the background could certainly be used later for the dancing and bubbly party I was mentioning.
How about these adorable Pinup Girl Like Coasters by Jenna who had a super fun party in Palm Springs.
Mrs. Lilien posted about Kate Middleton's dream bachelorette attire, love!

I know I mentioned I'm a little anti the dressing up and going crazy, however, I thought this shirt was pretty fun and kind of cute from Urban Outfitters.

An adorable survival bachelorette kit from 100 Layer Cake, it includes Lip Smackers Strawberry Lip Balm! Adorable.

And an adorably printed questionnaire on how well you know the bride, so cute.

Some simple things can make the weekend so much cuter and fun! Have Fun!

xoxo~ Becca

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Craving to Cook

I have been travelling for three weekends in a row and when I arrived home late Sunday night from a fun weekend away {bachelorette party for a bestie!} I woke up feeling exhausted, sluggish and ready for a little rest. I am craving to be in my kitchen this weekend and cook up some healthy light Summer dishes. I am craving to cook, to run and to sit in the sun. Here are a few recipes I am wanting to try over the next few weeks. They all look light, nutritious and so delicious!

Whole Wheat Pasta with Grapes and Sausage from SELF magazine.
I plan on replacing the Italian sausage with chicken apple sausage.

Chilled Roasted Pepper and Oregano Soup from Whole

A Caesar Salad for dinner, maybe I will add some grilled shrimp, yum. Recipe from Candice at the Stiletto Chef, love her.

Greek Pitas for my lunch from the adorable Kelsey at Kelsey's Kitchen.

Tuna & Garbanzo Bean Salad from Cooking

I hope you find some time to spend in the kitchen as well! Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Baby Rocks

Ok, correct, there are no babies in my near future, so I guess I should say, "My Friends Babies Rock!". ;) I have three good girlfriends that are expecting and this past weekend I went to shower #1 in Washington. I have had a fun time browsing {and shopping} for so may cute baby gifts! It is so hard not to love the teeny little outfits available for babies!

My client shared this website for me, "My Baby Rocks!" and I couldn't help but passing it on. There are so many adorable baby boy items and they all gave me a good laugh! I mean really, how cute is a baby fedora!


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