Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid Afternoon Blog Break

Mid way through the week and I'm feeling productive, you? I usually do not say this, but I've been on it, waking up early, getting through my inbox, checking off our wedding to do list, blogging, cleaning, cooking, what a week. I am packing my schedule with meet ups over the next few weeks to begin and as Lara Casey says…..make things happen. My mind has been exploding with ideas and maybe its the beginning of the year or maybe I just want to give things a shot and try and make things happen. If you are at work, having a cup of tea, its time for happy hour, whatever time zone you are reading from, I hope you take a break and escape and enjoy my afternoon blog break! 

{Image by Paige Winn Photo

A picture that includes lots and lots of glitter being thrown with cute sparkly dresses makes me happy! This picture is from a bachelorette party, how adorable is that. 

Wow! I found Martha Stewart's Beauty Regimen CRAZY! I thought I had a long beauty routine, Martha has nothing on me. Interesting. 

I love everything about this Geronimo inspired pom pom tutorial. Who wants to plan a fun birthday party?

These individually painted mini cakes have inspired me to create these for a bridal shower. Now wouldn't these be amazing place cards?

I'm a bit obsessed with this cake by HeyThere Cupcake that Melissa Biado shot ….isn't it amazing?!?!

I've been at home now for a month and need to get myself more organized and less time browsing Pinterest, doing laundry and being distracted by that cute dog of mine. Lara Casey's organization tips are amazing! 

I love this little trick where Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere takes her photos, by the front door:) 

I'm thinking of making a BIG bowl of this to eat all next week for lunch, detox healthy salad! 

xoxo - Becca

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