Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling Good: Bridal Boot Camp at Home

Who doesn't want to look AMAZING on their wedding day?!?!? I know I DO! As I mentioned the other day, fitness has always been part of my life, however recently with five months to feel fabulous in my dress, I've pumped up the workouts. I love to run, try new classes, go to yoga and circuit training, however when you are trying to save money for the big day, sometimes attending the newest hottest workout may not be in the budget. I have learned quickly that if you commit yourself, you can get fit at home as well! Youtube is FULL of amazing free videos and with the additions of some easy purchases  online, you can create your own bridal boot camp in your living room. 
1. Carrie Underwood Workout - Yes, that is the superstar's back on her wedding day. She looks FAB and is fit and well, I'd love that look! Click on the link to see how Carrie looks fit by doing these exercise at home. 

2. Fitness Bands - Cheap and easy moves you can do at home that really tone you.

3. Get Your Yoga On - Kimberly Wilson - I've been doing this cd for years now. Kimberly teaches a great at home yoga class to destress and stretch you!

4. Yoga Mat - Invest in a cushioned mat! You can use it for yoga, lunges, stretching, everything. 

5. My Fitness Pal App  - I've become obsessed with this app. It is cheap and amazing! You can track local restaurants, food brands, create recipes and track it all on your phone. It is amazing to see how many calories you consume once you write it all down. It is also quite fun to see your weight loss go down, down, down by tracking it on your phone. 

6. Fitbit Zip Wireless  - I have heard that this is the best friend to the My Fitness App, my friend has used it an lost 30 lbs! This little bit can be placed on your bra strap with nobody noticing and you track your steps through the day, calories burned, sleeping pattern, it seems amazing! 

Below are a few FREE videos that I am loving {I love that word, FREE}! From yoga, to a 30 minute workout, these workouts will leave you feeling like you went to the gym and you will not even have to leave your front door. 
Tone It Up Wedding Series Videos
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 
Mandy Ingber Yoga Workout
Selena Gomez Ab Exercises

How are you working out for the big day? Are you wearing a strapless dress and wanting to tone your shoulders and your back? Are your more focused on feeling like a hot bombshell on your honeymoon??? I hope you like these tips! I will be sharing some local London work outs this afternoon. Good luck with your workouts and keep me posted on how they go. 

xoxo - Becca

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  1. These are really useful videos you have shared about exercise.


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