Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Year to Come

I came upon this quote on Emily McCarthy's blog and immediately fell in love with it. Hey 2013, this is it, time to really embrace the happy life!
For the second year in a row, Beau and I have sat down on New Years and each written down our resolutions, read each others aloud and framed them in our house as reminders throughout the year. Looking back at 2012 it was quite a year with a lot of amazing things happening and a lot of challenges as well. I think this year I need to make MYSELF happy, make our relationship together planning our wedding happy and get back to the healthy, happy person I want to be and am. Yes, a lot of my friends and family and Beau even tell me how hard I am on myself, and they are right. I am, and I need to let it go. I have lots of dreams piling up in my mind and its time to start living them and push aside the being hard on myself, being sad I miss my friends in the US, being confused professionally, getting frustrated on how to get a UK mobile {entirely different post!}. All of these things are silly...let it go! Enjoy my life! Celebrate the simple gifts, walks with my puppy, breakfast with Beau. I start a new job in London on Monday, its a great experience, we are starting to plan our wedding, get excited, I've committed to a change of diet, these are all things that are exciting and are for me! 2013, its about is to me, here is to you, here is to living with a purpose! Cheers! 


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