Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Martha Book

Last week a large package arrived at my flat and when I saw that it was from one of my college besties,  Emily, I knew just what it was....the Martha Book! Years had gone by, my girlfriends got engaged, married, had babies and I thought, "hhhmm, when will I get the Martha book?". Well it has arrived. It is one of the sweetest, best traditions my girlfriends and I have and I am so excited to share a little bit of it with you. 

 My best friend Brandi use to write a blog post for work during her engagement. I reread her post about this book and got happy tears in my eyes because she summed it up so well! I am a lucky girl to have such a close group of five girlfriends that I have been friends with ever since we met on the steps of our sorority house at Syracuse University. Even though none of live in the same city and me in a different country, we are ALWAYS there for each other. Between the five of us we are a dynamic team of some amazing woman! We have travelled together, danced at weddings, stood up at weddings as bridesmaids, celebrated new babies, cried and supported when roads got bumpy, cried on each others shoulders during breakups, gossiped about new boyfriends, laughed at bad haircuts, emailed about new jobs, we have been friends through so many moments that make me laugh and smile and I am aware that I am a lucky girl to have them!

 Back in 2005 when the first one of us got engaged, we bought Jenn the Martha Stewart Weddings book and wrote a little note in it to pass it along to the next girl who got engaged. There were no wedding blogs at the time, Martha was {and pretty much still is} our wedding bible! I placed post it notes all over the book on items I loved and comments of what I thought Jenn would love as well. When Christa got engaged in 2007, Jenn suggested that wouldn't it be great to pass it along, write more notes and sent it on. Sprinkled with post it notes, comments and letters, the book was used by Christa and then passed on to Brandi and then to Emily in 2010. I had been dating Beau for many many years, my love for weddings and my career in events started to make me wonder...will the Martha book ever make it to me? Well as you know, my fiance {fancy!}, my "Beau" popped the question in September right before we moved and I then I thought...oh no, international shipping, it is OK, I don't need the Martha Book. When I received the book last week it was the sweetest thing to sit down and read through the comments. It is funny because just like Brandi wrote, flipping through the book made me feel like I was with my girls. I may be miles apart, but wow, I was almost feeling like over a glass of wine I was sharing my engagement with them!
 Emily wrote me sweet notes in pink {of course!} throughout the pages that just oh so perfect and genuine and sweet. 
 This little note made me laugh because I wasn't dating Beau at the time Jenn got engaged! I asked her to sit me near a nice boy at her wedding. haha! 
 Wow! How sweet is this, it is really weird to see, but does make me so excited.
 Little notes about flowers and cakes flow through the book and I can tell who wrote what with each ones personality! 
 I love that there were a few post it notes on the page...I love LETTERPRESS!
This sweet note is absolutely lovely. I as well really want to monogram my dress. 
Emily's note made me smile from ear to ear. She writes, " Enjoy the planning, embrace all the fabulous details both big and small and during those times your feeling like its just overwhelming, take a step back and remember its about the love me and Beau have for one another". Thanks Em! I am a bit teary eyed. 

So yes, that is our little tradition. Some day our daughters will get the book and we hope they pass it along and love it just as much as we do. To my girlfriends I love you. Thank you. I can't wait to pass along the love of the Martha Book! 


{yes, Bran, I stole your post header, it was too good to resist! 


  1. this is just beyond amazing. so sweet!

  2. What a great tradition! Life without wedding blogs? Thank goodness for Martha!

  3. This made me teary. What a beautiful thing you girls have done for each other! xo


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