Friday, January 11, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.2

My first week of work is almost done! It has been an exciting week with a lot of learning, but  I will not lie, I am looking forward to the weeekend! Plus there are so many things I have been fancying this week, that I am excited to pass along....

I Fancy Friday v.2

1. Gap Heart Blouse - hello?!?! How cute is this blouse and JUST in time for Valentine's Day!

2. Cucumber Water - {image via I Go By Katie} sipping this all day makes you feel like you are at a bit of a spa day, OK a bit;) It is quite refreshing and detoxing and I love it.

3. Vitamin E Oil Capsules - I break them open and have been rubbing them on my nails every night and morning. I have to say, they HELP! What a natural moisturizing inexpensive way to keep my hands during the winter.

4. Black Gold Enamel Bow Earrings - These earrings are £10! I mean really! They look like a designer I LOVE {yes Miss Kate that is you!} but they are from that designer department store I LOVE...Tarjay.

5. Matchbook Magazine - The new issue is out and I can't wait to flip through it this weekend.

6. Oscar Themed Bridal Party Ideas - Did you see the adorable post Desiree put together on Floridian Weddings? Ideas to create a party for you and your bridesmaids themed around the Oscars...hello I love this too! Fancy this for sure!

Happy Friday! What are you fancying?


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