Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Weekend

I will be honest, I have had a hard time these past two weeks balancing the work life balance. I have been working full time, coming home, dinner, walk the dog, wanting to spend time with Beau and Sir Oliver, search for wedding venues, clean, exercise, blog.....sigh. I decided tonight that I must start pre blogging and planning for the week. I love sharing finds with my readers from the week and I thought today was a perfect day to start back with some weekend links. I am laying on the couch on this snowy morning catching up on some links. I hope you like what I found. 
Happy Reading! Happy Weekend 

Oliver and I ran around the park all last night in the snow. He LOVED eating the snow, as if it was the best treat ever. Sigh, love this dog, he's the best! 

Just start blogging? Blogging for awhile? I think these are great, easy, wonderful blogging better ideas: part ONE, part TWO

SO excited for my blogger friend Sarah and completely understand how she feels with juggling life and trying to get it all done, you?

I LOVE the idea of having a photographer secretly at your engagement. I mean these pictures from Merari are priceless!

Did you see the beautiful ladies at the Golden Globes? Jessica Alba's look I loved! Camille Styles shares some ideas on recreating their beauty looks. 

Did you see my features on the MOVE guide last week? A little bit about my international move part one & part two

Did you see Erin's adorable outfit in her IKEA ad? 

Wedding planning has begun and I found myself loving this wedding dress, pretty simple but gorgeous. 

I'm really loving this simple romantic bridal shower! The L-O-V-E pillows are great. 

Oooo yay! I'm glad I found somewhere to find these monogrammed shirts!

Is anyone else attending the Londoner Blog Event today? Hopefully...can't wait to meet you!


  1. Hi it was good to meet you today x

    1. It was so nice to meet you too! Thanks for the mention in your post:)

  2. it was really nice to meet you today :)
    just followed your blog ;)

    xo Vivi

    1. Hi Vivi! Thanks so much for following It was GREAT to meet you as well yesterday at the blog meet up, fun little get together! So glad Rosie organized it.



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