Monday, January 21, 2013

Borough Market

Last weekend Beau's mom was visiting and we spent the morning at our favorite market we have found in London....Borough Market. Having only lived here three months, we have been here three times and love discovering new stands each time we go back. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a few of these pics {since I took all of them on my iPhone}, however the place is so fabulous that I had to share with everyone! Here are a few of my favorites from one of London's best markets...
I started singing out loud when I saw these adorable little chairs at the market! Food, Glorious, Food...I guess it is natural we named our dog Oliver:) 

Homemade Pretzels, too bad I started Paleo right before our trip to the market, the bread was yelling at me! 
You will see many towers of brownies throughout the market, and each one says they are the infamous brownie, however, they all look famous and delicious too me! 
Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Looking for an amazing Stilton? Having a dinner party? Borough Market is the perfect place to stop by and grab some goodies before you plan a little soiree. 
Hello Truffle! OK, so this little guy was quite a bit over my budget {INSANE!} however I did pick up a little bottle of truffle oil and a little sprinkle on my scrambled eggs makes me feel quite fancy.
These English muffins stopped me in my tracks. I mean seriously, these are not any Thomas English American muffins, these things are the real deal. Oooo, I may need to splurge and get one next time! How about an egg sandwich on these!!!
Neal's Yard Dairy is one of the best cheese shops in the market, not a stand but a stand alone shop. If you are looking for an English cheddar, this shop is the place to be. The staff is knowledgeable in all cheeses and always happy to let you sample away, I'm a sucker for samples. 
It was about 1C {30F!} when we were walking around, with wind on top, yes, it was a chilly market day. Spotting the Hot Mulled Wine stand was PERFECT! I think going to the market in the winter requires hand down a cup of cider to keep your hands and inside warm :)
I have walked by the Paella stand a few times and never stop. You see people walking around the market with bowls of curry and paella eating as they stroll, the stand calls out for samples and I thought it was whatever. Well, this time I stopped and gave it a try.....hello yummy curry! You can't miss the booth, they are in the center section on the corner.....just follow the delicious smells.
Everyone thinks of London just for its tea, but honestly, there is an amazing coffee culture here. Flat Cap Coffee Co. makes a mean latte. They make them so pretty that I barely want to drink it. 
Citrus season in Florida made me think of my Floridian Weddings girls when I saw these pretty wrapped blood oranges at Turnips stand. 
Obsessed. Yes, I am now obsessed with Mini Magoo's and there Fun Stuff mix. The mix is not 100% Paleo friendly because it has Agave Syrup in it, but everything else is perfect: shredded coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, hemp seeds, linseeds...sprinkle over coconut yogurt with blueberries and its the perfect quick breakfast. I need to stop by this weekend and stock up on more!
Even if you are only visiting London as a tourist, it is completely worth a stop! Amazing butchers, produce stands, coffee shops, restaurants...a food lovers dream! 

xoxo~ Becca

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  1. I'm going there on sunday! This post has made me VERY excited, those muffins and brownies are shouting my name! I can hear them from over here :) I hope you're well! xxx


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