Friday, January 4, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.1

I have noticed recently that I love how Brits always say how much they fancy something! Not that they really like them but, "Don't you fancy those shoes?". Doesn't that sound so much cuter and polished! I think I fancy quite a lot of things which is why I thought Friday would be the perfect day to start my new series, I Fancy Friday! 

I Fancy Friday

I Fancy Friday by rldamato featuring shoes

A mix of my favorite things I have been fancying this week, from food to clothes to stationary to beauty items. Here you go! I would love to hear any new things you fancy!

1. Kate Spade Gwen - Perfect to make your work ensemble a little glitzy but comfortable to commute.

2. Minted Chalkboard Dreams Journal - Seriously in LOVE with their products. Perfect on your desk.

3. Co YO Coconut Milk Yogurt - Yes, I am trying Paleo at an attempt to kick start my wedding diet, that's entirely different post! But this is delicious with berries on top!

4. Vaseline Pink Bubbly - Oh yes I did snap up a few of these at Boots! Champagne flavored lip balm in a cute pink tin, my new item I fancy!



  1. I love that that lip gloss is vaseline, too! I'll have to try it out!

  2. We're using Minted for our wedding invites. Love their products also! I love these journals as bridesmaids gifts too!


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