Monday, January 28, 2013

Searching for Spots

I have a confession to make, I am obsessed with this leopard coat and MUST find it! I seriously can not get it out of my mind. I was on the tube last week and I saw three girls walk by me wearing a similar one, it is a sign! I must find it, it will be mine, hee hee hee {turn to evil laugh!}. Every site I check,  every store I look at, it is sold out! I went to order it from Forever 21 to send to my friend visiting in March and have her bring it over, and much to my disappoint....sold out! 
SO.... if you live near a Forever 21 and happen to be shopping some day and happen to see it....size Medium please? Well, I'm kind of not kidding! :) If you see a vintage one similar to this or one at Topshop, ASOS, anywhere, let me know. I mean how chic would throwing over this leopard loveliness over my shoulders on a dreary London make me feel? See the ladies below, don't they look fabulous in their spotty coats?
{Image from Pearls & Twirls}
{Image by Caitlin McGauley}
{Image from Atlantic-Pacific}
{Image from A House in the Hills}
{Image from Six2Eleven}

Dreaming of a spotty coat! xoxo~Becca

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