Friday, July 24, 2009

over packed

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!!!! Yay! Vacation time! My auto reply message is up. My bags are totally over packed and I'm ready to head off to stop #1 on my fun filled summer vacation.

First stop is weekend with my girls! College girlfriend weekend in Skaneateles NY. Such a cute cute town. Jenn is from there and all 5 of us are going to her sisters house. We can't wait to see expecting "mama Jenn". Our first friend to have a little one on the way!!! On Monday we are heading to the CUSE to have lunch on campus and don't worry, I'll take many college pics!
Monday I am heading down to Fort Lauderdale to be with Beau for a few days. Miss him! I am looking forward to lots of time in the sun (what my new big hat was purchased for!). My mom arrives on Thursday and the two of us are driving to Naples Florida for a little R&R until Sunday. Then its back to life here in DC until ......I figure out my move date to sunny Florida, job, all that stuff! For now, I will finish my cocktail (grapefruit vodka and limeade) and not think about all of the real world stuff. Vacation awaits me!!!!!!


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