Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Glad Game

Today I was having one of those days. Unexpectedly crazy busy, stressed and tired. Last night I got my first job offer in Florida. I was SO excited and had time all day to finally consume it. This new realization made my stomach and mind start to flip flop. I got home and begin to think of it more and more. Is this what I want? Am I doing the right thing? Over and over again. Finally I told myself, enough! This is what I have wanted for the last year, to move to Florida and change my life and be with my beau. I will never know unless I do it! I am tearing myself apart thinking of moving, jobs, life in Florida 24/7. I have to stop letting it consume my life. That's when I started thinking of all the wonderful things that make me happy and "glad".

Remember in the movie Pollyanna where all she does it tell people to think of something good when they are upset. It's the glad game! Oh my, seriously? But it kind of worked! The little things that truly bring a smile to your face. Here is my list of things that make me happy and glad...

calls from Beau
the sister box
Bestie weekends
a new pair of shoes
glossy magazines
a perfect cup of coffee
drinking a glass of bubbly
drinking of bottle of bubbly with a friend
pink nail polish
a good book
a fabulous party
French macaroons
French music
the French lifestyle
clean sheets
trips to visit my sisters
early morning runs with my DC girls
Childs Pose
a fabulous item on sale
a letter in the mail...snail mail
a room full of candles
pretty chandeliers
pictures of my nephews, aka "Hugo & Franklin" sisters pugs
girls nights out
a night on the couch
days off
party dresses
summer fruit
trips with beau
sun on my face
pink sparkly lipgloss
a new handbag
ice cream
looking through old pictures
.....just to name a few :)


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