Thursday, July 2, 2009

mon appartement

After reading this posting on Frou Frou Fashionista's Blog about her Boudoir it made me think how much I really love my little place. Her apartment is absolutely fabulous! I love the ghost chair, the LOVE picture, peonies, the mirrored dresser, it is a gorgeous room! Living in the city, whether you live in a studio, a 2 bedroom apartment, own a condo, whatever, it's a MUST to make it your little get away. My first place in D.C. was a small room off the kitchen which was the old dining room. Yes, it was small. Yes, it had a swinging door, but I still tried to make it my own little place. Two years ago I moved into my own place, and I have loved every minute of it. My one bedroom with den apartment is my little place of my own. It's the place I come home to at night, put my feet up and drink a glass of vino and love it. I have painted each room, hung up pictures of Paris and Audrey and girlfriends and family, decorated the kitchen with lots of cupcake pictures and displayed my Barbies through out the rooms. No, it's not my dream home, but I have put a little but of Becca all over the place and I love it.

I was thinking about my move to Florida yesterday (as I laid in bed on my day off! loved!). I was looking around the room wondering when I "shack up" with beau in Florida, if I'll be able to have my Chanel poster in our bedroom, my teacups all over the dresser, my pink accents everywhere. hmmmmm...I think there will be a lot of compromising going on with the decorating. For now, I have come to appreciate my own little place and am happy with the little home I have created. However, there is one dream piece I am dying for, the Barbie Ghost Chair! Not sure if beau will agree on that. haha.


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