Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Reading

I always have so many books on my bookshelf to read. I told myself that I am not allowed to buy ANYMORE until I get through what I have. There are so many fabulous books out there! I have been SUCKED into the Twilight series the past few months and I am almost finished the last book. I am sad to be finishing the series and like all the other Twilight fans, I hope Stephenie Myer will think about another book:) You get really sucked into Bella and Edward and almost feel like the whole Vampire thing is real! So needless to say, while I am sad, I am little excited to start my other books. Below is my list of books I must read and books I want to start after this pile is complete. Please post your suggestions on what to add to my list! I know my girlfriends always have the best books to suggest.

I hope everybody has a good book, a big pair of sunglasses and a nice place outside to relax and curl up with a good book the summer.


1. Twlight Series - Stephenie Meyer You have to read ALL 4! 
2. L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad - I figured after 4 books about vampires I could use a little nonsense. I kind of can't believe I bought it! But I bet it will be a GREAT beach read!
3. Bella in the Big Apple - Brooke Parkhurst - Southern Girl moves to NYC. Shares recipes and life in the city. Also has a great blog.
4. The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry - Kathleen Flinn She quits her job, moves to Paris and enrolls in Corden Bleu. Sounds a little scary and also like my dream!
5. Entre Nous: A Women's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl - Debra Olliver - LOVE the French Life! Nice read. 
6. Pretty in Plaid - Jen Lancaster If you haven't read her other! This book is based on her sorority life. She is a riot.
7. Marie Antoinette, The Journey - Antonia Fraser 
8. Jack's Widow - Eve Pollard 


  1. Do you have Pretty in Plaid already? My copy is sitting on my desk at home, waiting to be mailed to you!

  2. ooooo! yay! No I dont have it. Save the postage. I can get it at end of July! yay! thanks:)


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