Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Mini Staycation

Happy 4th of July! I hope everybody had a great weekend in the sun, eating watermelon, having cocktails outside, hanging out with friends. I stayed in DC and I really feel like I had a mini vacation...a staycation. Last year I spent in Florida with beau. This year I figured I would be in sunny Florida soon enough and needed a little DC time.
Thursday night I started out on Besse's new boat. It was so wonderful being outside, having cocktails and catching up with girlfriends. The waterfront in Georgetown can be quite a scene and it was nice to watch it from the water and not in one of the crowded bars. It poured when we first got on the boat, but it left behind an amazing view of the Kennedy Center! I had to capture the rainbow going over the building that brings so many memories to my mind. The cocktail of the night was the Firefly. If you haven't tried it yet, its fabulous! Sweet Tea flavored vodka either mixed with Ginger Ale, Club Soda or Lemonade. Amazing. Great summer cocktail.
Friday I did a little summer sale shopping (can't resist!), layed out at Erin's pool (a treat when you live in an apartment building with no rooftop!). Friday night we went to the 80's outdoor movie night in Rosslyn. SO fun! I love that DC has so many summer movie nights. The mall has Screen on the Green, downtown Bethesda has Stars on the Avenue and up in Rockville they show movies at Strathmore. (August 19, mark your calendars for Twilight!) Top Gun was the Friday night flick. I forgot how great that movie was. Tom Cruise in the 80's, sigh, super cute! I love getting a picnic, wine and girlfriends to these movie nights!
Saturday, the 4th of July we had a little party at Meg's place. Lots of yummy treats, Rose Wine Spritzers and then walked down to the White House. Being that this will be my last 4th of July in DC it was pretty cool to stand right in front of the White House watching the amazing fireworks. My first 4th was as an intern at the Kennedy Center watching from the terrace, so I think I had a great start and a great finish!
Sunday after laying in bed (almost finishing Breaking Dawn) I went to the Farmers Market. Love that place! I bought amazing purple basil, more gazpacho and loads of arugula. A little yoga at Tranquil Space. The best yoga studio ever! The rest of the day has been relaxing, cleaning and getting ready for the week. No days, off, no vacation. Staycation is over. Back to work. But it's still summer! So in my mind...there are still a lot of fabulous sunny days ahead like I had this weekend.

I had a fabulous 4th! How about you?


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