Monday, September 23, 2013

Pancakes in Bed....because it's my birthday!

As I have written about before, August was the beginning of birthday month in my world. This past week has brought me two best girlfriends birthday, along with Beau's on Friday and August & September = birthday month for me! Last week I stayed up late and baked homemade gluten free pumpkin doughnuts for Beau, they were delicious! I am not ready for Monday, the beginning of the work week, and honestly I just want to lay in bed with breakfast and celebrate turning another year older! I can not believe I am celebrating 32, doesn't it seem like I was drinking cosmos at Syracuse celebrating my 21st yesterday?
Crepes, waffles, pancakes, breakfast in bed, ooo la la, that is what I call celebrating your birthday. Breakfast in bed is decadent and a treat and just what you need to celebrate you! I woke up today to Beau with a tray of coffee and Laduree macarons, I wished I could have stayed in bed all day!
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SO today as I turn another year older, I will savour my breakfast, my walk to work and think of the year behind and the year ahead. Next year I will be married, I will have our wedding we are planning in detail for, behind us, it will be another year of wonderful things gone by. I have lots of plans for the next year and many decisions I must think of and make for myself. Its funny being not 30 anymore but in your "30's". I put so much stress on myself of where I want to be and things I wish I have done by now, but then Beau reminds me, I'm only 32, I've got the world ahead of me. 

So here's to 32! Cheers to another year of mornings drinking coffee in bed with Beau and Sir Oliver, walks in the park, Facetime sessions with my family, visits to the States, enjoying our life in this amazing city, interesting clients, afternoons that include Laduree macarons and walks around fancy shops, to getting super healthy, to planning the perfect wedding for me and my future Mr. 32.....let's do this! 

xoxo - becca


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you started the day off right!!

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  3. wow, amazing place to celebrate birthday, thanks for sharing.


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