Monday, September 9, 2013

Le Diner en Blanc - London

A few months ago a friend I met here in London told us about this fun "secret dinner" that takes place in the Summer called Diner en Blanc, we had to go! Last year the event was held in Covent Garden, hundreds of people dressed in white,  gathered at a secret location and dined under the pretty summer night in London. She was telling us that how wonderful it was, you bring your own food and wine, you meet a lot of new people, you dance the night away, you actually have to bring your own table and chairs, hhhmm, sounds like a lot of work! 

The event has been going on for 25 years, beginning in Paris and still continues today with about 15,000 people celebrating all over the world. Diner en Blanc is meant to be a chic gathering of friends, a small society, you have to sign up to be invited in. Even thought it sounded like a bit of work to me, we decided to go. Ann and I cooked up a storm, packed up our goods, bought a new white dress and made our way to the big was one of my favorite nights out in London yet!

Packing up your tables and chairs was a bit of a hassle, we decided to jump in a cab and head to Victoria station, but once you are there, well worth it! The location ended up being on the docks across from the Millennium Dome. We had no idea where we were going even up until a few minutes before stopping, but the location was an awesome view of London that I never see from our area of town.
Waving napkins, pouring bubbly, dancing, eating, lighting sparklers, the night was fantastic and the rainy London day cleared up and become dining under the clear starry sky.
Apologies for my blurry pics, but I had to share the experience! Many people stopped us on our way into Victoria Station asking if there was a wedding going on because of all of the guests decked out in white. Beau kind of liked the idea of all of our wedding guests wearing white, love it, but we are getting married in London, not South Beach;)
oooo I found myself an initial! R pics as my new Facebook pic;)
We loved the band, including a band member tapping away on the champagne bottle and danced until we had to leave. After hours of celebrating a fun night out, we ran away with balloons back into the London night. 
A view from the bus ride home. Hey Big Ben! London I love you! It was a fun night at Diner en Blanc, we will be back next year. Want to join?
xoxo - Becca


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