Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Afternoon Blog Break

Well the Fall season has finally arrived here in London! I am a HUGE lover of Fall {or as we say in the UK, Autumn}; crisp air, changing leaves, apple pies, apple ciders, apple everything, unpacking your sweaters, my birthday, Beau's birthday, OK, get it, I love Fall! However, after such an AMAZING summer we had here in London, it was hard to see the gloomy days and lots of rain this weekend, knowing that there is a lot of this to come for many months ahead. We are heading away on holiday in less then two weeks and it is keeping me going! While I might love the sunny days during this season, the rainy days can be a bit I'm taking a little afternoon break for a pick me up! Enjoy what I found around the web! 
{Image by Michelle March Photography}
Awwww, I love seeing these pictures that Michelle took of Beau and I, newly engaged, living in London! The leaves were all falling, it was chilly, what a fun day. 

The Seconds sale by Alphabet Bags....ROCKS! What a great place to get some good gifts! 

I mean really, Harry the birthday boy is adorable, I think we can all agree on this? 

I'm a huge fan of brunch and a day after the wedding brunch sounds like the icing on the wedding weekend. 

What a beautiful engagement session in Regents Park by the talented Polly

I am very excited to see what Kate and Emma put together at the Brides Show in October. I had a great time trying on dresses on Monday at Miss Bush Bridal and well....I may have a wedding dress winner, we will see:) 

Lulu's post about Daylesford Farm made me want to book a day trip there PRONTO. 

oooo a bag named the Beau bag seems perfect for me:) I love seeing what other ladies keep in their handbags!

Pretty. Pink & Gold

xoxo - Becca

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