Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Bling

I can not believe my birthday is less then a week away! How did this BIG birthday go by two years ago???? Beau's birthday is this week and mine is on Monday. We are getting ready to go on holiday next week, planning the wedding, working, blogging and having fun and in the mix I kind of forgot September 23rd was right around the corner! When people start asking what you want for your birthday and you think, hhmmmm...I head to my Pinterest boards

What girl doesn't want some new bling. Big necklaces, bold earrings, little fun rings, this girl loves some new baubles. The J.Crew pave bracelet has been on my list of LOVES for years now, birthday gift with a bow? Thought I would share the bling I am loving. Is your birthday soon? Looking for new bling for your big day? Here are some of my new favs! A few local designers, a little Tiffany's, Stella and Dot, Kate Spade....my bling birthday wish list. 

xoxo - Becca

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