Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working Women: Chartreuse Inc.

The past few months I have been doing a lot of searching of what is next for me. Still not quite sure, along the way I have been inspired by so many amazing women that I know, I thought it would be a great new series to start, Working Women, the women that inspire me to be a creative working gal myself! First off I couldn't resist to feature one heck of a working woman that is near and dear to me, my oldest sister, Charity of Chartreuse Inc.   I know I've featured a couple of fabulous moments from Charity's life in Cleveland but now it's time to spotlight just what a wonderful woman in the Biz she is! 

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I can remember when Charity left her full time job in 2001 and told my sister Katie and I her plan, I was still in college and couldn't imagine the idea of owning your own business, she seemed so OLD to me. Well years later, here she is with an amazing boutique design studio in Lakewood, Ohio. Not only do I say this because she is my sister but also because, well, it is quite true, Charity is simply one of the most creative people I know. She has created a small women's own business with a fabulous team of three, who manages to create designs for "the Big Dogs" {as quoted straight from them}. 

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Not only is Charteuse Inc. a fabulous Graphic Design Studio, they also host a number of social events at their "Petit Parc", give back to their local community in a number of ways, believe in keeping a healthy office lifestyle, and last year created a playful line of Greeting Cards that they are selling on Etsy {Underground Cards Shop}. 

I remember talking to my sister a few years ago on the phone when she was in the middle of driving from work, to yoga, to a networking event she was volunteering for. She said how busy she was at work, but I do remember she said, "Hey, I'm busy at work, but I love what I do, so I do not mind. I wouldn't change it!" Love what you do and busy you will not mind is how I take it, and that stuck with me. 

{image from Glitter Guide

Fun. Creative. Ambitious. A "Go Getter". The girl seems to be able to do it all. Check out the video below to see a) why you should hire Chartreuse, because they have a BLAST at work and b) because you might want to apply to work their after. 

Thank you Chartreuse for inspiring us! 

Find Chartreuse website here, Facebook here, Blog here, Etsy Shop here


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