Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Makeover

You may have noticed that Urban Flip Flops got a little makeover over the last week! Thank you to Danielle Moss  for cleaning up my site and adding a little bit of Brit to my little world. Urban Flip Flops is feeling shiny, sparkly and new with her new look. 

While I was redoing the site, it was fun to look back to when my site first started until now!

My sister Charity created my original banner for me. It was fun and started as a place to keep my friends and family up to date on my move from to DC to Florida. 

Once I was settled in Fort Lauderdale I asked Laura for a little change to the site. I wanted to incorporate my love of DC and my change to life at the beach. 

Here we are now! I love the new look and hope you do as well! I found Danielle through the amazing site she is an editor for, The Every Girl. Many people asked me if I would continue to keep up my Urban Flip Flops blog and my response was, OF COURSE! What begin as a private locked blog for close friends and family, to a blog that I shared life in Florida and my favorite finds, has now evolved into my own little spot to share life flip flopping from city, beach and back to city {across the pond}. I hope to blog more and share more lifestyle segments with you on fashion, food, travel, decor, entertaining and more. 

I hope you like the new look! Pass it along to your friends and follow me along on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram! It was hard to make decisions but I think the outcome was WONDERFUL! A little British flair with a touch of the States ties up my story that starts next week. I would love to hear your thoughts! 

xoxo ~ Becca

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  1. Becca - I did notice and meant to comment earlier this week. I love the update and am thinking I might need one too one of these days. I love how it changes with your times and life. Have a wonderful adventure in London! I cant wait to follow along.


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