Thursday, May 31, 2012

Running Wardrobe

I'm back and ready for a run! I hope you liked my new playlist from earlier today and are itching to put your shoes on and get out for a jog. It is only the end of May here but it feels like July, it is HOT! I am in Summer running mode and want to throw on shorts and bright colored items. Here are a few of my favorites for my runs and a couple for after the run. 

Healthy List!

1. I have one of these breathable tops from Lululemon and am obsessed. I want one in every color. For a hot day the shirt has an attached bra and gives you a nice breeze.

2. My obsession with stripes continues in shorts. 

3. I am WAY past due for a new pair of shoes. I would love these Nikes for my class at OT.

4. Little balls on your socks remind me of being a little girl. Of course, they are from Kate! Kate Spade Socks

5. The best little thing to keep your keys in, id, maybe some change for a beverage after? Lululemon Key Wristband

6. These hair ties are great because they do not pull your hair and they are cute!

7. Post Run I am loving BOTH of these snacks!  

Summer Running Playlist 2012

It has been awhile since I posted a play list. After two weeks of being away in Europe indulging in a lot of bread and cheese, beer and wine, apple pie and stoopwaffles, well, it is time to get back in the workout game! I know I have said it 101 times, however, this time it must happen. Losing weight is no fun, but as it is known, it is easy to put it on and a pain the butt to take it off. Oh yes, the time spent in cafes eating cookies and drinking coffee and going to the pub and having fried snacks and beer were fun and relaxing. Now I'm back in Florida and determined to take off the weight once and for all.

First up today is my new running play list to get me going this Summer. Any Summer tunes you love to get you up and running? Let me know! I love adding some fast new songs to my play list.

Running Playlist June 2012 by Rebecca D'Amato on Grooveshark

Happy running, walking, biking, exercising! xoxo~Becca

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Weekend through Instagram

I was home this weekend and I actually closed my computer and stepped away! Every morning I would wake up and say, "Ok, today I am going to get three hours of work done" but then a friend would text me to sit by the pool, grab lunch or relax. I thought, why not! So with Beau working over the weekend, I found a lot of ME time, and actually enjoyed it. 

Photos Clockwise: 

1. Gave myself a manicure with all three colors, my nails are pink and sparkly now!

2. Went to the park with Sir Oliver, he seemed to want to rest and take lots of breaks. 

3. Oliver had a pool play date at my house. Jillian and I sat in the sun and these two guys ran around. 

4. I worked at a wedding in Palm Beach at the Ritz Carlton, really pretty. This is a little part of the escort card set up. The hotel is LOVELY, and it turned out so nice. 

5. Made a new cocktail, a Basil Lime Gimlet. I will be featuring the recipe later this week. 

I hope you also found time to relax and indulge in silly things like making cocktails and playing with your puppy! Here is too a good week ahead! 


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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer List

So this weekend is Memorial Day, the unofficial start to Summer. Time just seems to fly by month after month! So with the start to Summer there are a few things I have decided I MUST accomplish. With all of my changes in the past two months and many on the horizon I would love to have a full Summer of fun, doing some things I have been wanting to do! 

{Photo by Gabor Jurina}

1. Weekly walk on the beach with Beau and Sir Oliver. 
2. More dining Al Fresco in our backyard. 
3. The weight MUST come off, no if ands or buts, no way. I must lose weight before September!!!! I know it sounds silly but it is top on the list. I've been saying it for two years. 
4. A trip to my parents in Virginia. 
5. A get together with my college besties, whether at the beach, the city or one of our houses. 
6. A re do on the blog!
7. More blogging on and DIY's on Floridian Weddings
8. Riding my pink beach cruiser a little more! 
9. More time in the sun in my backyard! 
10.....relaxing a little bit more and not being glued to my computer. 

Yes, there are about 101 things I would like to add to this list, but with tons of things to get done, these are on the top. Oh ya, did I mention I would like to get to Orlando for the day and make a trip to Hogwarts;) What are you up to this Holiday weekend? I know I have lots of posts from my trip abroad to post but for today, I'm shutting off and signing off. Happy Saturday!!!! Enjoy the weekend. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the States!

Beau and I arrived back in the States late Sunday night, late. I spent yesterday in a daze of emails, playing with my puppy, and unpacking. I have lots to get done in these next few months and I'm still settling in from two weeks away of travel. I really just want to curl up with my cup of coffee and book and relax on my bed, right. We had a wonderful trip to Europe and I can't wait to share pictures with you from all over the place! London, Amsterdam, Belgium, it was a great trip. Today I am packing up again and driving down to the Keys for a cocktail party that Laura and I are hosting with Floridian Weddings and Morada Bay . Looking forward to meeting some new vendors! Till then, hope you have been up to some fabulous things yourself! 

Prints from: London, Belgium, Amsterdam 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Away I GO!

Packed and ready to go! These next two weeks bring a lot of exciting travel for me. I am sitting at the Miami airport right now and thinking of the fun trip ahead. Today I will go from Miami to Detroit to Amsterdam. Wednesday I will hop on a plane to London and head back to Holland on Friday. My Beau will be there to pick me up and we will go to Belgium for the weekend and back to Amsterdam on Monday. Then it is tulips and windmills for the rest of the week!!!

Packing for three locations and dreary climate obviously had my carry on and suitcase over packed! The essentials in my purse: passport, new obsession with Lara Bars, lotions, lip glosses, new magazines, maps, notebook, ready to go! 

Beau and I will be in Holland for a few days and I can't wait. No real plans, OK well other then the tulip fields!!!! I can't wait to have a Stroopwafle at a cafe with my Beau next week. 

A quick hop over to one of my favorite cities, London! I took this photo last year from the London Eye, kind of amazing city! 

This week we are heading to Belgium with Beau's college friends and we are all staying at a restored 19th century farmhouse in Belgium, see it HERE

I will be Instagramming along the way when I can! I can't wait to share more photos and stories when I return. Happy vacation! 


Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Hour! : Summer Fiesta Cocktail

It is time for happy hour and I think you need one of these.... 

{Photo from Floridian Weddings

I couldn't help but share this AMAZING cocktail with you that Laura put together on Floridian Weddings. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo and with Summer around the corner this drink must be added to your cocktail list. The Summer Fiesta is yes, pretty and pink and also has fresh watermelon juice included, yum! 

Hop on over to my other site and see what Laura was mixing up at Floridian Weddings! Cheers! 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Featured: Chevrons & Stripes

I was so excited to have Sarah over at the adorable blog, Chevrons and Stripes ask me to put together an IT List for her today. I really love this series that she has put together with items that bloggers are recently loving. As most of my friends know, there is often a new dress, a new shoe, a lipstick, something, that I am obsessing over. It was hard for me to make a list and narrow it down, but Sarah put it together great and I think it really shows my current faces. Hop on over to Chevrons & Stripes to see the post!


The Shops at Target: The Webster

Yet again, Target has done it right!!! You know I'm a huge fan of Target's collaboration with high end designers, well now they are creating an even better concept: The Shops at Target. Target has taken five boutiques from around the country: The Candy Store in San Francisco, Polka Dot Bakery from Boston, Cos Bar from Aspen, Privet House from Connecticut and from my area, The Webster in Miami.  What an exciting opportunity for these small shops, to have their items sold around the country on the shelves of Target. 

The Webster in Miami is a multi level boutique located on Collins Avenue in South Beach. The first and second floors have clothing, the third floor has a gallery and office space and the roof can be rented for private events with an amazing view of South Beach. The owners have created a line of outfits that are perfect for your day out in Miami. Here are a few of my favorites. I will be in line on Sunday to take a look at the new line! 


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello MAY!

 How did May already sneak up on us? WOW! Well, here we are again, May, almost Summertime, crazy. My mom always use to say this, "Time flies, the older you get, the faster it goes!" and now I kind of believe her. I remember writing this post last year, about moving to Florida a year ago and now I've been a Floridian for two years. I have been feeling a little anxious about what is next and so anxious that I can't focus on anything recently. So here starts May! I am ready to focus on my plans ahead and ring in the new year, new season with new posts, new days and new beginnings. 

I thought I would share a little bit of what I was up to in April since I was a bit lacking in posting. 

My cutie parents came to visit me in Florida for Easter! Isn't my mom pretty cute! 

My sister visited this past weekend in Miami and even though the weather was yucky, we had a blast posing by the rose sculptures at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens

Beau and I made a short but relaxing trip to Islamorada in the Keys. We were suppose to run the 7 mile bridge run, but it got cancelled due to AWFUL weather! Oh yes, it got cancelled as we were standing on the bridge in the pouring rain. nice. 

We stayed at the hip new Keys hotel, the Postcard Inn. 

Dinner in the Keys is amazing! How beautiful is this view!

My good friend Elizabeth, wedding planner extraordinaire, came to visit and be my staff for the wedding in  Miami! 

A few pretty flowers from my wedding in Miami. 

One of my DC girls visited for a work event but stayed and hung out for a day!!! Meg, it was SO nice to have you here. Gosh, I miss those girls. 

And of course, my April, well I continued to take tons of pictures of Sir Oliver and love him and play with him and bring him to the park. Gosh, how I love this little guy! 

Happy May everyone! Bye April! 


Wedding Wednesday: Brides Magazine

I am so that girl that has been reading wedding magazines since college, OK, maybe high school, I'm not quite sure! I have never had a subscription to Brides magazine but when I noticed recently that Brides received a little face lift I went out and purchased a copy. I sat down with a cup of coffee and was really happy with the changes that they have put together. Even from the cover you can tell the magazine is a little more modern and inspiring!

One of of my favorite articles in the new magazine is the Color Scheming article that Amanda from Ruffled Blog put together. A wedding full of aqua, lemon and ivory is quite lovely! I think it is always fun to see an inspiration pieced together from areas around web that couples could realistically use. 

The fashion spread on pastel confection dresses was a huge love for me! Let's be honest, I think I may wear a pale pink wedding dress some day! Isn't this Angel Sanchez mermaid gown stunning in its sugary pinkness!

You know I am a huge fan of David Stark and his ridiculously creative events he designs! He wrote the perfect think about personalizing weddings. He said that peppering special things throughout your wedding shouldn't be overkill. It's not about putting a monogram on everything! That starts getting to be corporate looking. It is about doing just a few things right. I can't agree more! We live in a world right now full of blogs, magazines, TV shows about weddings, brides get overwhelmed. Thank you to Brides for sharing this article! 

Go out and pick up the latest copy of Brides! I think it is a great resource for your upcoming wedding. 

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