Monday, August 6, 2012

Pop Brit Chicks

Ever since I lived in London during college I have been bit in love with the spunky British Pop Princesses/Rock Stars/Girl Groups, however you would like to describe them. Getting ready for a night out in London I use to blast Sophie Ellis-Bextor through my flat over and over again I think it drew my friends a little crazy. Till this day those songs are still on my iPod with splashes of Spice Girls mixed in, who can't resist those girls, come on! There is something about these Brits that is a little sassy, pinky, poppy and  still a little posh. Cheers to a few of my favorite Brits! 

Singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has become a new favorite love of mine. Pink stripes in her hair, pink lips, she performed at Kate and William's wedding last year, she seems to have a fun quirky side to her and oh yes, did I mention she is a major runner! If you are a Nike+ addict like me ,you may have had Ellie congratulate you on your run, so fab. See her Nike Runs video below, I've been running along to her song Lights for the past year and it always gives me a little extra push! 


Lily Allen was discovered on MySpace and became a little British Rock Princess. The girl has major style {hello, she was a spokes model for Chanel!}, a major voice, an awesome little punk attitude and can write some pretty great breakup lyrics! I saw her perform in a small theatre in D.C. and she was full of energy, dancing around the stage, balloons falling from the ceiling, she rocks! 
 My newest Brit on my Spotify account is Marina Lambrini Diamandis, aka "Marina and the Diamonds". This lady has a voice that is for sure!!!! She has this old songstress like voice that pairs with her vintage glam, pop, dance style she has going on. Her drinking "Shampain" song is on repeat right now. 
And then there is Adele, need I say more. She is funny, fabulous and seems to so appreciate everything she has right now, including that killer voice and songwriting skills that make us push play over and over and over. Love her! 

I had to put together a little mix of these Royal British Pop Stars for you to fall in love with you as well! Cheers! xoxo~Becca

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