Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bike for the Beach

I just absolutely LOVE this picture of Audrey Hepburn and her puppy. She is so adorable and chic on her little bike with a basket. She was photographed many times riding around on her bike. Maybe it was Audrey's Dutch childhood that created her love of biking. When Beau and I were in Holland it made me realize just how much people bike there! It was snowing and his friends still biked home! Anyways..... I want a little bike! A bike to go to the beach would be perfect! I started searching this morning and came upon a few.
A dream bike would be this Tiffany Blue colored bike (no, not turquoise, Tiffany Blue thank you). It is a fancy bike and way over my budget
(yep, its $600), but isn't it pretty!
A Gary Fisher Collection bike, fancy. How pretty is this floral bike from Target!
It is a limited edition from the Liberty line. So sweet.

I did however find this bike on Craig's List this morning! $180! hhhhm, tempting...and it is pink. Maybe a birthday fairy will bring one to me.
Fingers crossed:) So this weekend with no bike, I'll run to the beach
and enjoy it all the same.
xoxo~ Becca

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kate Spade Contest

Kate Spade TOAST!

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I HEART KATE SPADE! I mean is that really a surprise with all of the items I post about them. They have a contest going on right now to win a trip for two to San Francisco, New York or Chicago with a $1,000 shopping spree. You need to sign into the fabulous Polyvore site and create a Kate Spade set using one of the quotes as well as using at least three Kate items. I love love love that site. You can waste loads of time dreaming up outfits, but its so much fun! I themed my set around being the belle of the party! Yep, I'm dreaming of having a party at our little yellow house this Fall. I do hope you can join us!

xoxo~ Becca

Monday, July 26, 2010

living with a boy

Moving to Florida was a big step. few years I have lived on my own in a very girly apartment in DC. My kitchen had pictures of cupcakes and a hot pink candelabra in it. My bedroom had a pink wall with a framed picture of the fabulous old movie with Doris Day, Pillow Talk. I had framed photos of girlfriends and family all over the place. Handbags, shoes and well....stuff took over my apartment. My bathtub was line with girly products that I would use, well once and awhile. I had a few of my collectible Barbies in my bedroom.
Well I guess what I am going towards is wow, life has changed.

I am lucky to have a boyfriend who is totally fine with me hanging up what I want and decorating the house how I wish. However, I still have this thought in my head that I can not go around decorating the place pink all over with a little sparkle here and there and pictures of Paris all over. Last week I almost finished the guest room and was pretty happy. I feel like it is a great compromise of boy & girl. Thoughts?

My side of the bedroom. My nightstand makes me feel like its home now. Beau's side, well I think he has a water glass and a light. Hey, its a start:)

I think I am going to bring this picture to work. I LOVE IT. However, is this OK for me to hang in our small house? I don't know. Where would I place it? The whole thing is about being a girl.
And all of my cupcake prints. What to do with these????
So here is the new bedroom! I am LOVING my black wall. Every night I say I am going to sleep in here and try out the new room. Maybe tonight? I love it.

There is so much more to do but it is coming along! I will keep you posted on the house changes. As everybody says, one day at a time!


Monday, July 19, 2010

an art gallery? a pastry shop in Paris!

I had a moment this weekend where I thought, "ooooo, I wish I was in Paris!"

OK the truth is, it probably flashes in my head two or three times a day. {sigh} So while researching for an upcoming event at work, I stumbled upon this amazing place in Paris!
La Patisserie des Reves.The bakery looks different then all of the other beautiful Paris bakeries. The space almost looks like an art gallery with the
pastries spread through out the space as an exhibit.

Wish I was the girl in the photo above in the cute pink flats. I would be torn over the macaroon or the pretty pink puffy pastry.

What is this? A beautiful french cupcake?:) The man behind the gorgeous spot is Philippe Conticini. He wrote a cookbook called Sensations Nutella, all about items made with Nutella. Now that sounds delightful as well. Oui! Next time I'm in Paris, I'll have to stop by!

Day dreaming is great! xoxo~Becca

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As most of you know my beau is Dutch. So as you can imagine, these past few weeks have been exciting to see his Dutch Orangemen winning game after game during the World Cup! Sunday's game was exciting and even though the outcome was not what we wanted.....I still love the ORANGE! Hey, I'm still cheering them on!

An orange creamsicle milkshake sounds delightful right now.

I have always been an Orangeman at heart. REAL WOMEN WEAR ORANGE! Me and my two sisters are all Orangemen alum from Syracuse. Maybe it was meant to be that I paired up with another Orangeman;)

Butternut squash soup. Yum. The color is so beautiful and the taste makes me crave Fall!

Orange ranunculus are such beautiful fragile flowers.

Mrs. Lilien's blog is just so amazing. I am always inspired by her fun posts. How about this citrus themed post? How great is the dress.

Loving this orange dress from Isaac Mizrahi.
I have a pair of yellow converse, but the orange are tempting. They make me think of my grandpa who use to have a pair just like these and take 3 mile walks in the morning.

And to the wonderful Orangemen and WOMEN of Holland!
You ROCK! See you in 4 years! I'm still cheering you on.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I heart

I'm in LOVE, obsessed, I heart this table! I have seen it posted on a few blogs but had to re post it so NOBODY would miss it. Our house is not put together at all, but I dream of the day I can set a table like this and invite guests over. Yes, totally inspired!
Eddie Ross, decorator and entertainer created the look.
Thank you for making a beautiful display!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ice Cream Month!

Where did June go? How is it almost July 4th???? Oh my! Well it is now..... National Ice Cream Month! Ice Cream is absolutely up on my list as one of my favorite foods.
It is so HOT in Florida that all I want to do at night is have a cup of ice cream,
a Popsicle, a Skinny Cow (beau is addicted to!).
There is nothing like going to get ice cream after dinner on a hot summer night, I love it.
I have always wanted to have a dinner party and serve ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
A fun child like twist on these desserts. Cookies and creamy cold goodness.

How pretty and patriotic are these cones! One of each please.

I heart just about everything that Amy Atlas creates. Check out the ice cream cupcakes she made for this month's INStyle magazine here !

Today on
Daily Candy Miami I read about a bar that is serving unique flavors for $3 a scoop, Coral Bar at the Tides Hotel. Beau and I must take a trip down 95 to get ice cream on South Beach some night soon. They have an ice cream laboratory, a sommelier, toppings cart with flavors like balsamic soaked strawberries! Salty dulce de leche ice cream with popcorn! Need I say more. Not only does the ice cream look amazing but so do the chic rooms designed by the one and only Kelly Wearstler.
Ice Cream date?
For all of you DC readers....have you checked out the new gelato spot in Chinatown?
Pitango Gelato! I use to walk by this place on my way to work, thank goodness it
wasn't opened then. I might have been there every day.
Spicy Chocolate and Bourbon Vanilla gelato sound heavenly!

Enjoy the holiday weekend. GO get a scoop of ice cream....or two! Happy 4th:)


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