Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Weekend!

{photo taken from my iPhone at the Fort Lauderdale Beach} 

I am so very very happy to see the weekend here! Last week I was on the road all week and then came home, got the house ready and have had visitors all week. With so much to get done on the horizon, I am looking forward to some quiet me time this weekend to get a lot checked off of my to- do list. I spent a little time catching up on some blog reading this morning and had to share these wonderful links with you. Happy Weekend everyone! xoxo~Becca

I keep replaying this stop motion film we featured for this Florida wedding, isn't it adorable. 

I think I may pretty up some envelopes using these easy steps.

Caramel Brownie Pies sound a bit dangerous but also a bit delicious.  

Floridian Weddings is giving away A LOT of amazing goodies! Enter HERE, HERE and HERE

OK, I know I've said it before, but I've gained a lot of lbs, this looks like something I can stick with. 

I would like one of each of these cake prints in our house please. 

How adorable is this couple in denim and white for the engagement photos, too cute! 

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