Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Are Invited: Blogger Brunch

I have been wanting to plan a blogger get together for quite some time now, so I was quite excited when Bobbi with Today I Am Bobbi said she would co host with me. All of us bloggers spend so much time behind our computers and once and awhile it is so nice to meet up in person and share new ideas and chat. We hope that you can make it! 
Saturday, 25th of October, 2014. Blogger Brunch! 
Details below: 
I have met some great friends through blogging, I hope we can meet up on the 25th of October! Wedding bloggers, fashion blogger, DIY blogger, travel blogger, whatever you may be, we would love to meet you! 

See you there! xoxo - Becca

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Dress Hunt

It has been over three months since Mr. Beau and I walked down the aisle, I can not believe how time flies! I was working at a wedding this weekend and couldn't stop thinking about our big day,  I wanted to press rewind and do it all again. I was thinking of putting on my wedding dress and sitting on the couch tonight, that would be normal, right? I loved my dress so much, thank goodness. The amount of time that I spent finding one, fittings, travel, etc. all for my wedding dress was well worth it. I felt like a princess on my wedding day and truly was so happy at the choice I made in my dress. I've written this post a few times but thought I would dust press POST and share a little of my wedding dress shopping story and some tips I think are helpful along the way. Here goes….
Girls often dream of their wedding dress and have the exact image of what it will be like from the minute they get engaged. I know of some girls who went out wedding dress shopping and purchased their dress the month they got engaged, oh my! I chose a bit of a different route for my dress and spent a bit of time making sure it was "the one". Mr. Beau and I got engaged almost two years before our big day. We were moving to London and the thought of where we would be getting married, our budget, time of year, etc. had not even crossed my mind. For fun, I went to one boutique with my mom just before flying across the pond just so she could see me try on dresses and I could get an idea on style, however, I didn't actuality purchase my dress until seven months before my big day. Take your time, make sure it is the one you love! 

{during my trip to Brown's Bridal with my Mom and Mother in Law. I fell in LOVE with a dress here but had to back away twice, as I would have spent almost three times as much as I really did, not worth it.}

Friday, October 10, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 36

Yay! Today is Blog Awards Day! I am so looking forward to dressing up and catching up with so many amazing wedding ladies tonight at the Savoy, what a perfect way to end the week, I fancy that! I know there has been a bit of radio silence around here, and to say I have been busy may be an understatement. I just returned back from the States where I attended a good friends weddig, visiting my new little nephew, oh right, planning a couples wedding tomorrow, planning so many events at my day job, planning a blogger get together and yep, starting a new little business
Phew. I do fancy that is Friday! See you next week!

1. Wow, so if we got married again, could I wear a pink sequin wedding dress with a bow…maybe! This dress collection on Wedding Sparrow is pretty amazing. 

2. The Mrs. Box - I know I am already married but hey, I am so in love with these Mrs. velvet box, WITH your monogram in it. What a beautiful idea, what a keepsake! 

3. How fun are these bangle bracelets. I'm loving the new fun bracelets from

4. Berinmade's new print line is lovely. Her notepads, cards, everything needs to be placed on my desk! I couldn't think of something more perfect, then this LOVE Flamingo print, that we could hang up in our in progress decorated bedroom. 

5. Lauren Conrad's House Tour - So ya, I would like to jump right in, OK, move right into Lauren Conrad's house. Did you see the tour on Instyle?

6. Being an Auntie Rocks! I got to meet my nephew during our trip to the States, #babyninjamax216 and honestly, I'm so in love! The first baby on my side of the family, he is a sweet little man and anytime I'm in a  bad mood, thinking of his little smile and his cuddle time during our visit, makes me all the happier! {Oh my, my sister posted her birth story, it is beautiful!}

7. New Healthy Fall Recipes - OK, so I am trying to be SO good since we arrived back in London from our very indulgent trip to the States. This being said…I am still craving Fall sweets! I found this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Breakfast Cookies & Paleo Salted Caramel Chocolate Bites and I think…I may be making one Sunday. HealthieRRRR right?

xoxo - Becca

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Red Lip

I have talked a lot before about my love of lipstick. You may say I'm a lipstick addict, lip gloss junkie, call it whatever you may like! You are right, this lady loves a new lipstick. Can't afford a new fancy purse, buy a new lipstick, it will make you happy. One shade of lipstick I have never seem to find the perfect one of is, the red lip, well, until now! 
 I have recently received a lot of questions about what brand my new red lipstick is that you may see me wearing a lot on Instagram . A few months ago when my sister was visiting for our wedding, after day three of seeing her in this awesome red shade and it NEVER coming off, I blurted out and interrupted…what are you wearing! She spilled her secret of her favorite new thing and now I'm a convert. Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery
 Let me tell you ladies, this stuff goes a LONG way! It is RED red RED! Use a little brush instead of the applicator that comes with it and give yourself a minute to apply. This lipstick stays pretty much all day long, so when you apply it, make it perfect.
 The perfect red for all day, for a wedding or a night out on the town, Stila's Fiery is pretty much the best new thing in my makeup bag. Highly recommend that you indulge in a little £15 treat and go try it out. 
Have you had any new beauty finds? Do share! 

xoxo - Becca

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