Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bash Booth

A couple of weeks ago we had a little celebration for Floridian Weddings and the BASH BOOTH was there to help us add more fun to the Bash! If you are getting married soon and looking for an alternative to the traditional old fashioned photo booths, the Bash Booth is what you need to get!!!! 

Bash Booth allows your guests to take unlimited photos with studio lighting and you can fit multiple guests in the shot. Not only are there really fun backdrop options to choose from {like the amazing ribbon one we had below!} but they also include some adorable props. 

Can't you tell that we were having quite the party with our Bash Booth! Add one friend, two friends, three friends to the photo...a glass of wine and a mustache:) 

Find out more details on Bash Booth HERE and check out there Facebook page HERE

xoxo~ Becca

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  1. You are just the cutest girl in the world!!! Loved meeting you this weekend. xoxo


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