Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day ~ The Royal Way

It is 4:00am, rise & shine! The wedding is day here! Princes William and Catherine Middleton {or Kate & Wills} are getting married today. We have blogged about it, read about it, watched movies on it, well they actually are getting married! Wow, I can't imagine to wake up in her mind today. I am in Boston at one of my besties place, ready to watch everything LIVE. I have no doubt it will be beyond spectacular!

Cheers~ Becca

{images from Etsy Shops: Helena Carrington & House that Lars Built}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Party Family

If you weren't already aware, the soon to be Princess Catherine comes from quite the party family. Working in the event business I love that Kate Middleton's family is in the event world also! See, I have something in common with her. Yes, tomorrow there will be a lot of royal official traditions that Kate has to follow, but I am sure she has added a little of her own touches to the event, as it seems with the advice of her family she knows where to get it!

Kate's parents own and run the business, Party Pieces, the online party supply store that she also worked at for many years. Check it out, it is quite a cute business!

Do you think Kate ordered these butterflies for a bridal luncheon?

I love the British tea party theme. I wonder if Kate wasn't the bride to be, if they would have an entire Royal Wedding section? hmmm?

Pretty table recommendations on their blog, Party Times.

Kate's younger brother, James Middleton, branched out from his parents business and opened up The Cake Kit Company. Cake Kit allows you to be a complete box with the pans, ingredients, icings and all of the decor.

Then there is Pippa, the youngest sister, Kate's maid of honor. First off, have I mentioned I love love the name Pippa, too cute, OK anyways.... Pippa works for a wonderful British catering company, Table Talk.

If I were ever to move to London, you think I could work at Table Talk? Maybe Pippa will be moving on to plan events for Kate and William?

Yes, I have the Royal Wedding Bug! I can't wait to see the event tomorrow. It is so very exciting and is going to change the event world a bit. Whatever dress Kate is wearing, however the Abby is decorated, whatever type of cake they have, those are only a few of trends that are to come in the event world.

Cheers! ~Becca

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ Princess Brides

In only a few days Kate Middleton be added to this list of forever iconic Princess Brides.

Queen Victoria, 1840. Great great great great grandmother of Prince William. Victoria and Albert had such a romantic love story. She was one of the first to wear a white wedding dress as seen below.

The Queen Mom, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, 1923.
Queen Elizabeth II, 1947.

Princess Margaret, 1960.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, 1966.

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, 2002.

Princess Grace of Monaco, 1956.
Princess Victoria of Sweden, 2010.

Princess Diana of Wales, 1981.

I was just a baby to actually remember the live broadcast of Diana and Charles, however I always remember my sisters talking about it. We had Princess Diana paper dolls that we lived playing with that had her big pouffy white dress. My grandmother would talk about the Royal family as if she knew them as neighbors. I read the Princess Diana Biography. When I studied abroad in London I loved taking tours of the royal life. The picture below is of Diana riding to the church on her wedding day. Wow, what do you think was going through her mind that morning!

Lady Diana Spencer & Father <span class=

Can't wait to post pictures of Kate and them into the Princess Wedding images!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Party ~ Part Two

For my Royal Party last week I wanted to have a mix of sweets and savory treats that everybody could enjoy after work. I would have loved to offer only tea and scones, but who wants only tea after work? Here is the menu I served and they were all simple and would taste perfect Friday morning at 4am while watching the wedding live!

Tea Sandwiches

Crudites Display with Queen Goddess Dressing

Sweet Basil Cheesecake with Crackers {new favorite recipe here!}

Lemon Tarts with Raspberries

Kate and William Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Prosecco Bar

British Candy

Chocolate Biscuit Cake - An easy no bake cake that is said to be the Queen's favorite treat to eat with her afternoon cake. Prince William's groom cake has been confirmed that it will be a biscuit cake, get the recipe here.

Laura at Make Merry Events created the Kate and William logo and I had Sheila at Couture Confections make these lovely adorable sugar cookies for me.

I am SO in love with this picture and the cookies!

Easy and delicious, tea sandwiches. Asparagus honey mustard and turkey, cucumber and cream cheese and tomato mozzarella all displayed on a three tiered stand were quite a nice hit.

Easy, pretty and a lovely alternative to only offering wine. I offered multiple ingredients that guests could add to their glass of prosecco: meyer lemon simple syrup, mint, raspberries, peach nectar, St. Germaine {my favorite!}. Get creative and make your own ingredients.
How cute is this sign! Should have been me, but oh well, a glass of prosecco will do!

Katie from Stella and Dot brought Chocolate Chip Scones on her adorable royal cake stand, the crown was perfect!
Thank you Laura, Katie and Sheila for the wonderful additions! I always love

a reason to host a party and this wedding has made us all a little wedding crazy, I think it is exciting!!!!

What are you doing to celebrate? Any fun plans? I would love to hear!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Royal Party ~ Part One

Last week I had a Royal Party and I have been so excited to share the pictures with you! After a busy Easter weekend I finally had time to get it together today and share the details with you. I hope you find the party fit for a queen, or a princess like soon to be Kate!

I have had these plates for a couple of years and didn't they come in handy for a perfect soiree!

Katie with Stella and Dot brought all of the beautiful jewels! {For those of you who couldn't make it, and would like some for yourself, you can go to then click find a hostess in the upper right corner and enter my name and start shopping! This necklace is one of my favorite pieces of bling to wear to a party or dress up a simple lbd!

The tea towel I purchased from Taylors Type on Etsy created a perfect, simple and easy statement above my mantel.

I set out an easy mix of roses that made me think of the beautiful roses in all of the British Gardens, ooo, they have such beautiful gardens even in small houses! Place a mix of roses in tea cups and tea tins for a simple chic Brit feel.

I sported my own British headpiece at the party. Kate Middleton always knows how to sport a stylish fascinator so I had to break out my own. Laura from Make Merry Events and I had a fabulous evening!

Laura created this amazing English Bunting Garland for the evening. Check out her adorable blog for a template of how you can create your own.

At the end of the evening after ordering some jewels for your mum, drinking a few glasses of prosecco and celebrating the upcoming wedding celebration everyone left with a little royal candy.

Easy ideas and a great reason to get together! I will post more about the English menu party ideas to make! oooo, can't wait to see the real Royal Affair on Friday morning.


Friday, April 22, 2011

As Seen In

Wednesday night when I hosted my Royal party, it was also a royal jewels Stella and Dot party in the same night! Our thought was, a fun excuse to get girls together to mingle, a reason to talk Royal Wedding talk and a good time to buy some presents for your Mum for Mother's Day!

I know I have talked about them before, but honestly, there are so many cute pieces available on Stella and Dot, I love the jewelry! Recently I have seen their items featured in so many magazines and online. Look below for all of the beautiful new pieces they have brought out this season. Adorable, stylish, really cute.
The silver chain necklace above, I have it. Gorgeous! I can't tell you the amount of compliments I get on it! Paired with a white t shirt, a dressy LBD, jeans and heels, its fabulous!

If you are not familiar with the company, read this article about the Founder, Jessica Herrin here. Listed as #67 on Inc. 500 Superstar Entrepreneurs, that's amazing! She has built quite the company.

Check out the site here. For those of you who couldn't make it to my Royal Affair, if you want to place an order for you or in time for Mother's Day you can go to the site then click find a hostess in the upper right corner and enter my name and start shopping!

You need some jewels to dress in the correct british wedding attire correct? Or I am sure you will find something for your mum!

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Royal Affair

Tonight I am hosting a Royal Affair! I am so looking forward to a wonderful little get together with the help of Katie Moses from Stella and Dot and Laura McGlynn from Make Merry! . It should be a fun night of royal jewels {oh yes, Stella and Dot has some royal worthy jewels}, scones, bubbly, British gossip tabloid reading and meeting new Florida girls. Pictures to come later this week. Wish you could all make it!


{image created by Make Merry! }

Princess Bride

Last week beau decided that since we are heading to London in June we mine as well {twist my arm} head to Ireland and visit his college friend who works at Lough Eske Castle . I'm not going to lie, when I looked at the website I may have let out a little cheer of excitement. Honestly, the place is GORGEOUS, it looks like a dreamland. His friend has already reminded me many of times that is one of Ireland's number one wedding sites, hint hint, anyways....

{photo courtesy of Lough Eske}

Filled with excitement of staying at a beautiful castle {now a gorgeous resort with running water and all of those amenities that the true old castles lacked} I begin browsing the gorgeous weddings that have taken place at real castles. You would truly be a princess bride getting married here...or at least feel like one!

{image courtesy of sister of the bride Lizanne}

{photo courtesy of Craig & Eva Sanders Photography via Style Me Pretty}

{photos courtesy of Polly Alexandre Photography via Style Me Pretty}

I had to post this picture of the bridesmaid. I mean really, if you are attending a castle wedding you must dress in style for sure!


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