Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday : Thank You Cards

I thought it was only fitting that I the day before Thanksgiving I share some of my thank you cards and tips with you. As of last week, Mr. Beau and I have been married for five months, yiiipppeee! The most memorable perfect day of our lives seems like forever ago, but I can remember every thing like it was yesterday. We will both be forever grateful for everyone who helped us with planning our big day, attending our big day, sending us gifts, cards, texts, etc, it was amazing and we are thankful! When the task of writing thank you cards came I felt that I had told most people thank you 100 times already, however I wanted to send a special card to thank them officially, as you should.
After much searching, I finally decided on the photo cards from BerinMade. I had decided on these before our wedding because I did not want to wait too long in sending them out.  I absolutely love Erin's work and I wanted to send a photo of us out to friends before Chrstimas card season and a short note and links to our video and photos. I was beyond happy with the Lettered Thank You cards we chose, picking the image on the other hand was hard! 

If you are thinking of personalized cards, I recommend you request a photo from your photographer right after the wedding or order non photo ones with your new name, before the wedding so you can send straight away. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifts Under £50

Every year about this time I start thinking to myself…oh what am I going to get everyone for Christmas! With our wedding this past summer and a lot of travel in between for other friends weddings, I am trying to stick to a budget but still get nice and meaningful gifts. I love finding sweet gifts that do not break the bank and on their own or paired with something else, are an extra special gift under the tree. 
A few of my thoughts below for little Christmas gifts all under £50! 

1. Alphabet Bags Let's Dance - I am a huge fan of Alphabet Bags! I love this adorable pouch that can be used as a cosmetic bag or a clutch. 

2. Prestat Thins  - Hostess gift, gift to add with a nice book or a bottle of champagne, these salted caramel thins are pretty much AMAZING. Who wouldn't like these! 

3. Prestat Liberty Truffles - And as if Prestat chocolates were not amazing enough … Liberty has partnered with them for some amazing and pretty packaging. Perfect gift. 

4. Elizabeth Taylor Print - Ooo la la. I would love this Dottie Rocks print on my wall. 

5.  Handwritten Personalized Necklace - WOW! I saw this for less then £50 and let out a little yippee! I would love my new last name handwritten on a necklace, what a great gift. 

6. Bobbi Brown Eye Palette - Sparkly eye shadow for daytime and evening, perfect for everyday. 

7. Le Paperie Studio Tray   - A little lucite tray on your dresser is what every lady needs. 

8. Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener - Now how fun is this party accessory for the hostess! 

9. Green Goddess Earrings  - Yes! These are less then £20! How pretty are they. 

10. Kate Spade Fancy Another Serving Tray  - Wow. I think I fancy this. Can I get myself a gift? 

Happy Shopping!!! xoxo - Becca

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fancy Saturday v. 36

Ok, I know, I usually post Fancy on FRIDAY, however, with a week full of events, I thought it would be fun to post on the weekend. It is a rainy weekend here in London and Mr. Beau and I are hanging around our flat getting ready for Friendsgiving next week. I've been writing the menu and putting together the decor and am excited to have our London friends over to our flat as our first Thanksgiving as mr. & mrs. hee hee. Along the way this week there have been so many ideas and inspirations and things that I fancy, I had to share. 

1. Plaid Pants from Old Navy - Truly obsessed with these little pixie pants. They would be a holiday favorite in my closet! 

2. Studio DIY Wedding - awwwww. This wedding is so up my alley! I told Mr. Beau that if we an celebrate again….we are putting flamingos all over. Such a pretty mix of classy and fun. 

3. What Would Beyonce Do Dottie Rocks - Who doesn't need these pencils! I mean, when I have a mental block I think…what would Beyonce do?;) So cute! 

4. John Lewis Christmas Candle - I love this candle. When you light it, it makes your flat smell like a Christmas tree. I can not wait to make our place feel all cozy and warm this year. 

5. The Trouvaille Workshop  - I have been thinking A LOT about my goals for next year. Where I want to be and what I want to do. I really want to invest in attending some workshops and getting myself out of this rut I've been in. I want to grow and build my business with meaningful events. Has anyone been to the Trouvaille Workshop. It looks amazing, I know its an investment but I would SO love to go! 

6. Hand Painted World Globe   - Christmas gift list, a beautiful painted globe. Anybody else loving this?

Have a great weekend!!! xoxo - Becca

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall In Love With Fall Blogger Brunch

When I started writing this blog five years ago, never would I have guessed I would be where I am now. Living in London and having met so many amazing people through Urban Flip Flops! Right at the time I moved to London a friend of mine connected me with another American expat who had just made the move as well, Bobbi. Bobbi and I met a couple of times and connected through the blog world and social media and over the past two years started chatting about all of the amazing bloggers in London. What we kept coming back to is how great it is when we meet in person! Being behind a computer all day and meeting in person are such difference things, get togethers are WAY more fun and so nice! SO, we decided to host our first blogger get together and celebrated the season we love most, FALL!  Getting together a group of creative ladies requires some creative items throughout. Since I am an event planner professional and a wedding and special event planner on my own, hosting an event is pretty much one of the top of my list of fun things  to do. So with a little sequins, some inspirational prints, yummy cocktails, glittery name tags, amazing menus and lots of fun girl talk, it was a lovely brunch at the BFI bar and kitchen

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wedding Blog Awards 2014

A month ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2014 Wedding Magazine Blog Awards and truly it was all in thanks to my amazing readers! Thank you! This past year has been amazing and also a big crazy and stressful. It has been hard to keep up my blog along with wedding planning, planning other weddings, a new full time job and travel, however, I have been posting and you have been reading and I'm so glad you have enjoyed it! Keep reading below for more about our fabulous night at the swanky Savoy London

Friday, November 14, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 37

Friday. Friday. Friday. How I love you Friday! I know I say it often how much I love Friday and the weekend, but it is so true. Recently me and Mr. Beau have been on the go every day and night and with work and other commitments we are just plain out busy, as I know so many of us are. I have so come to cherish every minute of our weekends, starting with drinks and dinner on Friday night and long walks on Saturday. This weekend we have a dinner with friends tonight and then a fun reservation tomorrow evening {has anyone been to the Typing Room ?}, but other then that, nothing. Am I like anyone else who loves having an open diary for the weekend? I fancy that! 

Throughout the week I have found some little items that I can't wait to try out, make, splurge on, etc. From decorating for the holidays, to changing up my Fall/Winter beauty routine, there are so many little things I fancied this week! 

1. Bow Bowtie ASOS - Such an inexpensive way to add some glam to your outfit. Purchased! 

2, A healthy Fall Cranberry Smoothie 

3. omg, this Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich looks like the gourmet Thanksgiving leftover recipe.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - Does anyone use this? I tried it out at the counter the other day and am kind of loving it. It made my skin feel smooth for hours. Worth the splurge? I do love her products. 

5. Michie May Give Thanks Banner - Thinking I may need to get this or make one for Friendsgiving.
6. Rifle & Paper Crown Collaboration - I am BEYOND excited to see this collaboration. I am saving up for one of the pretty flower dresses. 

7. Lots & Lots Jewelled Cuff - amazing easy idea for a new cuff! 

8. Tulle Skirt & Polka Dots - This picture has inspired me to break out my tutu and wear it again soon. 

9. Monogrammed Phone Case Pretty Smitten - I've been looking for a new phone case and I think this is the one. Simple but pretty and chic. Ya?

Happy Friday! xoxo - Becca

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Card Love

Every year I get excited about receiving Christmas cards and sending them out! In the time we live in, with us constantly communicating on social media, emails and text, it is so nice to receive an old fashioned card in the mail with a handwritten note. I have mentioned in the past that I am a huge letter writing fan and so you can imagine how much I love searching the shops and the internet for Christmas cards. In the past years we have made personalized cards from Minted that I absolutely LOVE. This year with our wedding only a few months ago, I decided that maybe instead of custom cards, we buy a few single lovely cards and send a few less out this year. While searching for unique and independent made cards, I couldn't help but share my favorites with you. Here are a few of my favorite cards that I know I would love receiving in my mailbox! 

xoxo  - Becca

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Recently I was talking to a friend who had just gotten married and she mentioned how stressful and rushed the morning of her wedding day was. I felt bad blurting out, mine was the best morning ever, but it truly was that I couldn't hold it back. I feel bad that anyone's wedding morning would not be a good memory. I remember during all of the wedding planning, it was so important to me and Mr. Beau that the two days before our wedding and our wedding day, would just be fun and relaxed. I wanted nothing more then to wake up on my wedding day and have a memorable morning getting ready with my mom, mother in law, sisters and girlfriends. They were a huge part of my life and I wanted to thank them and make them feel special as well as making me feel calm and happy. I couldn't sleep any longer the morning of our wedding, so I woke up early and was the first one in the room, I order a cappuccino and the picture below says it all, it was the best day ever! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Afternoon at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I posted about our lunch at Petersham Nurseries {amazing} so since we were already over in Richmond, we decided to stop by Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens has been one of the spots on my places to visit in London for awhile now. The royal botanical gardens that are full of over 30,000 types of plants and flowers, sounded amazing to me. A day full of sunshine, after a long leisurely lunch called for a few hours of walking through the plants and flowers of Kew Gardens, and it was beautiful.  
 The site is over 300 acres large and has the amazing picturesque glasshouses that I remember learning about when I was studying abroad here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

An Afternoon at Petersham Nurseries

It is officially mid fall here in London. The days have gotten shorter, there is a chill in the air and the summer days full of sunshine that we had in London this year seem years ago at this moment. I was thinking over the summer today and remembered our day out in Richmond that we had, lunch at Petersham Nurseries and then a stop at Kew Garden, it was a truly lovely day! I heard so many wonderful things about the Cafe and was itching to make a trip out to Richmond for the day. We took the overground from Highbury/Islington and were out in Richmond in 45 minutes. What a beautiful spot outside of the city for a Sunday lunch, it certainly is a refuge from the city as it states on its website!
Petersham Nurseries was opened in the 1970's and has been a highly acclaimed nursery and spot to meet friends for lunch for quiet some time since. The nursery includes a restaurant, tea house, shop and of course the garden. Some day when we win the lottery and get our Georgian mansion in Richmond, I am decorating the sun room from top to bottom in items from the shop {hey a girl can dream right!}. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blogger Brunch & Getting Back To It!

Hello! Well I am not even sure where to start, lets just say, phew, it has been a crazy busy month! October was 100% busy. I travelled to France and toured the amazing wineries of Bordeaux, I planned a wedding for a lovely couple in London, hosted a blogger brunch, I planned a post movie premier dinner at work, a few other events at work, had a lot of tastings and oh right, we travelled to the States for a friends wedding, my my my. This week I woke up feeling run down and sniffly, I think this was a sign for me to take a break and get some rest. Recently with all the running around going on, when I get home late from work, all I want to do is talk to my husband and cuddle with Sir Oliver, so unfortunately my blog has been neglected. Last weekend the lovely Teri with The Lovely Drawer
 hosted a casual blogger brunch at her flat and being surrounded by these amazing and creative ladies got me excited and ready to write again!
So often us bloggers "meet" online. We tweet to one another, post comments on each others blogs and Instagram feeds and we often rarely or if ever meet in person. These past two weekends since I have hosted a brunch and attended Teri's brunch, it has really got me excited again about blogging. Meeting the ladies behind the blog in person is always amazing to hear each others stories of how much we are working to create the life we want. It amazes me to meet the amount of creative ladies there are in the blog world, they are full of talent and excitement and most everyone started out blogging for the same reason, to share the things you love with friends, family and the world. 
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