Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charity featured on Design Sponge

My older sister Charity was featured on the amazing blog, Design Sponge, yesterday. I have been dying to share a few pics with you because I was SO excited when I found out the news! You would have thought I was being featured with the amount of excitement I had for her.

Charity is pretty crazy creative. She is an amazingly talented graphic designer who owns her own boutique design firm, Chartreuse , outside of Cleveland Ohio. Yes, I get it, I'm her baby sister, however, other people agree, she is pretty fabulous! She spent the last year fixing up her house and it is looking kind of ridiculously amazing. I know she was ecstatic to be featured on the wonderful Design Sponge blog....check out a few sneak peaks here....

My nephew pug, "Sir Franklin" being welcomed inside the house. I LOVE this picture!

Chair turned her guest bedroom into a closet. This use to be where my other fabulous sister Katie and I would sleep when we visited. Now do we sleep in the closet? Like the old woman in the shoe? That could be fun! Sigh, I wonder if Beau would let me do this! It is tempting!

The bathroom is a beautiful white on white and I am especially in LOVE with the pink glitter banner!
How amazing are the yellow chairs! Knowing my sister she found them on the corner of the street in the trash and now the look like the could be in an Anthropologie catalog.

My sister's sneak peek has inspired me to re do our house. I have lived here for well over a year now...what am I waiting for! Check out the entire article here, it is pretty fabulous! Way to go Chair!
xoxo~ little sister Rebecca

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  1. Awesome - love the sister power! Amazing pics... thanks for sharing!


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