Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Weekend Getaway

I have three weddings in August, which means three weekends of working. Next weekend is WIDE open and Beau and I are looking to get out of town! Any suggestions? We are looking at Cornwall or the New Forest, thoughts?
 Cornwall. The seaside bit of England that looks LOVELY in the Summer time. Any hotel thoughts? Restaurants? 
 Or the New Forest? Hello, there are wild ponies around the beach!!!

I would love any suggestions! xoxo - Becca

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Dream Shop : My Paper Store

I often dream of opening a little paper shop. A stationary shop stocked with all of my favorite cards, journals, pencils and gifts. I know I have mentioned my of love paper products and writing letters before and yes, I can dream. A little stationary shop, selling little sweets and party ideas. Thinking of it and dreaming of what I would stock! 

Adorable Pencils from Amanda Catherine Des

Beautiful Flower Notecards from Berin Made

London Letterpress Cards from Archivistgallery

My all time favorite Le Pens would be filling cups around the shop! 

Sugar Paper Note Cards and Note Sets all covered in gold and bows

To do notepads in happy colors from Pencil Shavings

Rifle telephone notepads, the perfect place to write a message

Emily Ley to do list daily notepads

My love of stationary has been around since my early sticker collection! haha, remember those! What would you add? Want to open up shop? 

xoxo - Becca

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Afternoon Blog Break

This weekend was great! No plans. Went to Oxford Friday evening, got a manicure Saturday, Indian Take Away and a movie Saturday night, Brunch with friends and  walk in the park Sunday. Quite, calm, nice! Back to the office this week getting ready for a wedding this weekend. I've found myself catching up on some fun blog reading Sunday and had to share for your Monday afternoon cup of coffee break! Happy week ahead. 
{Image by Erin McGinn posted on Style Me Pretty}

This wedding is pretty much nothing but gorgeous on Style Me Pretty by Jose Villa. Classic. Servers in tuxedos with guests place cards, I love it. The inspiration behind  it was classic and beautiful. 

I always loving watching Stephanie with Couture Parties on Instagram and LOVED her employee appreciation party. I dream of my future office like this:) 

I LOVE THESE Posts over on vmacandcheese about the men behind the blogger. I know my Beau supports what I do and I love reading the scoop from other men behind the blog:)

I agree with this. A fancy passport cover, something I would never buy myself, but what a nice gift it would be! 

I shared this pic of Pouffy! with my whole office because, well, it just makes you smile!!!! 

I can not WAIT for J.Crew to open in London!!! For now I have my eye on these few items: necklace, a pineapple bikini for our trip to Bali, classic flats for walking around the city!

Did I mention that the Meringue Girls have a new book coming out! WOW, they are SO good, how I hope we can add some of their yummy treats to our June wedding!

These pictures of the bride to be with balloons that Michelle took make me SO happy. I think I need some balloons! 

Found any fun finds? New reads? xoxo - Becca

Friday, July 26, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.12

I had a four day week, I went to Buckingham Palace and saw the official announcement of Baby George, I had a little project featured on a major wedding blog, I enjoyed a night on the park with friends, Beau, Oliver and Pimm's and ready to see the weekend here! Between reading up on Kate, William and George's latest moves, I found a few things I fancy this week, you? Happy Friday! 
1. Ashley Brooke Designs Brilliant Idea Notepad - Love gold foil. Love paper products. Love the little items on Ashley's shop! 

2. Kate Middleton the glowing New Mom - Ok I know that her hairdresser did her hair before taking the picture. I know she had a custom Jenny Packham dress on as well and yes, I know she is holding the heir to the throne of England, however, lets not hate, she looks happy and gorgeous and like a happy new mom! I love seeing Kate and little George! I fancy it! 

3. Sweet Little One - Not only did Kate give birth to an adorable baby boy this week, one of my best girlfriends did as well! I love this line of cards and new little baby Holden might need one!

4. Pink Cocktail Ring - I have no reason for it, but all I know is, I need this big candy like pink cocktail ring! 

5. Brunch in a Box - I was excited to have a little project I did with the help of Laura and Kylee on Wedding Chicks this week! 

6. Striped Shirt  - St. James Breton Shirt. The shirt I've been eyeing for awhile! The stripe is perfect and the buttons are fab as well. Hhmmmm, when I go to Paris in August, I may need this shirt! 

7. Gold Sequin Linen - I have started the design, brainstorm session for our wedding next Summer. A little splash of gold, like these table linens, will be in order! 

What do you Fancy? Happy Friday! 

xoxo - Becca

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Baby Queue for The Royal Prince

Yesterday morning was a muggy, hot, thundering, rainy day here in London. I was heading into work late because I had a late night client appointment ahead of me and thought, why not stop at Buckingham Palace first. Right? Why not! My friend Ann and I thought about not going, why would we, it was just an easel, but come on, we live in London, lets play tourist. For goodness sake, a new Prince was born! So we hopped on the tube and went to Buckingham Palace to celebrate this little new little guy! 
 8:00am and the queue was already about twenty minutes long! We kept laughing at ourselves that we were waiting in line to see an easel with a printed paper on it, but come on, it is history and it was fun. 
 We waited with the guards....
 and were able to read the official announcement the a little baby born was born!
 The media around was fun to see with the Union Jack flags waving around the park. I'm glad we went down! 
{Image from Vogue}
Later on yesterday, a little down the road from the Palace, Kate and William introduced the world to their little guy {as if you may have missed it!}. These pictures are stunning! I thought they seemed like any other adorable young couple with a baby. Kate was glowing {nothing to do with her personal hairstylist stopping by!} and they were happy and sweet to the media. 
{Image from Vogue}
{Image from Vogue}
I love that Prince William drove the family home. The Duchess and her two future kings in a Range Rover. Oh the fun of the royalty! Cheers to the new little Prince! More adventures in London to share I am sure! 

xoxo~ Becca

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flowery Pants

I can't get my mind off this pair of floral jeans I saw at the Gap last month. I wasn't quite sure about the flowery print pants, but after seeing some ladies around the city rockin them, my mind has changed. Floral jeans, floral pants, I need some of you in my wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorite trousers {yes, not pants, trousers are much more British!} in the the flowery patterns I love.

See the ladies below look pretty fab in flower prints. How do you feel about this trend? I love it!
{Pastel Pants find HERE}
{Flower Pants find Here}
{Image of Olivia Palermo}
xoxo - Becca

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Afternoon Blog Break

After a long successful wedding on Saturday, I have the day off today. Catching up on posts around the web, catching up with friends, running, cooking, relaxing, I'm taking time off today. I hope you grab a cup of jo and enjoy a few Monday afternoon Links! Happy Monday!

{image from Love & Lemons}
How adorable is J's Everydays Tunic from Spiegel! I want to get this for our upcoming beach trip.

I LOVE these striped shorts!

Browsing around for new recipes that are healthy and good for our diet and am in love with this one. Ingredients have been added to my shopping list!

This brides bouquet on Style Me Pretty is pretty prettttty.

I am dreaming of redoing our flat and Devon's flat is what I envision being sprinkled around!

As of this morning Kate Middleton went into labor! Did you see the bridal shower she had;)

Quinoa Granola sounds delish. 

I am eyeing this Camilyn Beth dress for my honeymoon, bridal shower, something. How can I fit it in?

A flamingo themed bridal shower sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Happy Monday! xoxo - Becca

Summer Reading

I know that we are more then half way through the Summer, however I have just started my Summer Reading list. Yesterday Beau and I spent almost an hour browsing around our local bookshop and I added a lot of books on to my must read list. I haven't had a good book recently and have been getting into bed at night browsing around on Pinterest instead of reading a good book, not good. So here is my big list of Summer reading. Cookbooks, wedding ideas and a little guilty pleasure reading mixed in!

1. Revenge Wears Prada - Yep! The sequel to the Devil Wears Prada is back! Ok, it isn't any deep read, but lets be honest, who didn't LOVE the first one!

2. Wild, a Journey from Lost to Found - My mom and my sister have raved about this book and her journey hiking the West Coast. Reese Witherspoon is set to play the lead character in the upcoming movie, a must read!

3. It's All Good - I know some people have mixed feelings on Gwyneth's recent cookbook but browsing through it this weekend I LOVE IT. We have been trying to switch our eating habits around to everything natural and this looks pretty amazing to follow.

4. Seating Arrangements - New England. A Summer Wedding. Lobster bakes. The father of the bride is over following the east coast high society lifestyle and confronts his feelings. This book has gotten great reviews. 

5. Daphne Oz, Relish - The daughter of Dr. Oz is cute, a great cook and has a fabulous cookbook out with recipes for healthy and easy get togethers. 

6. N-W - A story about people's lives in the city, London. All intertwined, a mix of all different lives, I'm intrigued.

7. Style Me Pretty the Book- I know I've mentioned it before, but yes, I would like to flip through this book! Inspiration is exploding from this book:)

What are you reading? 

xoxo - Becca

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Work OUT! - Orange Theory comes to London

A couple months back my good friend {and workout buddy} texted me that my favorite Florida workout place, Orange Theory, was opening in London. I thought, really, no way, the same thing. Well, yes, it is true! I walked by the Orange Theory in Islington {less then 10 minute walk from our flat! yippee!} the other day to see the signs up and am beyond excited to get back to it. 
The British brand gym, David Llyod's has partnered with Orange Theory  to bring their fabulous one hour workout to the UK. I couldn't be MORE excited and lucky that it is opening in my neighborhood. The workout is amazing! It is a one hour high intensity interval training with a mix of weights, rowing and running. You leave after an hour feeling like you worked out all day, exhausting! I feel like it is a personal trainer at a group session, someone is leading you, however you can adjust your own pace. 

The week of August 12th the Islington studio is opening and offering free sessions. SIGN UP HERE! They will be offering 20% packages the same week.

Join Me! Let's get fit! One year to be the fit bride I want to be! Orange Theory UK here we come! 

xoxo - Becca

Paleo Snacks - Back at it!

After the holidays Beau and I were doing really well on our Paleo diet. We were training for the half marathon and over a couple of months I lost eight pounds. Well, yep, well over the past couple of months we have visitors and British Summer get together {cheers to lots of Pimm's!}, however while all SO fun, I am starting to feel a bit blah again. Less then a year from the wedding and with a potential very big bikini worthy holiday in the very close future, it is time to get back on track. 

I find myself craving snacks in the afternoon at my desk, so last night I finally made this delicious paleo red repper dip and am feeling a little more back on track already! 

Have any suggested healthy recipes for snack time? I would love to know about them!!! Cheers to fit me! I am ready. I MUST get this body into high gear. It is something I've been trying to get back to for a few years and keep falling off the lets go!

xoxo- Becca

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Royal Baby on the Way

With all of the media and talk about the arrival of the Royal Baby, I couldn't help but share these pictures that photographer Alison Jackson captured of Kate Middleton's imaginary baby shower and her imaginary baby shoot with the royal family. The news is everywhere! The papers and news have a countdown of when the baby will be due, Camilla opened her mouth and said the baby would arrive this week. Yep, London has Royal Baby Fever. 
 Can you imagine! How awesome would this baby shower be!!!! Being an American all the British find it amusing how interested we are in the royals, probably because we do not have any royalty of our own, so we kind of adopted theirs. I did for all, have a royal wedding party;) Even though I may find it all fun and interesting, I am AMAZED at the fascination of the baby. Stores are selling Keep Calm, its a Royal Baby mugs? It is quite interesting but all the same, super fun. I would love to see pictures of Queen Elizabeth with the little one like below!

hee hee. I find these pictures pretty awesome! Who knows, will Will and Kate ever get to stroll alone in Kensington Park with the royal bebe? hhmmm. Until then, the media and everyone waits for the announcement from the palace. Cheers! 

{both articles can be seen here and here

xoxo~ Becca 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Afternoon Smiles : Lennon & Maisy

I think by now you may be aware of my obsession with Nashville, the TV series about country music stars, and if you are not aware, well I am. The show is fabulous and it has been the one big show Beau and I have gotten into since living here. Well I have to say, the two sisters on the show, that I discovered recently are real sisters in life....they rock! Take it away Lennon and Maisy! When are you coming out with an album? If this clips don't make your afternoon a little lighter & brighter, I don't know what will. Talented, adorable, these sisters rock! 

And oh the Kid President with the sisters....what a bonus!

Happy happy Friday! 

xoxo - Becca

I Fancy Friday v. 11

Friday. Thank you for coming! It has been a long and busy week for me at work. I had an event on Sunday and it has been extra long, extra. I am so looking forward to the weekend full of sleeping, relaxing, walks, picnics and just relaxing, yes, relaxing. Yes, I am so excited to see the weekend, sigh! Even though its been a busy week, it doesn't mean a few items have not caught my fancy;) Here are a few items that have caught my fancy this week. 
1. Petit Bateau Stripe Dress - I have an obsession with black and white stripes. How adorable is this dress for work or for weekends? My office is heading to Paris in August....hmmmm, maybe I need it?;)

2. Good Morning Placemats - I have a thing with fabric napkins, placemats and table cloths. Even for breakfast with cereal, I want to dress up the table;) Aren't these placemats adorable!

3. Sweet Pea Bouquet - I saw this on Jacin's blog over on Lovely Little Details  and could smell it through the computer screen. Isn't this bouquet gorgeous and so sweet and delicate looking! My mom calls me her sweet pea and there are something so delicate and beautiful about these little gems. Mental note, lets add those somewhere in my bouquet. 

4. Angel Heel by Russell & Bromley - Nude. Patent. Kitten Heel. Bow. Check! These shoes sound like they need to be in my closet!

5. Mint Front Lock Bag - This bag is on sale for $55! That is a deal! I have to say it just caught my eye over Pinterest and well, I love it.  

6. Pret a Manger Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes - I've been REALLY bad. The wedding diet has to start...but for now, a chocolate covered rice cake will do, healthy right?;) These are addicting, totally addicting! 

Happy Weekend everyone!!! xoxo - Becca

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Hour: Classic Pimm's

It is officially Summer here in London! I thought the day may never come! The skies are sunny and the temperature is in the high 70's, this is not so bad. 
Along with the British Summer comes a lot of Summer Parties. Gatherings with friends in the park, drinking in pubs on the patios, long walks in the sunshine, walks to work, meeting up for cocktails on the balcony with girlfriends, oh did I already say that;) Well it does, Summer with Sunshine in England comes along with a lot of sunny celebration...and a lot of glasses of the classic British cocktail, Pimm's
 A couple of months back my friend Kylee and I got together and made a pitcher of Pimm's and sat in the park. It wasn't as hot as it has been this week, but I have to say, it didn't matter, it is the perfect afternoon cocktail. 
 Pimm's is an easy cocktail and quite refreshing when made with the right stuff! Pimm's has been around since the mid 1800's {history here}. The cocktail is a mix of gin, a mix of herbs and fruits, to be honest, you can not find the exact ingredients of what is in the bottle, it is an old bottled secret. I go for Pimm's No.1, lots of ice, lots of chopped fruit and top it with fizzy lemonade. 
 English lemonade is usually fizzy, not like our American Minute Maid;) 
 Even Oliver was interested in pouring himself a glass. 
 Lets discuss how PERFECT is this cup from the Island Company for a Summer Cocktail;) I have one on my desk and think of this often. OK, I fell in love....but buy a ticket, get a tan, that sounds good!
 Cheers to the Summer! Cheers to our first British Summer! 

xoxo - Becca

{Thank you Kylee for taking all of the photos! Kytography}

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Planning Our Wedding: Making Decisions

I know I have been a bit quiet around here on the wedding planning front, well we are back and have gotten the plans rolling, yippee! June 15, 2014, London England, we are getting married! 340 days away. With so much to do but with a good time of planning ahead we are so excited to have gotten some big items checked off the list recently. And so begins our adventure.....

1. Venue - One of the most important things on the wedding list, the venue. Having searched online for weeks and visiting many venues in the area we kept going back to Fulham Palace (image by Emma Duggan) The venue is close to the center of London and also feels like you are in the country side. We couldn't be more excited. I am so ready to start planning the design of the day for me and my beau! 

2. Photographer - After a lot of back and forth with discussions of local photographers and photographers from the States we had a Skype session with the sweet and talented Abby Jiu  and well, it just felt right. I am BEYOND excited to have Abby shooting our wedding after admiring her work for years now. She is based in DC, the city where we met and she will be here to capture the entire weekend which makes me so so happy to have these moments treasured forever by her! YAY! 

3. Checklists - Work has gotten really crazy and busy and we have had a busy Summer with visitors {not complaining! Just busy.} Recently I find myself tired and not wanting to check much off the list, well forget it! Time to start checking things away, getting organized, kicking my butt into shape, enjoying it, all the above and more! A good to-do list makes me feel sane. 

4. Wedding Planner - Yes, I work in the business and plan weddings on my own, however another opinion and a neutral person to guide you and your fiance is well worth it. I will be doing a lot of the planning on my own but am SO grateful to have my good friend, Elizabeth Duncan along with us to be guiding us the right way and help me coordinate all of the details. I have worked with Elizabeth for years and she has become one of my dear friends and well, I am lucky to have her along the way! 

5. Paper- Invites. Save the Dates. Websites. Gifts. Design. YAY! My sister Charity, the amazing graphic designer is going to be doing all of my paper goods and well, this is going to be fun! Let the gold glitter, black and white stripes, shades of pinks and splashes of orange begun! 

While yes, we have a year away, there are lots of details to get done and I have been dreaming of Beau's and my day for years now. I know it will be beautiful and magical and I can not wait. Cheers to planning! 

xoxo - Rebecca

Thursday, July 4, 2013

American Love

Happy 4th of July America! I have to say I woke up this morning feeling a teeny bit sad I was not getting ready for a BBQ or picnic. I love you London, but I know, I will always be that American girl through and through:) 

Today makes me think of fun memories spent with family and friends. Nights of watching the fireworks in the front of the US Capitol with my now fiance, a year spent on my friends boat looking at the Kennedy Center with fireworks above, bbq's at my parents, picnics with my grandparents in CT and a firework display. Thinking of you today America! Love you! Happy 4th! 

xoxo - Becca

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keeping in Touch

Recently I have felt like I am struggling to stay in touch with friends and family in the States. I wake up to the feeling of panic, wanting to jump on my computer at 5am and respond to emails. After almost living here for a year and realizing that this is life, I am trying to get a little better at squeezing in any minute to say hi to my American friends back home. Here are my favorite and easiest ways to do it...

1. Facetime - I'm a huge fan! For most of my friends who have some form of an iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. I love using FaceTime to say hi to my friends! We usually schedule Facetime chats with my parents weekly. There is something about seeing a persons face in person that makes the distance feel much shorter.....and it is FREE! {I've even scheduled some happy hour facetime chats like Desiree posted here

2. Skype - I was using Viber a lot but having found a lot of my friends do not have an account, I signed up for Skype and LOVE the app on my phone. I can call people whenever I want like it is a regular US cell. I use it instead of adding up long distance calls when I want to make business calls back to the States. 

3. Snail Mail - Yes, this is still one of my favorite forms of keeping in touch. Yes, it is exactly that, snail mail. BY the time someone receives my letter, they have probably seen me post about it on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else, however the thought of a handwritten letter goes so much further!!!! 

4. my iPhone - thank goodness for my phone! I do not get cell service in my office, so THANK GOODNESS for my iphone which allows me to ichat back and forth with friends who have an iPhone. And is free! I have the facetime app, skype app, viber app, all of them. Thinking back to when I was studying abroad here in 2002, wow, I felt WAY more disconnected. Thank you Apple for creating this little pocket computer;) 

How do you stay in touch the best? I am always looking for new apps and new ways to make it easy to say HELLO! 

xoxo - Becca
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